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Last Friday Night

And here it is! The not-so-long awaited chapter one!

Disclaimer: I only own my OC's!

Chapter One: Last Friday Night

/Last Friday night, yeah we danced on table tops, and we took to many shots, think we kissed but I forgot!-Katy Perry/

Farren groaned as she sat up, resting a hand on her forehead as she opened her eyes and taking in her surroundings. She was on a dirt road that didn't look at all familiar.

"The hole... Pebbles and Marley fell..." Farren whispered. She looked around and saw the her two best friends lying there next to her.

"Pebbles!" She squeaked. "Marley! Wake up!"

"Some game huh?" Pebbles mumbled rolling onto her side. "Did someone sneak in alcohol and give it to us, Farren?"

"No! Pebbles get up!" Farren hissed. "We're not at Angel's house!"

"'Course we are..." Marley mumbled tiredly. "Otherwise- Pebbles!"

Marley shot up where she was and looked around. "Whoa this is trippy... Last friday night... Was insane... That was an epic game... Pebbles are you alright?"

"M'fine." Pebbles mumbled, rolling onto her other side.

"But you fell down the hole! We both did!"

"So did I!" Farren informed her cousin. "What's going on? Where are we?"

"I don't know..." Marley replied. "Pebbles do you know where we are?"

"Angel's house."

"Pebbles open your eyes!"

Pebbles frowned and sat up, looking around and gasping. "Where the hell are we!"

"I don't know!" Farren looked around worriedly. "I don't know where we are!"

As the three looked around, they didn't notice four young hobbits walking down the road. THe four stopped and studied the three girls curiously as the watched them look around themselves as if they'd never seen the Shire before.

"What're they doing?" Frodo Baggins looked at his companions. Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck, and Peregrin Took. The three shook their heads. "I don't know." Sam replied for the three of them.

"They're acting like they've never seen the Shire before!" Pippin frowned. Merry nodded. "What's going on with them?"

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!" Marley shouted. "One minute Pebbles falls down a hole and the next minute we're sitting here! Who jacked up the hole?"

Pebbles looked thoughtful for a minute. "Maybe we're in Wonderland!"

"You mean like Alice?" Farren frowned. "Alice in Wonderland isn't real, Pebbles. It's a story! And it's Underland not Wonderland!"

"But she calls it Wonderland!"

"This doesn't even look like Underland!" Marley frowned.

"You're thinking of Tim Burton's version of the story. You know, with Johnny Depp in it as-"

"The Mad Hatter! Yeah I'm not dense!"

"Gosh Marls I'm sorry."

"Are you three alright?" Pippin asked.

The three girls all squeaked and looked at the four.

"W-We're fine." Farren nodded.


"This ain't that place you're talkin' about." Sam informed them. "This is the Shire!"

"The what?" Pebbles frowned, cocking her head slightly to the side.

"The Shire!" Frodo repeated.

"You don't know you're in the Shire?" Merry asked.

Farren frowned. "What's a shire?"

"The Shire is where you are!" Pippin replied. "It's where we hobbits all live!"

"I'm confused!" Pebbles announced, raising her hand.

Marley looked like she was having a mental breakdown. "This is impossible!"



"How is it impossible?" Frodo asked.

"Because I don't know of any Shire where we're from, and if this was real, Angel, Lily and Bianca would be here!"

"There is not Shire on Earth." Pebbles nodded. "So where are we?"

"Middle Earth." Pippin said as if it were obvious.

"Middle Earth? That makes absolutely no sense. There's one Earth and it's known as Earth. Just Earth." Farren explained.

"You're in Middle Earth." Sam promised. "Not... Earth."

"So we're not in Jacksonville anymore?" Pebbles clarified.

"We're so not in Jacksonville anymore." Marley sighed. "I'll face it know that I've pinched myself."

Farren and Pebbles started laughing. "You believe that you're not dreaming because you pinched yourself?"

"Have you ever heard the phrase 'Pinch me I'm dreaming!' or haven't you?" Marley frowned.

"We have but we can't believe you actually did!"

"Are you three alright?" Merry asked.

"What's Jacksonville?" Pippin asked.

"It's where we're from." Farren shrugged. "Maybe... You don't think we went to a different like... Dimension or something do you?" She looked at Pebbles and Marley. The two shrugged in reply.

"Okay. If you explain to us everything about this place, then we won't bug you anymore. We just need to find our friends and it'd be nice to know a bit about this place before we went looking." Marley explained to the four. "I'm Marley by the way. Marley Quinston."

"I'm Farren Yately."

"I'm Pebbles! Pebbles Woodson!"

"Samwise Gamgee is my name. Everyone calls me Sam." Sam introduced. "These are my friends Frodo Baggins, Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took."

The three beside him waved slightly at the peculiar girls. Merry's gaze was fixated on Marley, as Pippin gazed in wonder at Pebbles. Frodo was silently studying Farren. The three had never seen any more beautiful hobbits there in the Shire.

Did I mention that Marley, Pebbles and Farren were hobbits?


Bianca groaned as she woke up, and found herself in a bed.

"Where am I?" She mumbled, looking around.

"You're in Minas Tirith." A voice informed her. She looked and saw a woman next to her bed.

"Minas Tirith?" Bianca frowned. "I've never heard of it."

The woman blinked. "You've never heard of the White City?"

Bianca shook her head. "No, sorry... How did I get here?"

"You were found not far outside the gates of the city by one of the Steward's sons."

"Who's the Steward?" Bianca raised her eyebrows.

"Lord Denethor. His son Boromir found you."

Bianca's frown grew. What kind of names were Denethor and Boromir?

"I am Taymana, one of the maids in the castle."

Whoa! Castle? Bianca's confusion was nagging at her brain insanely.

"You mind if I look around for a bit? I'm Bianca by the way."

"I've never heard that name before. Is it elvish?" Taymana asked.

Bianca shook her head. "It's Italian."

"Italian?" Taymana looked confused. "I've never heard of it!"

Bianca blinked. "It's from a country call Italy. You've never heard of it?"

Taymana shook her head. "It must be very far from here."

Bianca sighed and nodded. "It is."

What the hell was elvish?

"There are some dresses in the wardrobe over there, and you can change behind that screen right there." Taymana pointed. "I can do your hair once you're finished dressing if you would like me to."

Bianca smiled slightly. "That'd be nice. Thanks."

The short girl made her way over to the dresser and opened it up, blinking when she saw the beautiful dresses inside. "These are beautiful." She whispered. "How come they didn't have any of these in Florida?"

"What was that?" Taymana asked as she pulled a brush out of a drawer.

Bianca blinked. "Nothing, Taymana." She picked out a lavender colored dress that had white vine-like patterns down the front, and went behind the screen to change. When she came out, Taymana gasped.

"You look beautiful Lady Bianca!"

Bianca was once again confused. This time by the formality 'Lady'.

"You can just call me Bianca." She informed Taymana.

Taymana nodded. "Bianca it is. And I'm being completely honest. You look wonderful."

Bianca blushed slightly. "Thanks." She sat down and allowed Taymana to do her hair. When she was finished, her hair was in a beautiful updo.

"Thank you again Taymana. I don't think I've looked this pretty for a while." Bianca admitted. She didn't remember looking that beautiful ever!

"Would you like me to show you around, Bianca?" Taymana asked.

Bianca shook her head. "No thank you. I'll figure things out myself as I go. I'm pretty good at that."

"Lord Denethor's sons were looking forward to meeting you upon your awakening. Lunch will be in an hour in the dining hall, which is just down this hallway, and to the left." Taymana explained before Bianca left, pointing down the hall. "You will know it when you see it."

Bianca smiled. "Again Taymana thank you. I can tell already, we're gonna be great friends."

Taymana laughed lightly. "The clothes you came in are being washed, and should be in your wardrobe before you go to sleep tonight."

"Again," Bianca laughed with her. "Thanks!"

With that, she turned and headed down the hall.

This'll be interesting...

Someone must've brought beer to the game or something and I had some. Or maybe a little to much... This is some crazy dream!Bianca thought as she walked.

-Meanwhile... Again...-

"What the hell is going on?" Angel mumbled to herself as she sat up. She found herself on a dirt road, in front of a gate to a small town.

She curiously stood up, and swayed slightly. She must've drank or ate something at the game last night! She could barely walk straight!

Angel sighed and made her way into the town, seeing a sign that said "Bree" on it.

"This place must be called Bree." She muttered as she walked.

For some reason, she could barely keep herself on her feet. She was dizzy and felt like she'd pass out at any moment!

As she walked, she frowned as she looked at the people around her. It was as if they were in medieval times or something!

She blinked as she came upon an inn titled 'The Prancing Pony' and swayed again. "Oh my god." She mumbled. "I don't feel that good."

As she fainted, a pair of strong arms caught her.

Strider looked down at the KO-ed girl in his arms. She was wearing curious clothes, and he'd never seen someone like her. However, if she was sick, he couldn't just leave her out here.

He carried her into the inn, and up to his room, setting her on his bed. He'd wait for her to wake up, and then see if she was sick in any way.

-Meanwhile... AGAIN... Last time. I promise.-

Lily blinked as she woke up. "Where am I?" She groaned.

"In the House of Elrond." A voice replied. She squeaked and saw a woman next to her. A woman who was far more beautiful than any other Lily had ever seen.

"You're awake." The woman smiled. "My name is Arwen. I found you outside the gates of Imaldris and I knew I couldn't leave you out there. You were brought inside, and my father checked to see if you were ill. I was just checking on you now when you woke up."

Lily blinked. "I'm Lily."

"A beautiful name." Arwen smiled.

"So where is the House of Elrond?" Lily asked.

"Imaldris. Known to men and other races sometimes as Rivendell." Arwen explained.

"Oh..." Lily, still confused, did not press the conversation furthur.

"There are dresses in the wardrobe over there, the clothes you were wearing upon your arrival are also in there, if you are hungry, there is a tray of food on the table there. If you wish, I can have one of the maids draw you a bath."

Lily blinked. She must've been in a "higher up's" castle or something!

"Yeah, actually, a bath would be great..."

Arwen nodded. "Until next time then, Lily." The woman gave Lily one last smile before walking out.

"Now that's one person not even Angel, whom is the prettiest girl I know, can compete with." Lily mumbled as she got up. She picked out a dress as a maid came in, and set up a bath in the small washroom next to the room she was in. The maid laid the dress out on the bed for her as she headed into the washroom, and began to undress.

As Lily slid herself down into the washtub, she sighed to herself. "What's going on?" She mumbled.

She pushed away all thoughts of confusion and for the next hour, bathed peacefully. It wasn't until an hour and a half later she noticed her ears were pointed at the top. An inhuman quality that she certainly didn't possess last time she looked in a mirror.

OMG! The girls are in Middle Earth! Wowzers...

Hope you liked it!


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