My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 5

( Tremaine )

Kevin comes out the locker room pissed and rubbing his jaw that means Jadien rocked his shit he left the gym after grabbing his bag and said...

Kevin: that bitch rocked my shit bruh I'm out

He said pissed walking on out the gym mad as hell I laughed at that shit and went back inside the locker room he was checking his arm I saw a hand print on it he said..

Jadien: fucking asshole grabbing me like that

Me: aye you good

Jadien: no and better yet I am going the fuck home now

Me: damn dont leave shorty just because he roughed you up

Jadien: fuck that I dont wanna workout no way

He said getting his stuff out the locker and closing it up I said..

Me: are you dead ass

Jadien: yes and I am going to meet up with Amber anyways

He says walking passed me mad as hell he left out the gym I decided to leave behind him after a few minutes I had made it home and I saw Amber car in my driveway I parked beside her and got out than my door opened she said..

Amber: I'll call you later bestie needs me baby

She says walking to her car after kissing me on the lips she said...

Amber: I left a little gift on your bed for you see you in about 2 hours

She says getting inside her car driving off I walked inside my crib and saw it was cleaned an she cooked for a nigga I walked down the hallway and headed into my room I saw the gift wrapped in blue paper I picked it up. And saw a teddy bear that says " Be My Daddy "

Me: oh fuck she's pregnant

( Amber )

When I made it to Jadien house he was sitting outside on the porch and he saw me he smiled at me and stood up I got out the car and said...

Me: hey boo

Jadien: hey girl what's good

We hugged each other and sat down in the chair next to him I said..

Me: nothing much got you a gift

He looked at me surprised as I hand him his give wrapped in blue he said..

Jadien: what is it

He says opening it up and opening the box I said..

Me: read the note

He pulls out a teddy bear and he smiled and he looked shocked I said..

Me: I'm pregnant

Jadien was surprised at my announcement he looked at the teddy bear and start crying he said...

Jadien: congratulations boo " Will You Be My Goddad "

He read the note on the teddy bear and said...

Jadien: of course I would

We hugged each other as he cried harder when he said that...
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