My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 7

( Jadien )

I can't believe this is happening again and with my best friends baby's father now. But I can't fight the urges into not wanting him after that first night over 5 times. Nigga has good amazing dick. He had me on my side left leg up in the air as we both looking at each other in my glass closet mirror doors as he fucked into me over and over again. I said..

Me: yes baby fuck this pussy

He started drilling my ass harder and faster as I laid with my eyes closed in pure excitement he grabs my neck from the front and said...

Tremaine: damn this pussy so good nigga
Can we fuck whenever we both horny

The regular me would say no but how turned on I am with his 9 inch light skin dick deep inside my asshole making me cum. I said

Me: yes daddy anytime we are both ahhh fuck

He started drilling me harder and faster as my hole creamed on his dick making this weird ass sound he said..

Tremaine: making mac&cheese on my dick huh

And he kept on fucking me until I bust without touching myself and my hole gripped his dick he said...

Tremaine: fuck your ass gripping my dick baby I'm gonna cu.... OH FUCK CUM

He sucked on my neck and smacked my ass with his dick still deep off inside me I felt ropes and ropes of hot cum filling my insides up as both our bodies shaking from the aftermath. I said...

Me: fuck daddy

Tremaine: I know and we both are sober this time

I laid in his arms with this thick dick still shooting out nut inside me and he claim down when he was finished. I said..

Me: wanna spend the night

Tremaine: yep

He pulls me into his arms and held me tighter and said...

Tremaine: you done turned me out

I laughs at him and he said...

Tremaine: good night boo

Kissing my lips and I said..

Me: good night babe

I laid my head on his chest and he wrapped his strong arms around my waist and we both fell asleep....
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