My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 11

( Jadien )

I've been chilling with Tremaine all day and been feeling some type of way about him. I looked at him and said..

Me: Tre do you think what we're doing is okay

Tremaine: what you mean

Me: Amber going to be the mother of your first born child

Tremaine: I don't know about all that

Me: why you say that

Tremaine: well I write my times down when we have sex and then I place the condom on the date I use I always use condoms with her

Me: so what are you dating is

Tremaine: she been seeing someone else why you think everything she wanna go shopping for the baby it's always with you

Me: maybe because she know you're not into it like that

Tremaine: if it was mines I'm down but I know for a fact that she cheated on me

Me: she did blew me off when we was together saying she was gone ne with another friend tonight

Tremaine: boy or girl

Me: I don't know I hardly keep up with her

I said looking at him picking up his phone and typing into the search bar and looked up the tracking device of her phone and said...

Tremaine: nah this can't be right

Me: what is it

Tremaine: come with me

We both stands up and walked out my apartment I locked the door and said...

Me: what's going on

He didn't day nun I got inside his car with him he pulled out fast and sped off out the complex....

( Wallace )

Me: damn girl suck that dick

I said holding her hair in a ponytail I pulled her up and sat her on my lap she started kissing me I can taste my dick on them juicy lips I said..

Me: that pussy wet for daddy

Amber: yes daddy I need you inside this pregnant cunt

She says rubbing my dick on her juicy pussy lips and pushed it inside herself while moaning throwing her head back. I heard my phone ringing and saw Tremaine number on my ID I said...

Me: that stupid ass brother of mines calling

Amber: just fuck me baby He thinks I'm stupid I know he's been cheating

Me: but you cheated first with me and now you're carrying my child

Amber: I know but I gotta pass it off as his tho

She kept riding me and her cellphone starts ringing she ignored it and I gripped her booty cheeks and she moaned while kissing me...

( Tremaine )

I parked my car down from my brother's house I said

Me: Jae do you trust me

Jadien: yeah baby why are we here

Me: this is where Amber at my brother's house

I said as he covered his mouth we both got out the car and walked to the door he bends down and found a spare key he unlocks the door and we heard moaning. He said

Jaiden: that dirty bitch

I rushes into the living room and stopped in my tracks and I looked and saw that Amber was bent over the couch as my brother was long dicking her from behind Tremaine yelled...

Me: that's how it is though

They both stopped and Tre brother dick plopped out her pussy and said...

Wallace: bro I

Before he can get his words out Tre rushed him and they started going blow for blow...

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