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My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 2

( Tremaine )

Turning off the shower head and I stepped out grabbing my towel throwing it around my waist as the water drips down to my abs I checked myself in the mirror before drying Completely off and going to get something to eat from my kitchen. I put on me some tight black speedo shorts and stepped into the hallway in my house and heard the tv on I said..

Me: Jay you still up

Jadien didnt say anything I went into my livingroom he had his eyes closed and I saw movement under the sheets he let out a low moan and I said..

Me: oh shit my bad

He jumps up and his eyes snaps opened he said...

Jadien: sorry I'm still drunk I think I had to much too drink

Me: on my couch tho

Jadien: aye Hennessy gets me turned on

He says looking at my body up and down I went on into the kitchen and said from behind the bar...

Me: you want something to eat

Jadien: yes I do but it's not food

Me: oh you want some dick huh

Jadien: yes but ain't nun here

Me: true that

He stands up and walked into the kitchen with a jockstrap on covering his dick but his ass is on full display I said..

Me: damn I never saw anything like this

Jadien: well you're seeing it now

I started pulling out the bread and meat to fix me a sandwich he stood behind me I can feel his body heat behind me he said..

Jadien: I know this wrong to say this but damn I'll let you fuck the shit out of me right the fuck now

I laughed at him when he said that and he placed his hand on my back he said..

Jadien: Amber is one lucky bitch I bet you beating the pussy up like she tells me

Me: oh she talks about our sex life

Jadien: yeah she do

Me: we dont have sex much and she dont suck my dick

Jadien: to bad because if you was my man I'll suck and lick yo balls all the time daddy

He says licking my back and he said..

Jadien: taste good papi but can I ask you one thing

Me: what's up shorty

I said putting the cheese on my meat cooking it. He said..

Jadien: have you ever thought about fucking me

That out of line I pulled the meat off the skillet and placed it on my bread and said...

Me: um what you mean

Jadien: you know pounding this face juicy ass nigga

He says grabbing my hand putting it on his cheeks he said...

Jadien: soft huh

Me: bruh get some water

Jadien: how about you give me cum

Turning me around and my hard dick standing at full attention after touching his soft add he said...

Jadien: fuck me just this one time while I'm high and drunk daddy

Me: I can't I'm with your oh shit

He drops down to his knees pulling my dick out and started sucking my shit he grabbed my hand putting it on to his head and started sucking the fuck outta my dick...
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