Past Lovers (Louis x Human! Hybrid! OC x Legosi)


A new and unique member joins the drama club and unbeknownst to the rest of the members she has a history with the lead actor. //The character is not new to the school just to the drama club. I do not own the Beastars manga nor anime

Romance / Drama
Bunny 🐰
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“Dudes check it out! Wolf-girl joined the club!” Bill the Bengal Tiger whisper shouted, pointing to the student who walked in.

“I have a name, Bill, Aimi,” the hybrid said, looking over at him.

“Oh? That’s a pretty name,” Bill said, walking over to her. Aimi looked up at Bill and backed away.

“Thank you, I’m not interested,” Aimi said, moving away from him. “I volunteered to be a part of the art department. Where is that?”

“In the back. You’ll run into a peafowl there,” Bill said, pointing to the back of the drama club room.

“Okay, thanks,” Aimi said, walking toward the back, walking to a peafowl.

“Oh, hello,” The peafowl said.

“Hi, is this the art department?” Aimi asked the peafowl.

“Yes it is! You must be Aimi, I’m Dom,” he said happily.

“Yes, I am,” Aimi said happily, her bushy gray tail wagging behind her a little with joy.

“It’s nice to meet you! Welcome to the art department!” Dom said.

“Glad to be here, so is there anything you want me to help with right now?” Aimi asked.

“Well, Legosi might need some help with lighting. He always needs a second opinion,” Dom said.

“Okay, which one is Legosi?” Aimi asked, looking around. She didn’t notice someone walking up behind her.

“I’m Legosi,” a male voice said, sounding like it was above Aimi. Aimi looked up to see a tall gray wolf towering over her.

“Oh, hello,” Aimi said, looking up at him.

“Hi. The lights are up on a balcony. Follow me,” Legosi said, turning around with his large hands in his pockets. Aimi waved to Dom and turned to follow Legosi. The two traveled up to the balcony, where Legosi showed her the different spotlights and explained them.

“Those look neat,” Aimi said, looking at the lights. “I’ve never worked with stage lights before, so this should be fun.”

“That’s good that you’re having fun. You don’t seem stressed about not knowing. Anyway, I’ll need help setting them up before rehearsal and taking some down after,” Legosi said.

“Well you can count on me, Legosi,” Aimi said, wagging her tail a little. Legosi looked down at her and nodded.

“Great to know,” Legosi said, before showing her how to set the lights up for rehearsal.

~After rehearsal~

Aimi helped Legosi take the lights down, seeming to have a little trouble holding the heavy light.

“Sorry, I forgot that you’re not as strong as I am,” Legosi said, helping her set the light down.

“It’s fine. It’s better than you seeing me as a freak like most people do,” Aimi said.

“People see you as a freak?” Legosi asked cluelessly.

“All hybrids are kind of considered freaks, but not as bad as I am. I don’t let it bother me though,” Aimi smiled a little to hide her sadness. “You don’t get far if you just lay down and take the bullying.”

“I guess that’s true,” Legosi said, scratching his face a little. “But don’t you have friends who stick up for you?”

“Nope, herbivores are afraid of me because of my wolf side, and carnivores don’t wanna deal with me because of my human side. I just don’t fit in,” Aimi said, before shrugging a little. “I haven’t had friends since freshman year,” Aimi said.

“Must be hard,” Legosi said, finishing up the lights.

“I guess, but I’ve had to grow up this way, so it’s nothing new to me,” Aimi said, brushing it off a little.

“Well it’s all done. Let’s head down,” Legosi said.

“Okay,” Aimi said, before climbing down from the balcony. The two grabbed their bags, then headed out the door. The sun had just finished setting, leaving the sky slightly dark. “Crap...well I guess this is where we part ways,” Aimi said, looking up at Legosi.

“Yeah, or I could walk you to your dorm,” Legosi offered.

“Um...I think I’ll be okay. Since I’m different I can’t stay in either dorm for girls. So I have my own little area somewhat away from campus,” Aimi said, looking down.

“Oh, okay...well then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then. Bye,” Legosi said, walking away.

“Bye, Legosi, thanks for being so nice,” Aimi said, watching him walk away. ‘I hate watching you leave, but I couldn’t bear you knowing that I have nowhere to sleep at night. I don’t wanna worry you or anyone...’ she thought to herself, before walking the opposite direction to an empty bench. She pulled out a sleeping bag from her backpack, replacing it with her shoes. She climbed into the sleeping bag, pulling it up to her shoulders. She laid down on the bench in the sleeping bag, using her arm as a pillow. “Please don’t let the attacker come out tonight...” she begged quietly, before she closed her eyes and began dozing off, falling asleep to the soft chirping of crickets.

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