My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 6

( Jadien )

Later that night when Amber had left me alone I can't believe she's pregnant with her first child. I am shocked she asked me to be the baby God father I agreed since she asked.

After getting out the tub smelling so fresh and clean than I cooked dinner for myself I heard a knock on the door I said..

Me: hold on

I put my drink in my glass and brought my food into my living room and went to the door looking out my peephole and saw Tre standing behind it I opened it and said...

Me: hey

And he passed out falling right into my body I said...

Me: Tremaine really ugh

I said pulling him up and he said drunkenly...

Tremaine: can I stay with you baby I don't wanna be alone

Me: why you didn't go to your baby mama's house

Tremaine: I can't be with her right now just need yyyoooouuuuuuu

I pulled him inside closing the door behind us with with feet carried him into my bedroom laid him down and he was knocked out cold.

( Tremaine )

I don't know how long I been out and this bed of mines feels amazing I had sat up and my blurry eyes opened up clearly and looked around a room I wasn't familiar with and I saw a picture of Jadien on his night stand I said..

Me: why the fuck I'm at Jadien

Jadien: because you was drunk and came here

I jumped when I saw him laying beside me I said..

Me: how long since I been here shorty

Jaiden: since 7

He said looking up at me laying on his stomach I looked at the clock and saw it was 2 a.m in the morning I said...

Me: I'm going back to sleep

Jadien: you can take the living room couch

Me: why I been laying here

And that's when I felt myself naked under his silk bedsheets I said..

Me: why am I naked

He acting like he was sleeping by snoring loudly I had started rubbing his back and my hand went under the sheets to his ass he said...

Jadien: what the fuck are you doing

Me: you got me naked and you naked as well so I'm giving you what we both want I can't get you out my head Jay

I said as he looking down at him and he's so beautiful I slipped my finger inside him as he moaned I said..

Me: let daddy back inside you

Jadien: what about

Me: shh let's not think about her right now baby

I leaned down started kissing his neck as he moaned with each kiss and lick he said

Jadien: daddy

Me: that's right I'm daddy

I got on top of him and pulled his cheeks apart and pulled him up by his waist I said..

Me: so can I get back inside you baby

Jadien: yes daddy

Without saying another word I started eating him out like groceries as he put his face into his pillow....
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