My Girlfriend Best Friend Book 1" Complete

Part 9

( Jadien )

Amber: omg this is to cute

She says running to the next baby outfit and my feet are killing me I had stood with my arms crossed and I heard Kevin laughing I know that cocky ass laugh from anywhere and I also heard a fem voice sounding so thirsty I said..

Me: omg look at that

Amber: what?

Me: them baby shoes

Before we can walk off I heard my name being called out...

Kevin: jadien what's good

Me: ugh hey

Kevin: what's up Amber

Amber: do you hear anything

Bottom 1: yes girl he said hi

Amber: who are you

Bottom 2: don't get cute bitch

Me: control your groupie

Kevin: it's cool chill

Bottom 2: we're going to get something to eat

Kevin: buy me something

Bottom 1: anything daddy

He says flirting while Kevin gave this fake ass smile and when they walked off he said...

Kevin: oh my God it's sad that I look this good niggas just fall all over me

Amber: not jadien

She says sounding Shady and he said..

Kevin: he was and still is

We both looked at each other and started laughing and walked off he said..

Kevin: when you gone stop tripping

Me: I'm not tripping I moved on so should you and by the looks at it those 2 bitches are planning to fight me soon

I said looking at them as they mugged me hard and I said...

Me: now have a nice life

And I grabbed Amber hand and walked of with her she said..

Amber: ugh what a duch why he won't move on

Me: thus bussy and these lips has him hooked

She laughs at me and I heard a loud growl I said..

Me: I am hungry to

Amber: I don't want any Walmart food let's let's to Apple Bees

Me: you ain't gotta tell me twice

She walked ahead of me and she paid for the babies things and we both left out the store....
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