My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 15

( Jadien )

It's been almost a week since they broken up and she just seems to disappear on us no calls or anything I was in my house doing some much needed cleaning and I heard a knock on the door I said..

Me: hold on

I put the broom down and headed to my front door and looked out my small glass window I was surprised at who was at my door I said...

Me: hold on a minute

Rushing to my phone and dialed Tremaine number he sent me to voice-mail and I said...

Me: babe Amber is at my door right now we haven't seen nor heard from her in a week almost 2 but now she's here look come over when you get this message

I hung up and sent him a message to just in case he don't get my voice-mail cause people these days don't listen to voice-mail I said...

Me: coming

Walking to my door and unlocking it I opened it and she said...

Amber: hey boo

Me: um hey whats up

Amber: oh nothing just was in the neighborhood and swing by before I go home

Me: okay um come on in

I stepped aside and she walks in I saw her belly sticking out more now I said..

Me: wow you're really pregnant

Amber: ugh I know and I can tell it's a He Wallace is so happy

She sits down on my couch placing her purse on the side of her shoes and I said..

Me: so what's up why are you here not to be rude

Amber: I can't come and see an old friend

Me: from what I remember you wanted shit to do with me

Amber: you got some dick from my man I got some from his brother and got a whole baby by his brother on the way so old news

She says with a weird smile that made my skin crawl I stood by my door she said...

Amber: doing some cleaning up huh

Me: yeah been staying over Tre house over the last 2 weeks now and decided to come home and clean up before I head back

I said shading her as she nodded her head pulling out her phone texting somebody she said..

Amber: ugh Wallace wants some gotdamn Ice cream ugh

I did a nervous laugh and she said..

Amber: why are you all the way over there honey come sit by your best bitch

Me: nah I'm good thirsty

Amber: no

Me: I am

I walked off into my kitchen to grab a bottle of water I walked back inside and was surprised at what I saw she said...

Amber: you thought shit was sweet huh fag how you gone play my friend and fuck on my nigga

I stood shocked when she had a gun pointed right at me I felt my heart drop from my chest to my asshole I said..

Me: Amber please

Amber: no please let's for a ride shall we

She says with a puzzled face. I nodded my head and walked ahead of her and she said...

Amber: I know Tre where abouts honey don't worry

She pushes me from the back with the gun and said..

Amber: Move

We walked out the door with her putting the gun in a scarf walking besides me to her car...

( Tremaine )

I walked out the gym and went to the back of my car I felt something hard pressed against my back and a voice said..

Sico: don't make any sudden moves Lil nigga

I turned my head slightly and saw Amber brother with a crazy look In his eyes I said...

Me: Sico wtf man

Sico: you hit my sister boy

Me: no I didn't

Sico: shut up and get in my car now

Me: they gone know somethings up they have cameras here if I leave my ride for nun

Sico looked back and saw one of his boys in his truck he said...

Sico: follow us bruh

The dude nod his head we got inside my ride and I felt my phone vibrate and I said..

Me: can I check this

Sico: nope now let's ride

He said pointing the gun at me when we got inside the car I turned it on pulled out from the parking spot and lot and hit the main road wondering wtf is going on and what Amber had done....
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