My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 8

( Amber )


I stood outside of Jadien door and was waiting on him to come unlock the door for too let me inside it is hot outside today I held onto my belly and pulled out my phone and dialed his number he picked up ln the 3rd ring and said...

Jadien: hello

He answered sounding sleepy I smiled and said

Me: hey boy I am at your front door its bot asf out here open up and we're going baby shopping

Jadien: you're here already

Me: yes now open up a bitch is hot

He hangs up fast and I sat down in his chair outside on his porch and waited...

( Jadien )

Shit Amber is here and Tre is still laid out sleeping I slapped him so hard he jumped up and said...

Tremaine: what the fuck

Me: get up now Amber is outside

Tremaine: I'm dead

Me: no you're not get dressed and hide

We both got up out my bed and rushed and he rushed and got dressed putting on his shoes and grabbing everything Making sure he didn't leave nothing I said...

Me: wait inside my bedroom and when we gone I'll text you

He kisses my lips and I rushed and got dressed after taking a quick wash up and headed down the hallway outside I opened the door and she said..

Amber: I should've called ahead of time

Me: next time you should are you ready

Amber: I am

She said walking to her car and she stopped and said..

Amber: is that Tre car

Me: where

She pointed and said...

Amber: right there

I looked right at his car and I said..

Me: nah that's my neighbor car let's go

She unlocked her door and we got inside and she pulled out soon as she turned the car on I said...

Me: so baby shopping already

She smiled and licks her lips and said..

Amber: yes

I rolled my eyes I should've turned this down because this going to be along day. I had made sure we was fully gone from my apartment complex and texted Tre and told him we was almost in town....
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