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Disney Labs Rules


You've been hired to work at Disney Labs, where all your favorite Disney characters came to life! However, there are rejections that have to be kept under lock and key... and they hired you to make sure they don't escape. Can you do it?

Horror / Thriller
Charles Partridge
Age Rating:

Dealing with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy

Hiya pal! Welcome to Disney Labs! This is where all your childhood Disney characters over the years came to life!
Unfortunately, the rejected models are locked away in an underground facility underneath the lab. Luckily for you, you get to make sure these rejected characters don't escape and kill- I mean- suck the Disney magic out of you!

You'll be guarding three rejected characters, which will be Rejected Goofy, Rejected Donald Duck, and Rejected Mickey Mouse!

Rules for Rejected Goofy:

1) Make sure you hear his laugh. If you hear his laugh, that means he's in his cell.

2) If you hear, "Gawrsh", and then hear him laugh, then that means he's escaped. Don't worry, his IQ is like his perfect counterpart, so just play a random sound in his cell by playing a tape recorder over the intercom.

Rules for Rejected Donald Duck:

1) Like his perfect counterpart, he has the same temper, only he can kill you with one punch. Make sure there's only calming music playing in his cell.

2) If you only hear silence and you hear grumbling that sounds like low quacking, then that means the music has been turned off. You only have one minute to turn the music back on, otherwise, that grumbling will turn into screaming quacks.

3) If you hear screaming quacks, that means it's too late, as he'll break through the glass and kill you in his blind rage.

Rules for Rejected Mickey Mouse:

1) Rejected Mickey is the most dangerous, as he can teleport anywhere. Luckily, his cell has been made to where he can't teleport outside. But sometimes, his cell can... fail... sometimes.

2) You'll know it's failed when you hear "Steamboat Willie" being whistled. If you hear the whistling, hide. It won't help, but it'll at least give you time to pray to whatever god you believe in.

3) If he's close, you'll hear him say, "Oh boy!"

4) If he's found you, he'll say, "Hiya, Pal!" before swiftly killing you.

Well, that's it! Follow those rules, and... maybe... you'll survive. Other than that, you start tomorrow! See ya real soon!
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