My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 3

( Jadien )

I can't believe I am actually watching my drunken self let my best friends dude dick me down with no remorse in his bedroom I see his muscle back flexing with each pump he leans down burying his face in my neck saying...

Tremaine: you so fucking tight

As his balls slapped against my hungry hole he fucked me so good long deep strokes as I dug my nails in his back as he spread my legs wider long dicking me sucking on my ear I said...

Me: fuck me daddy

He turned me around with his dick still inside me on my stomach as he pound me so good I was loving it so much I felt my dick get stiff and bust all over his bedsheets he said...

Tremaine: fuck your hole squeezing my dick nigga I'm gonna cum

Me: cum inside me baby

We kisses each other while he still fucking me throughout my organism I felt lifeless when he pinned me down and bust deep off inside my guts as I laid holding him tight as he said..

Tremaine: fuck fuck fuck fuck

Me: that was insane

He laid beside me pulling his sheets up over him and said..

Tremaine: fuck I know right

The high in me is still going I went under the sheets he said...

Tremaine: aye what are you ahh fuck

He says when he feels my wet mouth on his dick taking him deeper. I sucked and ate him up...

( Tremaine )

The next morning I woke up I felt a body besides me I pulled the covers off their face and was surprised who was laying next to me ass out and my dickhead red. I tapped him on his shoulder I said...

Me: Jadien wake up

Jadien: 5 more minutes please

Me: bruh for real wake up

He started moving in his sleep and finally opened his eyes he said..

Jadien: what time is it

Me: um its 8 a.m

Finally opening his eyes and he jumped up and said..

Jadien: what are you doing in my room

Me: um you're in my room shorty and I think we got to lit

Jadien: oh my god no we didnt

Me: I remember last night after the 4th round and yes we did we fucked

He started rushing around the room picking up his clothes he said..

Jadien: I can't believe this happened

Me: it did and no lie I enjoyed it

Jadien: your with my best friend bruh I can't believe this

He said pulling his shirt over his head and zipping his pants up I got out of bed and said..

Me: Amber can't know this

Jadien: no shit

He says rushing out my room and went to the front door and opened it to Amber was about to put the key in she said..

Amber: Jadien

Jadien: oh hey girl

Amber: what are you doing here

Jadien: I spent the night here the alcohol hit harder then ever

She laughs at him when I came down stairs fully dressed in my night clothes and I said..

Me: what's up baby girl

Kissing her lips when she walked inside she said..

Amber: good morning thanks for looking out for him

She looking at Jadien and walked off into the kitchen she said..

Amber: since no work how about I cook breakfast for us

Me: go ahead girl cook it up

Jadien said

Jadien: I'm going home girl I'll call you later

Amber: your not staying for brea..

Before she can finished her sentence he closed the door behind him rushing to his car and driving off...
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