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With his hands tucked inside the pockets of his fine suit, when at the moment he was staring towards the picture of the person in front of himself as the image hung along with the other family photos over the big wall.

“Park Jimin?” Kenji narrowed his eyes unknowingly, while staring the image in front of him when he whispered to himself. “Who is he exactly?”

“Come on, Kenji. We are getting late for the com--” Jungkook stopped in his mid tracks when he saw his son standing in front of Jimin’s image as later that he gently put his hand over the other man’s shoulder and strictly delivered his next words. “Kenji? Come on. Let’s go.” Without even conveying anything, Kenji just sighed and turned towards the other side when later they both proceeded towards the main exit of the mansion. Even in the car that he stayed silent and Jungkook knew exactly as to why that he was behaving like that when the next minute a sigh left his heavy chest as he softly spoke at the moment. “Kenji, what happened?”

“Nothing.” He replied dryly while looking outside the car’s window.

“Kenji, listen. I didn’t mean to hurt you like that. I care about you, son!” Jungkook’s mild vocals were so full of apologies towards his son when he also timely turned his head towards him while doing the talking. “Please, don’t hate me for this.”

“Never mind, dad. I’m already habitual of these kind of things from your side.”

“Kenji, the company needs you.”

“Have you ever asked me? What I always need?” This time Kenji talked back rudely with his father who just frowned over his sudden changed behavior. “But, no. You always love to rule everyone. Even your children.”

“Kenji, are you out of your mind? What the hell are you talking about?” After the car stopped in front of the company, Jungkook simply bursted over his son who later just scoffed when at the moment Jungkook also remembered one thing, which once Yuni told him previously.

“Don’t be harsh on him. He’ll hate you.”

“From the first place, you’ve been doing this thing, dad. Because of your pressure? I got married and because of you? I lost my young days. I never got to spend my time like the way I always want it to be. You caged me, dad!”

“But, weren’t you loving your life while being with Yeji from all the time?”

“I don’t know, dad.”

At the moment Jungkook was being so full of temper when later after those words, Kenji opened the door of the car and harshly closed it with a thud when the next minute so furiously yet angrily that he entered the company afterwards. Jungkook doesn’t really knew as to why that his son was acting like that, though Kenji became a mature adult but still that he was acting as someone was making him say these things, because after two days when they returned from Maldives, Kenji was literally being the happy butterfly of the Jeons but what happened next later those few days? Jungkook was surely unaware of that thing.

_______ 🔵🔹️🔵🔹️

Kenji was provided his own separate chamber but never that he stayed inside it, when most of the time instead of dealing with the work properly? He just grunts frustratingly when he doesn’t knew why all of a sudden that he found an attraction into something that was so dangerous for him to handle and he also couldn’t tell anyone about this as he dearly loved his father too but the young man was afraid if his father got to know about everything. That his son goes to somebody else other than Yeji, as now that he rubbed his face and just sighed over everything that was surely happening in his immense frustration.

“Sir?” Kim, his secretary entered his office and after listening his voice, Kenji twirled all of a sudden.

“Yes!” From Kenji’s face, it looked like as if he saw a ghost or something as he later exhaled heavily.

“Sir, everyone is waiting for you at the committee room.” The other guy who was also suited in a fine black tux, told the chief about the order that he received.

“Yes, I’m just coming.” Kenji replied politely and later that the other guy just left when the next moment he took out his phone and dialed a number which was the contact of the person with whom that he was having little secret meetings from past couple of days. “I’m sorry. But, I can’t come tonight.”

“No problem, sugar. We will still be having some other nights together.”



So this Jungkook would be the older Jungkook himself, in this story.

And this Jungkook will be Jungkook’s cameo, playing the role as Kenji (Jungkook’s son.)

I hope you enjoy this sequel ahead.

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