My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 14

( Tremaine )

Me: I said no bitch

I jumped up out of my sleep and I saw Jadien still asleep beside me I got out of bed and walked into the living room and stepped outside and sat down I heard.

Jadien: baby

Me: outside

He comes outside and sat in my lap I cuffed his ass he said..

Jadien: bad dream

Me: yeah

Jadien: it's about the baby

Me: yeah and my brother

Jadien: it's fucked up how he played you just for some pussy

Me: I know right I mean he's blood blood not half real brother

I said as he wrapped his arms around my neck he cuffs my face and said..

Jadien: look shit happens epically when you in the dark she played you twice lying that the kid is yours and then fucking your brother behind your back that I swear to God I didn't know shit about

Me: I know you didn't babe don't worry about it I'll get over it soon its just still so fresh you know

Jadien: yeah I do now let's go back inside I'm hungry

Me: its so late

Jadien: not for food though

He says grinding on my dick I said sucking on his neck...

Me: wanna fuck right here

Jadien: yeah I'm so horny

We started kissing as he stripped my shirt off started sucking my neck making my dick stands up hard as fuck he got down on his knees his hair pulled up into a big puff ball as I grabbed it he said...

Jadien: this my dick right

Me: all yours mama

And took me deep into his throat as we I moaned holding his hair in my hand...

( Amber )

I was sitting across from my big brother with fake tears in my eyes and said...

Me: and he hit me and left me after I broke up with him

Sico: oh bet where this fag stay at

Me: I'll text you his address big bro He hurt me bad after I ended things weeks ago when I told him the baby wasn't his

I said lying to him looking right at him only because I know my brother would kill a nigga for me his jawline flinched and said...

Sico: okay bet I'll get my boys together and handle both them niggas for you

Me: thanks big brother

I said as he stands up and kisses my forehead and started dialing on his phone I heard..

Sico: aye load up we have a problem

Don't no one leaves me for another nigga even if I was getting me some dick on the side that was your brother you'll be dep with frfr. I said to myself sending him a quick text...
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