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“Yes, my dear?”

“Who was Park Jimin? And why do we even have his picture along with the other of our family members, on the big family wall?”

Yuni froze the moment her son asked that question, when at the same time she was working in the kitchen whereas Kenji was seated upon the dining table.

“Park Jimin.” At first, a sweet and gentle smile creped over Yuni’s face while thinking towards everything that that man has done for her and her husband. “He was the one who saved your father from getting killed.”

“Re-Really?” Kenji’s eyes went wide over the information and later that he just stared his mother. “But, dad never mentioned him.”

“Maybe because, you both never got the chance to ask about him.” Yuni just smiled gently while stirring back into the container. “Jungkook never wanted to let go of Jimin’s hard work so he decided to own his company after his death but, never that your father got agreed at changing the name of it.”

“So the Park Co-operations real owner is Park Jimin?!”

“Yes, my dear.”

“Maybe, that’s why? Dad even wanted his office to stay alive. Wow. I never knew about this thing. I wonder if I would be able to see Park Jimin for real.” After reaching his mother, Kenji stood at a distance when he just watched his mother doing all the working and also just smiled in his fantasies while thinking about the other guy.

“You may actually.”

“But, how?”

“Do you remember Min Ji?”

“Aa! Yes! I do. That cute little guy.” The young man just chuckled softly. “I love his hair.”

“He’s an exact replica of Jimin. Even once, I also called him by Jimin’s name.” When Yuni begun to talk and at the same time she was dealing with settling up the table for everyone, in the meantime, Kenji decided to listen out the whole story when he just stayed silent and kept on helping his mother in other works. “Min Ji worked at the cafe from the start and your dad helped him in almost everything, when Min Ji came to Jungkook while being so hopeless than ever. Your father lent him a very big help in job and everything.”

“Wow. But, why dad is always strict with me? He never really focused on noona but me, like most of the time!” The young man simply whined with a little babyish pout and that action simply made Yuni break into a chuckle when she also ruffled his dark locks.

“Because I know about the world outside, Kenji.” After few minutes Jungkook entered the kitchen and sternly heated the air around his son. “There are certain people out there who can use you for such bad intuitions and I would never be knowing about it.” Jungkook now took out the chair from the dining set and sat over it, when further that he explained in a gentle manner. “Kenji, I know that you’ve grown enough and now you can understand things well but, my son? You’ll never know about their intentions, my dear.”

“Dad, why you never talked about Park Jimin?” Kenji changed the topic the next minute when he was afraid if he got caught in a lie because lately, he involved himself in such kind of people yet activities and he doesn’t wanted anyone else to know about this so at the moment, he thought that it might be the best idea to slip away the candy silently from under their eyes, rather than being caught by making any noises. “Who was Park Jimin exactly? Why do you still have his everything at your company.”

At first Jungkook just sighed over his son who was lately acting so odd when he saw that Kenji wanted him to jump off from the actual topic, when later that Jungkook just answered his question. “Park Jimin was the man who saved me. He sacrificed his whole self just to save a demonic person like me. He was a true living angel. And, practically? The whole company is his, not mine. I just agreed to take care of few things.”

“You had a pretty good chance to take over the whole company. No, dad?”

“Kenji, things don’t go that way. Tell me, with whom that you’re spending your precious time lately?” This time Jungkook talked with even more hard and stern voice when the next minute Kenji froze and shook his eyes as his everything trembled.

“M-My friends, dad! Who else? You know, how much that I gets close to almost everyone.” With his head still low that Kenji faked a little laugh and confidentially tackled that question when deep down inside himself, he was literally yet drastically was drowning in the sea of utter guilt.

“We’ll see about that, son.” He simply glared when now was time for Jungkook to really do something about it or he’ll surely going to lose his precious son.

“Jungkook, at least let him eat in peace. Yeji!”

“Yes, aunt Yuni!”

“Come. Have dinner, sweetheart.”

After they were done with the dinner, Kenji decided not to leave the mansion for tonight when he thought that this way? He could make his father believe him, as at the moment he was talking with someone over his phone, but privately.

“I’m sorry! But, I can’t come tonight.”

“Yo! Listen, baby daddy? You gotta reach me tomorrow? Or we are done!” The other person over the phone simply bursted those words through his ear and suddenly hung up the call while leaving the young man stayed frozen like that.

“No. Wait! Listen--God. Darn it!” He sighed while withdrawing his phone and later simply held the device between his hands when he sighed for the second time in a row.

“What happened? Is everything okay?” Yeji entered the room from the bathroom and asked her husband right away, after she saw the tensed look over his face.

“Uh. Yeah. I’m fine.” Kenji just replied plainly when he doesn’t really seemed to show any interest in her at the moment whereas at the same time he just roamed around in the room. “An important meeting got cancelled tomorrow.”

“Kenji, is something wrong?”

“Why? What happened? Why it seems like that to you?” He later prepared himself for going to sleep whereas Yeji just stared him like that.

“It’s been days that we went out together. Since, you come home late and leave early in the morning.” She just pouted after lowering her head and he just heaved a sigh.

“Yeji, we can go out anytime you want. Okay? And besides, we are married. We already spend a lot of time together.”

“Nowadays? We are just sleeping together and doing nothing else other than that. Since, you work a lot and comes back home being exhausted. I never asked--”

“Yeji, will you stop this complaining already?!” He literally raised his voice at her for the first time but regretted doing that so early afterwards, whereas she just jumped over his sudden roar. “I-I’m sorry... I-I didn’t mean to yell at you like that.”

“That’s alright. You must be stressing out because of some work. Let’s go to sleep.” She literally sounded so heartbroken to him but smiled anyway, as later that Kenji just softly stared her figure getting sink into the blanket when he also nervously bit his bottom lip and sat at his side of the bed.

He knew that the thing he has started doing already? It was wrong and the people who were so dear to him? They were almost falling apart just because of his attitude when now that he regretted accepting that offer of a stranger over a dirty mature site which was surely introduced to him by few of his friends at his university as they all already knew that Kenji was the most popular yet the most hottest guy in the whole university and everybody wanted to date him once in their life. But sadly after they all got to know that the man was already taken, they walked back feet and never discussed about relationships with him ever again, but also apart from that, each student in the university, senior or junior, they took a picture with him and that media became insanely viral over the whole internet when surely Jungkook’s god-like and flawless son was the epitome of beauty in himself, when unfortunately, Kenji’s pictures even breeched the dark sites of the internet and the young daddy got in trouble so early, when he also had another habit similar to Yuni of hiding things at the time of being extremely afraid to disclose it in front of his father.

“I have to discuss about this to at least someone, but with whom? Mom and Dad would be mad at me.” At the moment while roaming back and forth in his room when Yeji was already asleep as the clock was hitting one a.m., but still that Kenji was being the anxious owl for the hour. “Let me try talking to her.” He later thought and went to get his phone from the night stand when the next minute he dialed the same number that he does last time. “Hey?”

“Hey, my pretty little sugar daddy. Were you missing mommy already?”

“Listen. I don’t want to do this anymore! End it already.” Kenji angrily yet irritatingly loud whispered through his phone right after receiving the call. “It’s been months and now? I don’t want to do that all.”

“Listen, boy. Did your dad say something to you or you are saying this all by yourself?”

“Please, leave me alone. I’m married!” No matter how hard that he tried to budge away that lady who was after him from past few months, but still nothing was happening when than she tried another trick at controlling this pretty handsome man.

“Listen, sweetheart. You have visited me a lot of times, already. Why do you pay me another visit? We will have some movie time if you want? Or else, we could play few of your favourite games since you told that your wife never pays attention to you.”

He stopped walking for a minute and than looked towards his wife who was sleeping so peacefully at the moment whereas he was perplexed towards the thing as to why he can’t simply let go of this another woman when she gave him more attention but all in a wrong way.

“Okay.” He finally sighed. “I’ll pay one last visit to you, Lin.”



Review over this dry story sequel. I know, you must not be enjoying it since its sounding so boring already. :/

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