she falls in love with someone and there’s soemthing about him comes on..

Romance / Drama
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chapter 1

Jules POV-
“i really hope carson, johnny, and hayden moved. carson will not stop texting me.” jayden said. “don’t fall for it... he wants sex” i said. “as much as i hate there guts and i know you’re gonna be mad after i say this but they’re kinda hot.... especially hayden.. but ik i would never even think about dating him but i definitely think about fucking him” kenzie said. “remember.... we’re in class” i whispered and we all laughed. “i hope no one heard that” kenzie said and covered her mouth. the bell rang and we went on to our next classes. “i love you girls” i said. “we love you too” kenzie and jayden said at the same time and walked off in the opposite direction as me.i’m going to 2nd period right now. i really hope i know someone in this class. i walked in the door and saw johnny and carson. fuck my life. i went in and sat down. johnny whistled and i knew he was trying to get my attention. i ignored him. “jules!” carson yelled kinda to get my attention. i looked over and johnny was waving for me to go to him. i flipped them off and they rolled there eyes. haha. bitch. i want this class to be over alreadyyyy. “i want you to choose 2 partners and for every project this year you will have to do the following projects together”, the teacher said. everyone stood up and went into groups. “jules come here” johnny said from across the room. i ignored them. “who needs a partner?” the teacher said. “i do” i said. “does anyone have only 2 people in there groups?” the teacher said. “we only have 2” johnny said. great. “ok jules you can be in there group” the teacher said. “um... ok thank you” i said and sighed. i went over to the table with them and sat down. they kept trying to talk to me but i just sat on my phone ignoring them. the rest of the school day went by and kenzie was driving us home. using my car. i don’t really trust her but it’s ok she’s still learning. i was waiting in my car and someone knocked on my window. i looked over and saw johnny. he had a big smile on his face. oh no. “hi princess... you need to stop running away from me” he said. “i don’t need to stop running away from you. i hate you johnny.” i said. “why?” johnny asked. “that’s why i hate you” i said. kenzoe and jayden came back and jumped in the car. “what do you mean” johnny said “what’s going on jules you ok?” kenzoe said. “yea i’m fine..” i said “i have to go johnny” i said and kenzie drove off. “what was that about” jayden said. “just being normal johnny” i said and sighed. they stayed quiet. they can tell that i’m actually really upset about it. i can tell that they can tell. we went to my house and we stayed in my room for most of the night. i don’t talk to my parents much and my sister is barely home. that’s why i stay in my room all the time. i’ll tell you more about them later. we were all just chilling and relaxing when we got an invite to Mads Lewis party. “you got the same thing that i got?” i said. “if yours said you got an invite to Mads party then yup” jayden said. “we going?” kenzie said “you guys can wear my clothes” i said and we all jumped up. we were looking in my closet and we were all trying to figure out to wear. i wore this really sexy black dress with black heels. kenzie did my makeup and jayden did my hair. jayden wore a sexy red dress and she looks so good. me and kenzie did her hair and makeup then me and jayden did kenzie’s hair and makeup and then she put on her dress. she was wearing this light purple dress which was really sexy. the girls look so beautiful. we gathered our things and went to the party. we talked to a few people we said hi to mads and said happy birthday. we talked to her sister and brother for a little than we decided to get drinks. we were drinking wine coolers for right now and then we’re gonna take shots. i took a picture of me and girls and posted it on my story. i love them and i love taking pictures for memories. we were just talking and dancing around. i love hanging out with them cause i know i can be myself.

Johnnys POV-
i was on snap and saw jules story. it was a picture of her, jayden, and kenzie. jules is so hot. i’m gonna sleep with her one day. it’s gonna happen. i showed the boys the pictures and carson said “do you wanna go?” “really? you wanna go to a party?” hayden said. “no but i want jayden” he said. “you really like her?” i asked. “yea.... idk what it is... i never even had a full conversation with her before she’s just... idk...” carson said. “carson stop i don’t wanna hurt your feelings or anything but she’s most likely never gonna end up with you” hayden said. “shut up hayden they’re gonna come around sooner or later” johnny said. “mhm. don’t think jules would ever date you. she despises you.” hayden said. “why are you being such a dick” carson said “cause i feel bad for them. i heard jules cry so many times about us being dicks” hayden said. “we’re like this with everyone. why do you only feel bad for them?” i said. “i want kenzie” hayden said. “well she’s never gonna wanna date you” i said mocking him. he sighed. “i don’t even want jules... i just wanna see how good she is in bed... she never lost her virginity before so i wanna take it and i also wanna taste her blood” i said. “if you do that jaydens never gonan wanna be with me” carson said “not my problem. jules thinks she’s so much better than me.. ik she wants me she’s just playing hard to get” i said. we got ready for the party and went. when we got there girls started trying to talk to us but we just kept walking and ignoring them. we went inside and we saw the girls dancing on the dance floor. you can tell they were drunk. i never seen jules this happy. i saw kenzie point over towards us and jules and jayden looked over. me and jules made eye contact and she rolled her eyes and they kept doing what they were doing. we went over and got drinks. we were kinda just hanging around. some girl came up to me and just started making out with me. don’t mind if i do.

Jules POV
i looked over where johnny was. he’s gone. i looked around a little bit and saw him making out with some girl. why would he think i want him if he does that. i feel really mad about him making out with another girl.. is that bad? idk why i’m mad about that i shouldn’t care. whatever. i went to get more drinks and i just took another shot. i told the girls that i’m gonna go use the bathroom. i went upstairs and went into the bathroom. i peed and did everything i had to do. i was fixing my hair in the mirror when someone opened tha door. couldn’t see who it was. everything happened so fast. all i can see is black now.

30 mins later

Kenziss POV
i was looking for jules and jayden. when jules went to the bathroom jayden left and i have no idea where any of them are. i was walking around and found jayden making out with carson on the couch. omg. i went over and i stopped them. “i’m sorry and i won’t tell jules anything, but have you guys seen jules?” i said kinda freaking out. “what do you mean? you can’t find jules?” jayden said. “no! she went to the bathroom 30 minutes ago and she never came back” i said. “come on let’s go see if hayden or johnny seen her...” carson said. “what if something happened to her” jayden said. “i’m sure she’s fine... probably just two drunk and wondered off or something...” carson said and i can tell his anxiety was getting bad. we went to johnny and hayden and johnny said “told you hayden” and hayden rolled his eyes. “johnny, hay-“ johnny interrupted jayden and said “what do you want” “1. domt interrupt her when she’s speaking and 2. have you guys seen jules. she went to the bathroom 30 minutes ago and she hasn’t came back” i said. “wait... you can’t find jules?” johnny said kinda in a concerned voice. his whole personality changed. he started freaking out a little and said “do you try calling her?” he said. “no our phones are dead” i said. “do you remember her number?” johnny said and pulled his phone out. i typed in her number and he called her. after her phone just rung. no answer. we all started freaking out and johnny just left. i’m guessing he’s gonna look around for her. we started looking and we couldn’t find her anywhere.

Johnnys POV
i looked upstairs again and in one of the rooms theres a ladder that goes up to the attic. the ladder wasn’t there when i checked the last time. i went up and saw some dude and he was having sex. “go go go” he said. “oh i’m sorry du-“ i stopped talking. that looks like jules. i rna over there and pushed him off. i saw jules and she was unconscious. i beat the shit out of him and grabbed soemthing and covered her with it. i hope that dude fucking dies. i carried her downstairs the girls said not to bring her back to her house cause of her parents so i told the girls to drive jules car to my house. i wanted to drive with her and hold her. we got to my house before the girls and i carried her into my room. carson and hayden stayed downstairs probably gonna talk shit. i laid her in my bed and covered her with my blanket. i got cold ice and i was dabbing it on her head. she slowly started to open her eyes and she screamed “GET AWAY FROM ME JOHNNY”. kenzie, jayden, hayden, and carson ran in johnnys room. “woah woah woah jules i was just helping you” i said backing away from her. “what do you mean..” jules said. “i don’t know if it’s a good idea we tell you right now” i said. “johnny.... why the fuck am i naked... what did you do..” jules said. “oh my jules nothing i swear i would never do something like that to you... just hold on” i said and looked at the girls. i mouthed “i’m not telling her you’re telling her” kenzie rolled her eyes. she came in the room closer and told her what happened. jules just started tearing up. “oh..” jules said. she kinda looked... empty? i sat down next to her and hugged her. she started bawling her eyes out and she laid her head on me. kenzie, jayden, hayden, and carson left the room. we were in this position for like 35 mins. i’m so surprised she’s letting me hug her... especially for this long. “ok get off” she said. i janxed it. “are you ok? did i do something wrong?” i said. “yea i’m fine and no you didn’t. i just wanna leave..” she said. “um... i can give you clothes” i said. “why are you being so nice to me?” she said. i just looked at her. “don’t be nice to me johnny” jules said. “why” he said. “you were never nice to me. ever since we met you just bullied me and bullied me. right when this happens you’re nice and i’m sure it’s not going to last. don’t pity me” she said. i sighed. i think she was waiting for me to respond but i didn’t. she sighed and just kept the blanket around her “i’ll bring this back tomorrow” she said and walked out. i went downstairs after her and the girls were putting there shoes on. jules didn’t say anything to carson or hayden she just went outside and sat in the car. kenzie went out to the car and then carson went over to jayden and kissed her. she kissed him back. “let me know if she’s ok so we don’t worry about her” carson said. “i will.... thank you lueders” jayden said and smiled at him. she walked outside and shut the door behind her. “you guys gonna fuck?” i said. “no johnny.. i don’t want her to fuck her...” carson said and he rolled his eyes at me. “what happened upstairs” hayden said. “she just told me to get off of her and she said that i’ve never been nice to her her whole entire life until now and she said she knows i’m only being nice cause of what happened and she said she doesn’t want me to pity her..” i said. “damn.... she laid her head on you tho... she cried in your arms for like 35 mins... she was with you during her little freak out or whatever you wanna call it... and she didn’t say thank you?” hayden said. “no...” i said. i won’t make her say sorry tho. i feel bad.

Jules POV
maybe that was kinda rude. maybe i shouldn’t have handled it the way that i handled it. i should’ve atleast said thank you. but fuck johnny. ahhhhhh. why did he help me. he doesn’t care about me. kenzie and jayden told me that he beat the living shit out of the guy who did it. i don’t know why tho. he hates meeeee. whatever. we went back to my house and i showered. the girls showered after me and we went to sleep.

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