5 years


A short seroroki story about two goofballs over the course of 5 years into their relationship.

Romance / Other
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''Hey babe, I'm sorry for being late!'', Shoto said into the house as he shrugged his coat off his shoulders, "But if our restaurant isn't closed, I can still take you out to eat-''. He stopped, seeing a trail of roses lead into the hallway. A note was on the floor where the flowers scattered. Shoto picked the paper up, observing it before reading the message written.

Hi my prince!

I figured work would be hard today. Was Bakugou being a bitch as usual? I'm sure you put him in his place like always, you and your sexy attitude.

Hehe, before we get too steamy, you're probably wondering what's going on. Well why don't you follow the roses and come find out. I have quite the surprise for you.

Shoto put the paper down on the counter, following where the rose petals went. They followed through into the hallways and passed some of the rooms. The roses finally stopped at their bedroom, the door open wide as candles were set up around the large bed. In front of the bed was a sheet, and on the other side was a recorder connected to a lens which was pointing to the front.

On top of the bed was another paper, Todoroki didn't waste time picking it up and reading what was next.

Look at my smart baby! Ugh I love you so much!

If I could kiss you through this note I sure would, but there will be plenty of time for that later.

This little thing? There's a button on it. I want you to watch what I have prepared. Don't worry, it's not super long so it won't take up too much time. Then I want you to wait for me. Wait for me my love.

I'll be there soon darling.

Shoto set the object down and crawled over the bed, turning the camera on. The sheet showed a picture and a roll rolled down before showing his darling boyfriend.

1 year

Sero could be seen moving away from the camera as he pressed the recording button on the recorder. He was alone, sitting on the floor of his living room as he spoke quietly.

''Hey babe", He whispered to the camera with a wave of his hand, "You're probably wondering what the hell this is but I wanted to make you a small little video since it's our 1 year!''.

The video played a small clip of hands clapping as Sero pumped his fist in the air with a cheerful, "Woop woop!''.

He chuckled as the sounds stopped, sighing as he looked into the camera, "Wow one whole year of being together. I still can't believe it''.

''I just want to let you know that I love you babe. And I will continue to do so as long as you let me'', Sero smiled before being startled by the rustling in the other room, "Uh oh. Looks like someone's nap is over'. He turned back into view and blew a kiss, "I can't wait to see you next year''.

Sero waved to the camera before bending upward and turning it off.

2 years

This time Sero was holding the camera in his hand pointing to his face.

''Heya beautiful! Welcome back'', He smiled sweetly, "I'm just on my way to pick you up. We're finally meeting the parents yay!''. Some balloon effects fell over the screen as Sero did a little happy dance with his upper self.

"I have to admit I'm pretty nervous, your dad is.. Woo'', Sero playfully wiped his head as if he was wiping sweat off after training.

Shoto remembered that. Sero was pretty much shitting his pants the entire time. But on the bright side, he loved seeing the black haired man in a casual suit so he made up for his awkwardness later that night.

"Anywho, I'm gonna finish up, gonna wear that cologne you like so much'', Sero gave the camera an air kiss and a wave before turning it off.

3 years

This one kind of confused Shoto since the attention of the camera was on him instead of on Sero like the previous ones were. He was in the bathroom, shaving, with only a towel around his waist.

Shoto listened closely to hear a voice say, "Look at my sexy boyfriend. Let's mess with him a little, shall we?'',Then Sero was walking to the bathroom. He wrapped his arms around Shoto's midsection as he kissed his shoulder. And grazed his fingertips on Todoroki's abs. Shoto smiled softly into the mirror as he put the razor down and leaned into his boyfriend's touch.

Back then Sero was still a little shorter than him so he could only reach up to his shoulder and not to eye level. Not like now where both men are the same height.

Hanta said softly, "Happy anniversary Mi rey''. (My king)

''Hmm'', Shoto hummed, "Happy anniversary". The camera cut off by itself this time, Sero must have used his hand dandy editing skills so he wouldn't have to move away from Shoto to turn the recorder off.

4 years

The camera was once again already recording, this time in an empty room. It was quiet for a while that Shoto half expected a jump scare.

But that didn't last long as the room doors opened, The man quickly realized they were at their new apartment at the time. Finally moving in together after some time.

Sero was covering Shoto's eyes with his hands as he led into the room, "Okay now just stay still here and keep those pretty eyes closed'', He said as he let go and walked into the other room. Shoto sighed happily as he waited until he got back.

When he did get back, Sero picked the camera up with a finger over his lips playfully, he placed the camera back down on an unknown surface as he ran a hand over Shot's cheek.

"Alright now open up'', Shoto followed as he looked around, "What is it?'', he asked.

Sero didn't say anything just pulled his shirt over his head. Shoto licked his lips while saying, "Woah wait-''.

''Shush shush it's not that'', Hanta turned around showing his back to the other, "See anything different?''.

Shoto observed his back and replied, "You have a sexy back? That was common knowledge to me''.

The other man laughed a little, "No baby, take a closer look''. Shoto looked a little more, squinting his eyes until he realized. He gasped as he said, "No..'.

''Yes'', Sero replied, simply turning around to face him.

''You didn't''.

''I did'', He replied, kissing the man's cheeks, "Just for you'', Before kissing his lips.

The camera shut off.

That was the day Sero got a tattoo of Todoroki's name on his back, a simple cursive of his first name with a rose next to it. The rose symbolizes when Sero took him to their first date, giving Shoto a red rose at the door.

By this point Shoto was sniffing back tears, some were scattering from his eyelids to his cheeks. His left side sucking some of his tears away, burning his skin. He was kind of nervous to see what he had in store for this year's anniversary.

He didn't expect another tape but soon enough, there it was. Another video of Hanta, sitting on the floor of their living room.

5 years

"Hello my love'', He waved his hands to the camera, "You just left right now so I finally have some time to record this''.

''I love you so much Sho. I honestly have no idea how someone as amazing as you could be with someone as blank and bland as me. Every time I look at you my heart flutters. And every time I hear your voice it's like my world is completed'', Hanta rubbed at his eyes with a choked up laugh, "Shit.. I told myself not to cry while doing this but'', He sighed, "I guess that plan is ruined. Anyway, as I was saying, My-My entire life I always looked on as going into one direction, never looking for excitement in any aspects. But with you it-it's like.. everyday is more special then the next. You... You are my heart. And I just want to let you know that no matter how rough life decides to be. I'm right there with you, in the pain, the thrills, and the excitement''.

Sero moved up to the camera as he smiled, leaning forward to turn it off, "Happy five years mi amour''.

The camera was off and the sheet lifted up revealing a smiling Sero holding a bouquet of roses

''Sho-''. Shoto didn't even let him speak as he pulled the collar of Sero's shirt down and pulled him on top of him, kissing him deeply as the roses were scattered somewhere on the pillows.

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