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Chapter Fifty Seven: Back For You

/Baby, you don't have to worry I'll be coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you. Lately I've been going crazy so I'm coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you... -One Direction/

"Oh GAWD, I'm gonna miss you!" Bianca shouted, pulling Lily into a tight hug. Lily's eyes widened as she felt her windpipe being constricted by Bianca's arms around her neck.

"Beebee... Can't... Breathe... Stop..."

Bianca let go of the elleth, apologizing quietly. "I just... I'M GONNA MISS YOU, LILS. WHO'S GONNA DO MY HOMEWORK FOR ME?!"

"What homework, Bianca?" Lily laughed.

"My Bio- Oh yeah... Well I'm definitley not gonna miss feelings stupid around you."

Lily rolled her eyes. "You're not stupid Bianca."

"I know. I just feel stupid around you because you're a nerd."

"I am, aren't I?"

"Yeah, but you're my nerd."




That was what Angel, Farren, Marley and Pebbles walked in on when they went up to Lily's room to say goodbye. Lily was traveling back to Mirkwood with Legolas.

"I'll be back, ya know. And I'll definitley come to the Shire to visit you guys." She said, looking at Farren, Marley and Pebbles. "Whether I have to run away or drag Legolas with me, I'll do it."

"You're not dragging me anywhere." Legolas appeared in the doorway, looking amused. "I'll follow you anywhere you'd like to go."

"Awwwwhhh!" Angel and Bianca gushed, pushing Lily towards him. "Get out of here you guys are becoming sickeningly cute. Worse than Marley and Merry-"


Lily stumbled into Legolas, who caught her with ease. "You're definitley the clumsiest elf I've met." He said, looking down at her with a smirk.

She made a face and swatted him playfully. "I'll meet you outside. I just have to do one last thing."

He nodded and pecked her lips once before heading down to where Aragorn, Boromir, Gimli, and the hobbits all were, waiting outside with their horses.

Lily looked at her friends. "Walk me out?"

"It'd be a pleasure, Lils." Farren replied and the six made their way out of the room, Lily giving it one last look, before closing the door behind her.

"You'll write, won't you?" Pebbles asked, looking at her.

"Of course." Lily smiled. "And like I said, I'll come visit."

It was silent as they walked, they finally were outside, where the others stood, on the parapet, two horses ready. The other elves had all left Minas Tirith the day after the coronation. It'd been a month since Aragorn had become King.

Lily looked at her friends once more, before they all squeezed together in a tight group hug.

"Love you guys." She whispered.

"Love you too." The girls chorused, before Lily made her way down to Legolas, who'd already mounted his horse, and Sanya, her own horse, who'd still stuck by her after everything.

"Hey Legolas!" Bianca shouted. He looked over at her. "Yes, Bianca?"

"You'd better take care of Lily or-"

"BE SAFE!" Angel waved with the hand that wasn't covering Bianca's mouth.

"I don't plan on doing anything but take care of her, Bianca." Legolas promised.


"That would translate to 'You'd better not'." Lily sighed, rolling her eyes.

Bianca nodded once, before waving. "MMM!"

"That means bye!" Farren laughed.

And with that final laugh, Legolas and Lily bid their friends farewell, and set off for Mirkwood.

-That Night-

Bianca sighed as she retreated into her room for the night, leaning against the door. It'd been a long day. It was hard saying goodbye to Lily. She'd always been there for her. Lily was Bianca's rock.

Humming the theme to the Big Bang Theory, Bianca grabbed some nightclothes and headed into the washroom to take a bath. She set them down on the counter in there, then pushed the curtain away from the tub.

That was when she screamed.

Because there, in the washtub, was Lily's guitar.

"What the fuck?" She stared at it in wonder, before she slumped against the wall and just started laughing. "Only Lily..."

It was then that she heard the door to her room burst open, and three panicked voices were heard.



"Bianca where are you


Boromir, Farren and Angel. In that order.

"In here!" She managed through her giggles.

The door opened.

"We heard you scream are you- What is that?" Angel stared at the guitar.

"Lily's guitar." Bianca giggled. "It scared the hell out of me when I pushed the curtain away then I was like 'Oh my gosh, only Lily.' so then I started giggling a lot and then you guys got here."

"When did Lily's guitar get into Middle Earth?" Farren frowned in question.

"It's a long story, Farren." Angel began, dragging the hobbit out as she started to explain.

Bianca looked up at Boromir. "Sorry if I scared you."

He sighed, but smiled anyways. "As long as you're alive."

She stood up and smiled, pecking him once on the lips before shoving him out. "Now leave I'm taking a bath!" She quickly slammed the door, giggling again.

When she heard the door in her room shut, she grabbed the guitar and walked out setting it on her bed.

"You're unbelievable, Lily. You really are."

-Alrighty Then...-

-A Few Days Later-

"So soon?" Angel asked as Farren shoved the last of her things in her bag. Farren looked up at her friend.

Angel had changed a lot since they came to Middle Earth. Of course, they'd all changed, but with Angel it was different.

If anyone had been through Hell and back it was Angel. Yes, Farren herself had gone to Mordor, but Farren hadn't died.

Angel had suffered everything from serious head injuries, to basically dying. She'd fallen off a cliff, been in numerous battles

While she may've been the leader of the group, she definitley hadn't been the most mature at first. But this whole adventure definitley changed her. She was more motherly now, more mature than she'd been before.

"It's a long trip back to the Shire. And on pony, rather than horse, it's even longer. We wanna get going before it gets too hot. Summer's coming, remember?"

Angel sighed and nodded. "I just... Lily just left a few days ago and when you leave it's just gonna be me and Bianca."

"We'll write." Farren promised.

"I know..." Angel leaned down and scooped the hobbit into a hug. Farren laughed, hugging her friend back.

"This is so awkward." Angel mumbled into Farren's shoulder.

"Why?" Farren asked.

"Because you're supposed to be taller than me."

Farren just started laughing again, and Angel joined her, setting her down as she did. "It's just weird because I'm so used to you being 5'11" and now you're like 3'6" or something."

"Let's go. We gotta meet the others outside."

The two headed outside, Farren with her pack slung over her shoulder and Angel with a hand set on the same shoulder.

When they were outside, they found Bianca sitting on the ground crying, and Marley and Pebbles comforting her.

"Where are your boys?" Angel asked, eyebrows raised and looking around.

Seven ponies, three hobbits. The five of them were the only ones outside.

Marley shrugged. "Probably finishing up packing or whatever."

Bianca sniffled and wiped her eyes. "I'm done now. I just... I'm gonna miss you guys. I have no one to be taller than when you leave."

"Bianca we don't count and you have Gimli." Farren laughed.

The five girls laughed and that was when the doors opened to reveal just about everyone else.

Gandalf was just saying a few last things to Frodo as Boromir, Aragorn and Gimli joined Bianca and Angel in wishing the hobbits farewell. When they were finished, the hobbits mounted their ponies, waved goodbye once more and were off for the Shire.

"ADIOS AMIGAS!" Bianca shouted tearfully, clutching onto Boromir so she wouldn't fall over.

Not that he minded.

You could hear Marley and Pebbles laughing, Sam asking what Bianca had said, and Farren saying "You know what? I'm just gonna teach you guys Spanish."

Angel and Bianca both shared a look, before shouting.

"Vamos a perder el culo loco!" (We're gonna miss your crazy asses!)

"Causa un poco de picardía y asegurarse de que nunca comen la nieve amarilla!" (Cause some mischief and make sure you never eat the yellow snow!)

"O la nieve verde!" (Or the green snow!)

"O la nieve marrón!" (Or the brown snow!)

"O la nieve roja!" (Or the red snow!)

(A/N: I dunno. I just started typing stuff into translate and that's what I came up with.)

Yes, Gimli, Aragorn and Boromir, as well as the guards in the surrounding area gave them weird looks, but Angel and Bianca didn't care.

They were gonna miss their girls.

But they knew it wasn't the last time they'd see eachother.

And as they all retreated back inside, Angel found herself humming the song Back for You by One Direction, smiling to herself.

Ya know what a good song is?

Viva La Vida by Coldplay.

That is a DAMN good song.

So is Back for You by One Direction coughcoughTHESONGFORTHISCHAP TERcoughcough


The next chapter will be up within the next hour. Like before. It hasn't even been an hour. I just can't stop posting stuff, I love you guys so much.

We're almost finished. :O

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But I think I might possibly do some side oneshots about the different couples or maybe just the girls in general if I get any ideas.

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