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Chapter Twenty Six: Dynamite

/'Coz we gon' rock this club, We gon' go all night, we gon' light it up Like it's dynamite! 'Coz I told you once, Now I told you twice, we gon' light it up like it's dynamite!-Taio Cruz/

Legolas, Boromir, Bianca, Lily, Angel, Aragorn and Gimli were standing by eachother on the Deeping Wall as the Uruk-hai armies advanced with lit torches.

"You could have picked a better spot." Gimli complained. He was too short to see over the Wall.

Bianca snorted as Lily and Angel snickered. Legolas, Aragorn and Boromir all cracked smiles, but didn't join the laughter.

Gimli looked at Lily and Angel. "Well, lasses, whatever luck you two live by, let's hope it lasts the night."

Lily and Angel grinned. "Have hope O' Ye of Little Faith!" The two chorused.

"We're going to start calling everyone that aren't we?" Bianca sighed, grinning.

"Yeah." Lily and Angel replied.

"Your friends are with you, Aragorn." Legolas informed him.

"Let's hope they last the night." Gimli mumbled.

Aragorn walked away as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled through the skies. Bianca squeaked and grabbed Boromir's arm.

"So you can brave an army of 10000 Uruk-hai, but when a little thunder and lightning comes around you-" He grinned at her as she cut him off.

"Shut up." She blushed.

"A Eruchin, u-dano i faelas a hyn an uben tanatha le faelas!" Aragorn shouted as he walked along the lines of elves. (Show them no mercy! For you shall recieve none!)

The Uruks stopped moving once they weren't to far from the wall. It was silent. Gimli jumped up and down trying to see over the wall as the rain pattered down on them all.

"What's happening out there?" He sked.

"Shall I describe it to you? Or would you like me to find you a box?" Legolas smirked at the dwarf.

Gimli laughed with the girls and Boromir.

Lily raised her eyebrows as the Uruks began stamping their spears on the ground in unison and beating on their chests.

Aragorn pulled out his sword and held it in front of him. Them men loaded their bows and drew them back ready to fire. Angel jumped when an older solider lost his grip on his arrow and an Uruk was shot in the neck.

Aragorn held his hand up. "Dartho!" (Hold!)

The Uruk that was shot fell to the ground, dead. The others growled ferociously and the captain thrusted his spear upward and shouted something. (Don't ask what.) The Uruks began to advance on Helm's Deep at a run.

"Tangado a chadad!" Aragorn instructed. (Prepare to fire!)

The elves, along with Legolas and Lily, loaded their bows, preparing to fire.

"Faeg i-varv din na lanc a nu ranc." Legolas said quietly. For some reason, Lily understood what he said again. He had said 'Their armor is weak at the neck and beneath the arm.'

"Leithio i philinn!" Aragorn shouted. (Release the arrows!)

Arrows began to rain down on the Uruks and many of them fell, dead.

"Did they hit anything?" Gimli asked urgently.

"O' ye of little faith..." Angel sighed.

"They hit tons, Gimli. I promise." Bianca informed him.

"FIRE!" They heard Gamling shout.

The army of Rohan released their own arrows and killed many.

"Ribed bant!" (Full volley!) Aragorn shouted.

And more Uruks were brought down.

"Send them to me! Come on!" Gimli shouted.

"Pendraith!" (Ladders!)

"Ah fuck." Angel mumbled as she saw the ladders setting against the wall. "This ain't good."

Gimli, however, disagreed. "Good!"

"Gimli! This isn't good!" Lily shouted as she fired another arow.

"Swords! Swords!" Aragorn instructed to the elves.

The fight really began that time.

"Legolas! Two already!" Gimli shouted.

"I'm on seventeen!" Legolas shouted back, grinning.

"I'll have no pointy-ear outscoring me!"

"Nineteen!" Legolas shouted.

"TWENTY-ONE!" It was from all three girls. The three laughed. "THAT'S SO WEIRD!" Lily shouted.

"BOROMIR! HOW MANY?" Bianca shouted.

"FOURTEEN!" He replied.

The girls all grinned at eachother and continued fighting.


Treebeard turned to look at the hobbits. "Merry! Pebbles! Marley!" Pippin beckoned his friends over.

"We have just agreed." Treebeard began.

"Yes?" Merry said expectantly.

"I have told your names to the Entmoot... And we have agreed... You are not Orcs."

"Well, that's good news." Pippin smiled.

"Told you they'd find us innocent." Pebbles smirked at Marley. "Now cough up."

Marley reluctantly pulled a five out of her pocket and threw it at Pebbles. Where she got it? I have no idea...

"And what about Sarumam? Have you come to a decision about him?" Merry asked.

"Now, don't be hasty, Master Meriadoc." Treebeard scolded.

"Hasty? Our friends our out there! They need out help! They cannot fight this war on their own!"

Treebeard nodded. "War? Yes. It affects us all. Tree, root and twig. But you must understand, young hobbit... It takes a long time... to say anything in Old Entish... and we necer say anything... unless it is worth taking... a long time to say..." Treebeard turned back to the Entmoot.

Marley growled and kicked a rock. She would've kicked a tree but appearantly they have feelings... "Ouch..." She winced and fell over.

Pebbles rolled her eyes. "Nice Marley. Well... Considering this is taking way longer than it needs to, I'm taking a nap."

Pebbles flopped backward in the grass and fell asleep. Pippin decided to do the same.

Marley was mumbling random curses to herself as she examined her foot. "Ouch..." She mumbled again.

"Let me see it." Merry rolled his eyes.

"No! It's fine!" Marley protested. "See it's a teensy bruise. Nothing bad."

"You're mad, Marley." Merry chuckled.

Marley laughed. "Only for you, Merry." She fell back in the grass and fell asleep.

Merry smiled to himself and leaned against a tree, next to her. "Just as I am for you, Marley. Just as I am for you." He murmured, gazing down at her with a loving smile playing on his lips.

-Back In Helm's Deep...-

As Lily fought, she thought she heard Theoden say "Is this it? Is this all you can conjure, Saruman?"

She frowned. "When Karma hits us... I'm blaming Theoden." She declared as she fought back to back with Legolas.

He chuckled. "You heard him as well-26!"

"Yeah. 28!" She smirked at him and continued fighting.

Suddenly, Angel saw something that looked suspicious.

"WHAT'S THAT?" She shouted to Bianca and Boromir.

A huge metal, spiked ball was carried through by two Uruk-hai and placed under the wall.

Another pair carried another ball. The way was cleared as one particularly large Uruk came running through holding a lit torch.


"Togo hon dad, Legolas!" Aragorn shouted. (Bring him down, Legolas!)

Legolas took aim with his arrow and shot the Uruk in the shoulder. It didn't stop running.

"Dago hon! Dago hon!" Aragorn continued shouting. (Kill him! Kill him!)

Lily began shooting as well, but nothing happened as they continued to nail the Uruk with arrows.

The Uruk dove under the wall, and Bianca screamed as she, Angel and Lily flew into the air from the impact of the explosion.

Masonry flew everywhere, hitting Gimli, Boromir and Aragorn, knocking them to the ground. Legolas managed to catch Lily, but Angel and Bianca were nowhere to be seen.

"Are you alright?" He asked, setting her on her feet.

"DAMN SUICIDE BOMBER!" Lily drew three arrows and shot them all down at the invading Uruks.

"BRACE THE GATE!" Theoden instructed as Uruks began to bang at the gate with a massive ram.

"Hold them! Stand firm!"

"Aragorn!" Gimli shouted before before he leaped into the pack of spear laden Uruks.

"GIMLI!" Aragorn shouted back. Gimli survived the jump and stood ready as the Uruks advanced through the wall. He was thrown back and the Uruk-hai began to run over him.

"Hado i philinn!" (Release arrows!) The elves began firing their arrows again. "Herio!" (Charge!)

And the elves did so, running at the Uruks. Lily watched in amazement as Legolas grabbed an Uruk sheild and threw it in front of him, using it to slide down the steps as if he was surfing, and firing arrow after arrow as he slid down. When he reached the bottom, the shield slammed into an Uruk.

"SHOWOFF!" Lily shouted as she jumped down to join him. He smirked at her and they continued fighting.

Angel, Bianca and Boromir all came round about then, and began helping the elves and their companions fight again.

-We head back to Fangorn...-

"The Ents cannot hold back this storm." Treebeard stated. "We must weather such things as we have always done."

"How can that be your decision?" Merry growled.

"This is not our war." Treebeard replied.

"But you're part of this world! Aren't you?"

Treebeard looked unsure, so Marley began adressing the Ents.

"You have to help us! Please! You have to do something!"

"You are young and brave Master Merry and Miss Marley. But your part in this tale is over. Go back to your home."

Heartbreak was the only thing that could be seen on Marley's face and in her eyes. It was killing Merry to see it there.

"Maybe Treebeard's right. We don't belong here, Merry." Pippin walked up to his friend. "It's too big for us. What can we do in the end? We've got the Shire! Maybe we should go home."

"The fires of Isengard will spread... And the woods of Tuckborough and Buckland will brun. And..." He turned to look at Pippin. "And all that was once gren and good in this world will be gone. There won't be a Shire, Pippin."

Meanwhile, Marley wanted to hit something. Hard.

"Marley. Maybe we should head home." Pebbles sighed.

"HOW PEBBLES? WHERE DO WE GO?" Marley shrieked. "THE SHIRE ISN'T OUR HOME, PEBBLES! JACKSONVILLE IS OUR HOME! AND THERE'S NO FUCKING POSSIBLE WAY TO GET THERE FROM HERE!" She fell back into the grass, hands fisted in her hair. "I can't stand this anymore... I wanna see Donny again! I wanna go home... But... We have to help! Farren's helping! Bianca, Lily and Angel are helping! It's not fair! We need to help!" Tears pricked at her eyes and Pebbles hurried over and pulled her cousin in a hug.

"It'll be alright Marley..."

"No Pebbles it won't! We need to help, but Treebeard's telling us to go home... We don't have a home to go to!"

The two didn't notice Merry and Pippin watched quietly as they talked.

"Marley... I'm not good at this... But... We'll make it back home somehow..."

"And what if there isn't a home? It's 2012!"

"You don't believe it. You told me so yourself." Pebbles frowned.

"I don't know what to believe anymore, Pebs... I really don't... What if Lily's vision in Galadriel's mirror wasn't real, and Donny isn't alive? What if the world does end?" Marley was beginning to sound like she was six rather than her eighteen year old self. "I don't know what to believe anymore Pebs... I don't know!"

Pebbles hugged her cousin tighter. "Marls we'll figure this out... I promise."

Tears ran down Marley's cheeks as she nodded slowly and wrapped her arms around Pebbles. "Lets go..."

-We head back to Helm's Deep! Again...-

"Aragorn!" Theoden shouted. "Fall back to the keep! Get your men out of there!"

"Nan barad!" Aragorn instructed to the elves. "Nan barad!" (To the keep! Pull back to the keep!) He turned to look at Haldir. "Haldir! Nan barad!"

Haldir nodded and gestured to his elves. Legolas and Lily were seen carrying him back to the keep.

Bianca was in tears (You'll see why in a bit) as Angel dragged her back to the keep. Boromir saw this and hurried over to help.

Aragorn turned and just in time to see Haldir stabbed in the back by an Uruk.

"HALDIR!" He fought his way to the top of the wall and just caught the elf as he fell back, dead.

-Inside The Keep-

"HE WAS TWELVE! AT THE MOST!" Bianca screeched as her body convulsed with sobs. Lily held her friend tight in her arms. "I know... Sweetie I know..." She whispered. "It'll be alright."

"What happened?" Boromir questioned as he watched Lily comfort her best friend.

Angel looked up at him. Specks of blood were all over her face and her hair was crazy, pulled out of it's bun long ago. "There was a boy. He and Bianca were fighting side by side-"


Angel winced and continued. "And... An Uruk was coming at Bianca. She didn't see it-"


"Shhhh... Sweetie I know..." Lily whispered.

"And..." Angel winced slightly at Bianca's pained cries as she continued. "The boy saw and saved her from the Uruk. He managed to kill him, but at the same time, the Uruk got him. It was weird. They'd killed eachother at the same time..." Tears pricked at her eyes. "Bianca's right... He had life ahead of him... And now he's dead."

Bianca screamed louder as Lily struggled to comfort her. "It'll be okay sweetie... It'll be alright!"

Angel sighed again. "That wasn't even the worst part. He looked like... He looked like Bianca's younger brother, Max. Like... Exactly like him. It was terrifying how alike they looked."

Boromir kneeled down and wrapped Bianca in his arms, almost snatching him away from Lily, who jumped when she saw him. "Right..."

"He looked like Max... So much like Max..." Bianca whimpered.

-Continuing on, about five minutes later-

"LETS KICK SOME ASS!" Bianca shouted. "FOR THE KID!"

Lily and Angel smiled as Boromir helped Bianca up. Just five minutes, and he'd turned the sobbing, upset Bianca into one that was, once again ready to kick ass.

"Shore up the door!" Theoden instructed.

"Make way!"

"Follow me to the barricade!"

"Watch our backs!"

"Throw another one over here!"


As of right now, Angel, Aragorn and Gimli were just outside the gate, fighting off as many Uruks as possible.

"Hold fast the gate!"

Theoden looked at the three through a small gap. "Gimli! Aragorn! Angel! Get out of there!" he instructed. The three nodded, and Theoden disappeared as the gap was shut.

"ARAGORN!" Legolas shouted. He threw a rope down, and the three quickly grabbed on, Lily, Bianca and Boromir assisting the elf in dragging the three up.

"Pull everybody back! Pull them back!"


The group quickly hurried inside as they realized the castle had been breached.

-Lets go back to Fangorn!-

"I will leave you at the western bordders of the forest. You can make your way north to your homeland from there." Treebeard informed the four hobbits as he walked through the woods.

Pebbles suddenly gasped and turned to Pippin, whispering something in his ear. He grinned. "That's perfect Pebbles." He whispered before he spoke to Treebeard. "Wait! Stop! Stop! Turn around. Turn around! Take us south!"

"South? But that will lead you past Isengard." Treebeard frowned.

"Yes... That's exactly it!" Pebbles grinned. "If we go south we can slip past Saruman unnoticed!"

"The closer we are to danger, the farther we are from harm." Pippin reasoned.

"It's the last thing he'll expect!" The two chorused.

"That doesn't make sense to me... But then... You are very small." He turned around and the two hobbits grinned at eachother. "Perhaps you're right... South it is then... Hold on, little Shirelings... I alwaysl ike going south. Somehow it feels like going downhill..."

"Are you two mad? We'll be caught!" Merry hissed. Marley was staring at her cousin like she'd grown another head.

"No we won't." Pippin said knowingly. "Not this time."

-How about we join our other heroes at Osgiliath for a bit!-

Faramir and his men were walking across the plains with Frodo, Farren and Sam. Gollum was on a rope. They were headed towards Osgiliath.

"Look! Osgiliath burns!" A solider pointed.

"Mordor has come." Said another.

Frodo had tears in his eyes as he looked on. "The Ring will not save Gondor." He turned to face Faramir. "It has only the power to destroy. Please... Let me go." He begged.

Faramir paused before he looked at Osgiliath again.


The soliders pushed the three hobbits forward. Frodo began to struggle. "Faramir! You must let me go!"


"Quiet!" Farren was once again, gagged. She growled and struggled harder. To no avail.

-To Fangorn! Again...-

"And those little family of field mice... that climb up sometimes and they tickle me awfullly." Treebeard laughed.

Marley and Pebbles gasped as the four hobbits looked at the scene in front of them.

"They're always trying to get somewhere where they-" Treebeard paused, looking around. Burnt tree stumps... No signs of vegetation anywhere.

"Many of these trees were my friends. Creatures I had known from nut and acorn..."

"I'm sorry, Treebeard." Pippin apologized.

"They had voices of their own..." Treebeard's voice was suddenly angry as he looked at Isengard. "Saruman. A wizard should know better!" Marley jumped when he let out a roar that rumbled through the entire forest. "There is no curse in elvish... entist or the gonues of men... for this treachery!"

The hobbits gazed around themselves as they heard noises, and Pippin spoke first. "Look! The trees! They're moving!"

From out of the forest, man Ents appeared walking towards Isengard.

"Where are they going?" Marley asked.

"They have business with the Orcs. My business is with Isengard tonight. With rock and stone." Treebeard stated.

"Yes!" Marley and Pebbles hi-fived.

"Come, my friend. The Ents are going to war. It is likely that we go to our doom... Last march... of the Ents."

The march towards Isengard began.


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