My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 10

( Tremaine )

I was chilling over my brother's house talking and he was finishing up rolling the 2nd blunt and said...

Wallace: so you about to be a pops

Me: bro yep and she's only a few weeks pregnant and already has so much shit in her place and she want us to move in together

Wallace: what's wrong with that

Me: a lot is wrong with it one I'm happy I'm about to be a pops but I been seeing someone else on the side

He stopped licking the blunt and looked at me then said...

Wallace: word who is she

Me: it's not a she it's a he

Wallace: whoa whoa whoa a nigga

Me: yeah nigga it's 2021 an ain't nobody on the dl shit anymore

Wallace: true so who is he

Me: as fucked up it is bruh it's Jadien

Wallace: her best friend aka like a brother to her

Me: yep crazy right

Wallace: damn is he good

Me: taking dick and sucking it bruh

Wallace: shit I might go the other way shit

Me: nigga it's the best thing ever frfr

I said as he lit up the blunt and laughed he said..

Wallace: so when did this happened

Me: almost a month after my birthday

Wallace: shit for real

Me: yep and he can take dick so good bro

I say feeling my dick getting hard thinking about him I said..

Me: shit I might hit him up when I see him tonight Amber wants us to stay over her house to put the baby crib together

Wallace laughed at that and said..

Wallace: bro don't think with your dick in her place bruh you'll get caught up

Me: true that but have you seen Jadien

Wallace: for a nigga he is sexy as fuck and ass phat to but aye that's yours

He says to me and he said..

Wallace: I've been fucking this chick from time to time I might hit her up tonight

Me: you do that shit I'll might be over Jadiens house before going to hers

He passed me the blunt and we smoked and talked about what's going down later on tonight...
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