My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 12

( Amber )

Tremaine stands pissed the fuck off when he sees me naked and his brother naked as well. Jadien is right beside him and I said...

Me: omg baby

Tremaine: don't call me baby

Me: it's not what it looks like

Tremaine: are you stupid both of yall here fucking on his couch and you're pregnant

Wallace: baby bro

Tremaine: you shut the fuck up snake ass nigga how could you do this

Jadien: wow Amber really

Me: oh you shut up ugh annoying ass

Tremaine: you leave him alone

Me: why are you taking up for him

I said looking at them 2 and I said..

Me: wait it's you you're the one he's been cheating on me with

Tremaine: yep but you been cheating since last year

Me: what?

Tremaine: I remember that night after your birthday party last year I left you here with Wallace and you acted different around him

Wallace: and the kid isn't yours it's mines

Jadien: damn here I was feeling bad for getting the dick when you was being a whore this whole time and to make things bad with his brother you're a dirty bitch

Wallace: you watch your fucking mouth you fag bitch

Tremaine: you watch yo mouth nigga we brothers

Wallace: and a woman's a slut for a real nigga you see how she was begging for this meat to be deep inside her

Me: shut up Wallace

Wallace: nah baby I trained you well to take his dick wasn't you the one who said he's smaller than I am

I held my head down when he said that I said..

Me: I didn't say that

Jadien: and from what I am looking at Tremaine got you beat man he's longer and thicker and can stroke more better you just older

He says shading him I said..

Me: I thought you was my friend

Jadien: I am your friend am I yours

Me: not anymore you been fucking my man

Jadien: true good dick to baby let's go

Tremaine: before I go let me do this

He walked up to Wallace and rocked him in his face as he fell backwards holding his nose and Jadie said.

Jadien: damn that made me horny

Tremaine: it's over delete my number give me my key now

I went into my purse and pulled my house keys out and then I pulled his key off and gave it to him I said..

Me: he's more then a man than you'll ever be

Tremaine: keep telling yourself that

And they both left out the house leaving me to look after my man...
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