My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 13

( Jadien )

After Tremaine went on a cleaning spree of throwing all of Amber's clothes makeup and all the other shit she moved in not long ago he finally sat down when he had his landlord come over and change his door locks for him I said when he was rolling up a blunt...

Me: so how do you feel

He didn't say anything just kept putting the blunt together I rubbed his neck and he said...

Tremaine: I always wanted a family since I was a kid myself

Me: I don't know what to say about this

Tremaine: don't lie to me when I ask you this okay

Me: okay what's up

Tremaine lit the blunt up and took a deep puff of it and said...

Tremaine: did you knew

Me: look at me in the eyes right now and listen to me

He did what I told him to do and looked at me I held his cheeks and said..

Me: I would never put you in a position like that with you and her no I didn't know anything about her fucking your brother she doesn't tell me everything

Tremaine: I believe you

His voice cracked when he said that he said...

Tremaine: a fucking year my brother been dicking her down bro and I been kissing on her lips don't know if he bust on her face or not

He said getting angry I did felt bad for fucking with him behind her back but now I don't. I said

Me: hey it's her lost she's crazy for cheating on you hell even tho we both was drunk that night months ago of your birthday I knew what I wanted when we had sex

Tremaine: so you was putting on a front after not wanting a nigga

Me: I really didn't want you but I can't lie and say your dick and heart are good

He smiles at me and I reached down in his shorts and started stroking his dick He said..

Tremaine: no sex tonight baby I just wanna chill with you in my arms

Me: I just wanna hold my dick

I said kissing them juicy lips as he kissed me back passing the blunt to me. I said...

Me: you're mines

Tremaine: I better be

We laid back on the couch as he laid in-between my lap as I played in his hair as we smoked the blunt watching a good movie....
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