My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete


My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete "

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Part 1

( Tremaine )

Walking inside the party while the music blasting my girl haven't made it just yet. I had walked to the bar and had the guy fix me a nice mix drink I heard the music changed and I saw the lights turn to the door here her ass goes wanna make an fucking grand entrance. I rolled my eyes when she walked in with a red tight dress on and she grabbed the microphone and said..

Amber: ah hi everyone thanks for coming to celebrate the queens day tonight. Let me say this leave the Drama on the streets no guns no fights just a good ass fucking time

She says smiling looking around the room and her best friend Jadien standing behind her smiling in a white tuxedo. Our eyes meet he nod his head I did the same she walked over to me and said...

Amber: baby you look amazing tonight

Me: you do too baby girl turn around for daddy

She turned around and I saw that fat ass I'm putting on her hitting it doggy style I said..

Me: I wanna RIP that dress off you and fuck you right here right now

Amber: boy please this 2,350 dollar dress isn't getting fucked up tonight

She says reaching behind me grabbing her wine glass Jadien said...

Jadien: oh my god who invited him

He says looking at his ex boyfriend walking our way who is my homie I said..

Me: what's up man

Kevin: sup bro

We clapped up and he said happy birthday to Amber giving her a kiss and she said..

Amber: thanks

Kevin looks at Jadien who was turning his head away from him he said...

Kevin: what's good shorty you looking good

Jadien: I know

Kevin: how you been

Jadien: single and living life

He says sipping his drink and walked off Kevin followed behind him. I said

Me: those 2 gone end up fucking tonight

Amber: and back together tomorrow too

She says laughing then we had hit the dance floor together with the light on us as people backed off giving us the dance floor alone.

( Jadien )

I stepped into the bathroom from the heat in the building it was cool in here and I've been drinking since I got here. I heard the door opened and Kevin walks inside locking the door behind him I said..

Me: you step up to me I'll cut yo black ass

Kevin: I'm sorry baby

Me: yeah you're sorry a sorry excuse for a man

I said wetting a paper towel up rubbing it on my neck as he stepped behind me for I can look in his face I said...

Me: I said step the fuck back nigga damn

Kevin: I'm not touching you

Me: what do you want

Kevin: another chance with you baby

I laughed at him after throwing away the paper and walked to the door he blocks it and I said...

Me: you'll never have that moment with me anymore now move

I said pushing him out the way. I unlocked the door and saw Amber walking up fixing her dress she said..

Amber: everything good

Me: yes

Kevin walks out the bathroom fixing his pants like we did something he smiled and walked passed her. She said

Amber: I know you didnt

Me: and I didn't you know he's an asshole

Amber: true now let's party

She pulls me back out on the dance floor and we danced together as she held onto me tight and said...

Amber: thanks for getting out the house

Me: anything for you boo I may have a broken heart but its life

Amber: so true

We danced until it was about 2:30 a.m the party shut down about a hour earlier and we was halfway cleaning the place up. She said

Amber: Baby

Tremaine walked over and she kisses his lips and said..

Amber: I won't be over tonight but if you can will you drop Jadien off for me I gotta stay here

Tremaine: yeah I dont mind but that ass is mines tomorrow

Amber: always

She said and told me to head home with Tre I did after we hugged each other and went to the car and he drove me to his place. He said

Tremaine: you won't mind staying with me huh

Me: no I wouldn't I'm tired

He parked his car and we both got out the car and headed inside his place for sleep...
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