My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

The End

( Tremaine )

When he showed me the direction of where to go We pulled up to an old ass looking house and I saw Amber's car I said...

Me: Sico bro we have no beef what the fuck is going on

Sico: you gone hit my sister and not think I'll let you life or wall

Wait did he just say hit I never touched her I said..

Me: bruh did you say I hit her

Sico: I did now get the fuck out the car nigga

Me: Sico bro listen please

He didn't want to hear it right now he got out the car and I saw his car pulling up behind mines and I got out the car and walked to the porch I heard...

Jadien: why am I here who's else here

Me: Jadien babe

I yelled out and rushed inside the house and saw Amber pointing a gun at him looking crazy and she said..

Amber: hi ex lover

Me: what the fuck are you doing girl

Amber: nigga you think you can hit me and leave me for another nigga the fuck

Sico: you serious he left you for that sexy nigga

Jadien: damn what nigga ain't gay in this world

Sico: boosie bad Azz

He says making us laugh and I said...

Me: nigga wtf going on I never hit her she slept with my brother and got a whole ass baby by him

Dome: nigga what you was cheating on him and me

He yelled out at her and Sico looked at her and I said..

Me: wait you was hitting that to bruh

Dome: yeah man for almost a year and a half now

Sico: so you mean to tell me that

Jadien: your sister is a whore a dirty ass bitch

Amber: I still have the gun fag shut up

Jadien: you shut up I really really loved you as a sister but now you fucked it all up by being a ho yeah I know I fucked up by letting Tre smash but damn his brother and your brother homie

Me: you're a dirty bitch

Sico: you know what you're a liar for real for real you're my baby sister but I'm not going to fuck my life up for you

Amber: you a whole bitch for listening to them the fuck

Sico: shut up bitch Dome since you wanna stick your dick in some find a ride back home

He said mad as fuck and walked out the house mad I said..

Me: Jadien let's bounce now

Jadien walks over to me she cocked the trigger latch and said...

Amber: you move I'll blow your brains out

Jadien: no not about that life


Amber: try me bitch

Jadien tried her bluff and started walking over to me and she aimed the gun at him and started shooting the gun and Jaiden fell and yelled out...

Jadien: oh fuck

The End, MzMadonna3

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