Rebel Love


What if some of your favorite Disney princesses fell in love, not with their fairy tail princes, but with the boys of Black Veil Brides and Motionless in White?

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Chapter 1

Snow’s POV

Running through the woods, my feet got caught in a tangle of brush, sending me head over heels into a tree. Darkness quickly greeted me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~a few hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up on a hard surface. I could hear hushed whispers. All the voice sounded like male voices.

“Why did you bring her here, Chris? This is a fucking frat house! Not some stupid fucking sorority club!!” One male whisper yelled.

“I couldn’t just leave her out there, Andrew!”

“Andy, Chris! Shut up! I think she can hear us!” Another voice said. I let them know I was awake by opening my eyes to see three guys all in black with black hair. They all were attractive to say the least. One had perfectly drawn eyebrows with chocolate brown eyes. The next male had long black hair with piercing blue eyes. The last male had wavy black hair with brown eyes. They looked almost black in the poor lighting.

“Hey Sleeping Beauty.” The one with the brown-black eyes said.

“My name’s Snow White not Aurora. Get your princesses correct.” I muttered.

“You’re a princess?!” The one with the blue eyes, I think he was Andrew, said. He seemed really tall. But the other males stood just as tall as him. I sat up to realize I was on a hard couch. I suddenly got dizzy.

“Yo, Princess, be careful!” A guy said. He had large gauges and grey eyes. One eye was white. I could see the outline of the contact lense on his eye. He pushed back my head back onto the armrest of the couch. “My name’s Josh Balz, but call me Balz.” I smirked and chuckled quietly.

“Okay, Balz. Can you introduce me to these tall giants in front of me?” He chuckled lightly. The other three males forcibly laughed.

“Well that’s Ronnie,” he pointed to the male with the brownish black eyes and wavy black hair. “That’s Andy.” He gestured to the blue eyed cutie with the Batman shirt and ripped up skinny’s. “And that’s Chris.” He gestured to the last male. He was the one with the chocolate brown eyes and the perfectly drawn eyebrows. He wore a loose t-shirt with black skinny’s. He looked a little uncomfortable with the awkwardness in the room. I sat up, slower this time.

“Well nice to meet you four. I have a feeling there are more of you, aren’t there?” Andy awkwardly scratched the back of his head. He nodded. All of a sudden, the door slammed open, making all of us jump. Nine more boys came through the door. The last boy was the quietest and closed the door without a sound. The guys all stopped their ruckus when they noticed me.

“So um… Who’s she?” The shyest one asked. He had messy half blonde half black hair.

“This is Princess Snow. Snow, Ashley, Jinxx, Jake, CC, Ryan, Ricky, Ghost and Kuza.” Josh Balz said pointing to each.

“Who called dibs?” Ashley asked. It was silent for a minute. “I call them, then.” Ashley said with a playboy smirk. I smirked back.

“Sorry, hunny, it ain’t happening.” I said. Everyone laughed at Ashley’s fake pout and fake sadness.

“So Princess. How’d you get here of all places?” The one I think was named Ricky asked.

“Um I ran away.” I told them quietly. A few guys looked surprised. Andy handed me a bottle of water. I broke the seal and took off the cap drinking about half of it in one gulp. Chris looked surprised, but it quickly faded.

“That’s quite a nasty bruise on your head, Snow. How’d you get it?” Chris asked raising one of his perfect eyebrows. I blushed lightly.

“Oh um… I tripped and fell...into a tree.” I said getting quieter with every word. Ashley started to laugh but got an elbow in the gut by Jinxx. Jake tsked a bit and walked into another room. He came back a little bit later with an ice pack.

“Here. Looks like you’re gonna need it.” He pointed to my shoulder where a large purple bruise was forming. I hissed in pain as he gently rested it on my shoulder. He looked at me sadly. Chris’ eyes followed the rest of my body, seeing all the scratches and bumps on my battered and bruised body. He whispered something to Kuza who looked at me, seeing all the flaws too. Kuza disappeared into a different room. Chris said something to Andy and Ronnie, who looked, nodded, and left pulling the rest of the guys out of the room. Kuza gave Chris the first aid kit and pulled Balz out of the room. Chris came over to me, sitting on the floor.

“Do you mind? Um, you’re sorta bleeding…”

“Oh shit.” I said seeing the bleeding cuts and scratches. “Um no I uh don’t mind.” I told him.He pulled out bandages and the hydrogen peroxide.

“Um I think this would be easier if we went into the bathroom.” Chris said awkwardly. He put the shit back in the first aid kit again. “Can you walk?” I went to stand but was hit by a spell of dizziness and a little bit of nausea. I shook my head, falling back on the couch. Chris sighed. He put the first aid kit in the other room, I think was the bathroom, then came back over to me. He put one arm around my back and the other under my knees. He carried me bridal-style to the room he put the first aid kit in. He turned on the light with his shoulder. The light flickered on above the mirror. Some black makeup littered the side of the counter by the sink. Chris placed me down so I sat on the counter, the makeup pushed back behind me. He took out the hydrogen peroxide and the bandages back out of the first aid kit. He put some peroxide on a cotton swab and started cleaning the scratches on my pale legs. I found myself admiring his face. He had snake bites with simple rings and a ring in the middle of his bottom lip. It was turned so only the beads and the top of the ring showed.

He moved on to clean my scraped up hands. The palms were pink and red with smeared blood. He cleaned all the dirt from the cuts. He then placed a Hello Kitty bandage on my cut up palms. I looked at him amused.

“They’re the last ones. They’re Ashley’s.” He said with a small smile. I shook my head smiling. I touched my lip where my lip piercing was but now it was just a sore dot.

“Aw shit.” I said. I looked down at the floor and around but couldn’t spot the little red ring anywhere.

“What’s the matter, Snow?” Chris asked, looking at me concerned.

“My lip ring is gone!” He kinda smirked. He pushed open my legs and opened the cabinet below. He gave me a little basket. Inside was a shit ton of lip rings for snake bites: simple rings, some with beads, some with horns, some with etchings, simple lip studs with gems or a bead on the end, and at the bottom of the bin was a red ring with a rose bead on one end and on the other end was a bead with a leaf etching. I smiled.

“Can I use this one?” Chris nodded. I twisted off the leaf bead and put the ring in my lip. “So much better.” I said flicking back and forth. Chris smiled flicking one of his the same way.

“Better?” Chris asked. I nodded. I used his shoulders as support as I got off the counter. I stood up to his shoulders.

“Thank you. For bringing me here and for cleaning me up.” I said to Chris, looking up slightly to talk to him. He waved it off, putting away the kit, bandages, and peroxide. He led me back into the livingroom.

“Are you hungry, Snow?” Chris asked me. I shyly nodded. My stomach growled making Chris chuckle. He led me into a different room. A fridge right in front of us. Chris disappeared to the left and reappeared with a bag of chips and a Mountain Dew. I smiled shyly as he handed them to me.

“Thanks.” He waved it off again. He led me back to the hard couch.

“I’ll go get the others.” He said. “Make yourself comfortable.” I nodded, laying down on the couch. He smiled shaking his head as I spread myself out. He disappeared out a different door. There are so many doors in this room. I opened my Mountain Dew taking a sip. It instantly soothed my still sore throat. I opened the bag of chips, the smell alone, so tempting. I had eaten half the bag of chips and finished my can of Mountain Dew by the time Chris came back with Andy and Balz. Balz had angel bites, I just noticed. Andy had a lip ring and a nose ring.

Chris picked up my legs, sat under them, and put them in his lap. Andy did the same with my feet. Balz laid down on the floor below all us, laying on Chris’ and Andy’s feet.

“My feet!” Andy said kicking Balz’s legs off of his feet. Chris just shrugged.

“So Princess. Why did you run away?” Balz asked putting his hands behind his head.

“My father wanted me to marry this ass of a prince. So I ran away after my step mother decided to try and kill me so her daughter would get the crown.” I explained to them. Chris’ jaw dropped along with Andy’s and Balz’s.

“Shiiiittt.” Was the only response from Balz. The other two only nodded their heads slowly.

“So how many other princesses are there? I mean, like, ones like you?” Andy asked me. I took a second to think about it.

“Um I really don’t know.” I told him truthfully.

“Well how many other princesses are there?” Balz asked.

“Um well there’s… Cinderella… Jasmine… Ariel… um… ummm… Anastasia…….. ummmm… I think that’s it…” I said. “I never really met any of the other princesses except for Jasmine. She was the only one I knew personally and she told me of the others. But that was years ago so I don’t know how many there are anymore.”

“How many do you think would rebel up?” Andy asked. Chris and Balz nodded.

“Ariel and Jasmine seem like the only ones who would go completely… the others might though.” I shrugged. The door slammed open and in came Ronnie, Kuza, Ricky, Ashley, Jinxx, Jake, and Ryan. Devin and Devin followed behind them.

“Movie time!” CC yelled making Devin flinch.

Kuza and Ricky plopped down on the loveseat. Ryan sat in a beanbag chair. Devin sat down on the floor quietly while Jake, Ronnie and CC crashed to the floor. Jinxx shook his head settling in the chair on the other side of the room. Ricky put in a horror movie. The movie wasn’t very scary. Chris rested his hands on my knees. You could tell when he jumped because his hands would tense up then relax again. I chuckled everytime he jumped. He glared at me from the corner of his eyes.

“I can feel the sexual tension from here,” Jinxx muttered looking at Chris and I. I blushed and turned my attention to the movie once more. All the other guys chuckled except for Chris. Chris muttered something under his breath.

“I’m hungry.” Jake yelled. Half of the guys jumped then chuckled nervously.

“Chicken wings!”

“Pizza!” Jake and Ricky argued. Chris looked over at the guys, shaking his head.

“Guys! GUYS! We have a guest and she should choose!”Andy yelled at the two.

“Well um I’ve never have had either so…” I muttered the end of my sentence. Everyone of the guys looked at me like I was crazy.

“Okay! Ricky, you and Ryan go get some Chicken wings. CC and Jake, go get some pizza. Let’s teach Princess what it’s like to be a real rebel teen.” Ronnie said with a large grin on his face. I blushed lightly.

“How bout some tats, piercings and hair dye?” Jake asked.

“Right. Devin and I will go get that.” Andy said standing up and pulled Devin to his feet. Devin turned a light pink but it quickly faded. I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Either Devin is bisexual or… he’s gay. Who knows, cause I certainly don’t.

“What color?” A shy voice asked me. I looked up a little surprised. It was Devin. I cocked my head in confusion. “What color do you want your hair?” Devin asked restating his question. I pondered for a moment.

“Blue but it’s black.” I said. Devin nodded, knowing what I meant. He, CC, Andy, Jake, Ricky and Ryan left out the door.

“We can bring you to get tats tomorrow.” Chris said. I nodded. Balz came over and studied my face. I raised an eyebrow. He snapped his fingers, pointing at me.

“An eyebrow bar. That’s what you need.” Balz said causing me to look at him weirdly. I slowly nodded my head just going with it. Chris shook his head at Balz.

“Okay if you say so, Balz.” Balz cheered then turned back to the tv. Chris’ thumb rubbed circles on my exposed knee, causing little tingles in my kneecap.

The other guys didn’t return until the movie was over. Devin carried a bag, while Ryan, Ricky, Jake and CC all carried huge boxes. Boxes of ‘chicken wings’ and ‘pizza’. Andy carried nothing.

Devin motioned for me to follow him. He led me to the bathroom.

“I saw the look you gave me. And I’m bisexual.” He told me. I nodded, his words solving my confusion.

“That makes a lot of sense.” He shrugged. “Do the other guys know?”

“Only CC.” He blushed a bit making me awe. He quickly made the blush drain from his face.

“You like him.” I fangirled quietly. He rolled his eyes, turning a little pink and he smiled lightly.

“Okay enough of that, we need to dye this mop you call hair.” I looked at him unamusingly.

2 hours later………………

We finally washed out the remaining dye. My hair was now blueish black and it looked so cool. Since my hair was already black, it didn’t look much different but Devin decided to straighten my hair and that’s when I noticed he had other shit in the bag.

“Are you giving me a full makeover, Dev?” He nodded with a grin on his face. I sighed. Devin disappeared out the door and came back with two plates, one with pizza and the other with chicken wings. I started eating the food called pizza as Devin tried to arrange makeup to put on me. He found some red lipstick and black eyeliner. He pulled out also some smoke gray eyeshadow. Devin pulled the clothes out of the bag. It was an AC/DC tank top and black skinny jeans. He put an array of jewelry and belts in front of me as I ate. I pointed out the ones I wanted to wear. He lastly pulled out a pair of black converse. I grinned looking down at my red beat up and torn converse.

“I’ll leave you to get dressed.” He said taking the plates with him. I wanted my pizza. I quickly got dressed and put on the jewelry and makeup as best as I could. Devin came back in with raised eyebrows. He fixed the belt so it wasn’t in the belt loops and my tank top was under it. He fixed my eyeliner making it thicker and with a small wing. He backed up, fixing my outfit. He looked it over admiring his work. He surprisingly got me almost the correct sizes. It was a weird and scary thought but placed it to the back of my mind. He took out my hair ribbon, replacing it with a bandana. He nodded and led me back to the other guys who were talking and eating. Devin cleared his throat with no success of getting their attention. He stepped in front of me.

“HEY!” He yelled, the loudest I ever heard him say anything. All the guys turned toward us only seeing him. He stepped aside, revealing my new look. All the guys were surprised at Devin’s yell were now jaw dropped surprised. Chris looked the most surprised, making sure to capture every detail of me. I blushed at all the attention.

“Damn.” Chris muttered.

“You look-wow.” Ronnie said, speechless. Jake looked between his pizza and me.

“I can’t tell which is more attractive: the food to my appetite, or Snow with my eyes.” All the guys awkwardly laughed. Everyone tried to focus their eyes back on their food except for Chris and CC. CC’s attention wasn’t focused on me though. It was focused on Devin who looked a little flustered. I gathered as much courage as I could, and pushed Devin toward CC. I shoved Devin so he tripped and fell on CC. Everyone’s attention was now focused on the blushing two.

Devin’s POV

Holy shit. Remind me to kill Snow later.

Just holy fucking shit. I fucking landed on CC, our faces mere centimeters. I couldn’t think with his lips so close to mine.

I’m in so fucking deep.


Snow looked at us and finally shoved Devin onto me. Devin’s face quickly turned pink as I felt mine heat up. His eyes were surprised and a little bit panicked. I wouldn’t be surprised if my eyes were the same.

“CC.” Devin said quietly. I nodded, feeling myself leaning in. He got off of me. I quickly leaned back figuring he didn’t feel the same. I mean I knew he was bi but probably not for me. I mean he’s shy and handsome and I’m just...CC. He’s perfect and I’m not. Why would he like me?

Devin gestured for me to follow him upstairs. He led me to his room. Unlike the rest of us, him and Chris got rooms to themselves.

“I really like you, CC.” Was the first thing out of his mouth. I felt like my heart leapt from my chest. Holy fucking shit. I tried to resist the urge to kiss him. The key word: tried.

His lips molded with mine. Holy shit, was running through my head as butterflies and nuclear bombs went off in my stomach. My hands rested on his soft cheeks as his hands went into my hair. I groaned as I pulled away. Devin’s eyes were wide with surprise. Both our faces flustered, lips swollen but I could tell we were thinking the same thing.

Holy fucking shit.

Snow’s POV

As CC and Devin disappeared upstairs, Chris’ undying attention seemed to fade a bit. His eyes would flicker from me to his food, trying to hide that he couldn’t help but stare at me.

“You look beautiful.” Chris whispered in my ear when I finally sat next to him. I blushed and mumbled a quick thank you as I took a chicken wing from his plate. He looked at his plate, back at me, then to his place once more, noticing the missing wing. He raised a perfectly drawn eyebrow. I gave him a grin and a wink before setting the bare bone on his plate. He playfully glared at me but shrugged before eating another wing. Josh saw me steal one from Chris and he quickly protected his plate of wings. I laughed before taking a piece of pizza from the box. Jake smiled at me before taking the rest of the box making the rest of us laugh.

CC and Devin came down with hidden smiles on their faces. CC and Devin sat back down like nothing happened. It of course made the rest of us raise an eyebrow, drawn, pencilled in, or natural. CC and Devin looked at each other from time to time. I was fangirling inside but didn’t let it show. It was so cute. There was a knock on the door. Andy got up questionly. He came back with an unconscious girl in his arms.

“Oh shit. Jasmine!” I said, my eyes wide. She had multiple bruises on her. Many looked like handprints. That fuckface Jafar better not of abused her. We cleared the couch. Ronnie, Ryan, Devin, CC, Jinxx, Jake, Ashley, and Balz went upstairs. Chris got the first aid kit, Andy got her laying down comfortably and I made sure she didn’t shift too much. Chris went to get her water and food for when she wakes up. Andy looked down at the girl with particular interest. I tried to hide my smile.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” Andy asked me. I nodded. She shifted her head, turning it toward Andy. Her eyes fluttered open.

“Well hello.” She muttered with a raspy voice. Chris came in handing her a bottle of water.

She took it and took little sips until it was gone.

“Hello Snow. Which of these handsome guys have you claimed?” Jasmine asked. I blushed.

“Oh um… none…” Jasmine slowly nodded. She went to sit up. Andy helped her. She gave him a grateful smile.

“So I only know Snow. Who are the rest of ya’s?”

“Well there are more of us upstairs but I’m Andy and that’s Chris.” Jasmine nodded.

“Can I ask a favor of you, Chris?” Chris shrugged then nodded. “Don’t let her go.” She pointed to me. “She’s one of a kind. She truly is.” Chris and I both blushed.

“I didn’t plan on it.” Chris said looking at me with a shy smile. I blushed a darker red. Jasmine smiled.

“Well bring out the other guys. If they’re as handsome as you two fellas, I’m fucked.” Jasmine said. Andy and Chris forced a chuckle. I didn’t even attempt one. Andy went upstairs, skipping two steps every time. Him and his long fucking giraffe legs. A few minutes later, CC, Devin, Balz, Ricky, Ryan and Jinxx came down somewhat calmly. Jake, Ashley and Kuza came down like a herd of elephants. Andy came back down last.

“Yep I’m screwed.” I heard Jasmine mutter. She reached into her pocket pulling out a pack of cigarettes and her cell phone. “Anyone got a lighter?” Jasmine asked. Ronnie, Kuza, Ricky, and Ryan pulled out their lighters. Jasmine took Andy’s Motley Crue lighter and sat down outside on the porch. Andy and Ricky went out for a smoke.

“So the new girl…” Balz asked.

“Jasmine.” I told him. He slowly nodded.

“Princess?” I slowly nodded. He nodded and went to the kitchen.

“Okay guys!” Andy said, a butt still in his mouth. “This is Princess Jasmine. She’ll be staying in my room with Snow while Jinxx and I sleep in here.” Andy took another drag. “That cool?” Everyone nodded. He clapped twice and pointed to the stairs. Jake, Ryan and Kuza went up first followed by CC, Devin, Chris, and Ashley then me, Jasmine and Ronnie. We entered Andy’s and Jinxx’s room to find one half completely decked out in Batman, the other half guitars. It was really easy to tell whose side was who’s. Jasmine settled in on Andy’s bed. I sat on Jinxx’s bed, to feel bad for him.

“Jasmine? Do you feel bad for taking his bed?” She thought about it for a minute then nodded. I went back downstairs with Jasmine on my tail. Andy was sprawled out on the couch while Jinxx tried to get comfy on his chair. “Jinxx, go to bed. I’ll sleep down here.” Jinxx opened his mouth to protest but only shut it after I pointed to the stairs. He sighed and went up to bed. Jasmine had to drag Andy upstairs. She never did come back down though. I settled on the leather couch with a comfy white pillow under my head and only my ripped sweater to cover my arms and legs. I could hear footsteps come down the stairs. A light switch was turned on. Light flooded the living room. I could hear a heavy sigh as the male carried me upstairs bridal-style. I peeked opened my eyes to see Chris was carrying me. He carried me with ease to his room. I was settled down on the bed and soon I was out like a light.

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