My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 4

( Jadien )

After work I had decided I'll go to the gym and work yesterday off my body right now. I parked my car and turned it off when my cellphone started ringing I saw Amber name across the screen I took a deep breath and said kinda happy I said..

Me: hey boo

Amber: hey are you okay I've been calling you today

Me: left my cell in my car didnt want to be bothered today to be honest

Amber: is it something I did

Damn that hurt me when she asked me that all I can think about is Tre on top of me with my legs opened dicking me down lown dick style I said...

Me: no girl you know how I am

Amber: thank god

She said taking a relief breath and I looked at the entrance and saw Tremaine walking inside she said..

Amber: hello

Me: oh sorry girl you say something

Amber: I asked you why did you leave so fast

Me: oh I was late for work boo but hey I'll call you later when I get from the gym

Amber: okay boo I have great news when I see you

Me: okay hon I'll ttyl tonight

I say hanging up the phone I grabbed my gym bag with my extra clothes off inside it and I walked inside the building and showed my ID the girl said.

Melissa: hey Jay

Me: what's up Mel

Melissa: about to clock out

Me: so that means

She nods I said annoyed...

Me: I'm going to make sure I workout fast enough for it

She laughed at after checking me in I went to the floor and saw Tre working out with his shirt off I started walking fast and he said...

Tremaine: so you not gone speak

Me: huh

He laughed a little bit and said..

Tremaine: dont act stupid boo I saw your car

Me: Hello Tremaine

Tremaine: I'm not daddy anymore

He said licking his lips letting the weight go up and down I said.

Me: I was drunk

Tremaine: yeah the first time when you came onto me but the 3rd time you wasn't you was throwing it back harder then Amber

He says stepping in the middle of his count he said..

Tremaine: I can't get you out of my head

Damn this ass was that good I got him hooked already when he said that I felt my hole twitch and said..

Me: girl bye let me go get dressed

I walked off and headed into the empty locker room and went to the 3rd row locked and found my rightful locker unlocking it and put my bags inside I heard the door open and footsteps I said..

Me: who's their

I closed up my door and felt arms around my waist and a voice saying..

Tremaine: we're the only 2 in here

He says lifting up my shirt and he pulled me closer and said..

Tremaine: meet me in the shower after our workout if your not into that I'll know you dont want a nigga

He said kissing my neck squeezing my ass cheeks and with a smack he left me hard as a brick and that's when the door closed again and my ex walked inside with a smile on his face

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