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Red Hood: Under the Knight's Hood

By AJ Styles

Drama / Action


"Anyone can die. We're all human. Even you. Do you see it?"

Scarecrow looked at his hand, the one holding the gun, and he saw a small red laser dot centred on it, "Fuck you Crane." The owner of the red dot whispered.

An instant later he heard the soft puff of a silencer and the gun fell from his hand. Then puff went off again, this time the red dot had aimed at one of Bruce's wrist restraints. Bruce looked to wards the balcony, and he saw a man in a full suit, with a red helmet, almost like a hood met his gaze. With a quick nod the hooded man walked off, into the twisting asylum corridor's, now a new man for the fourth time in his life. The only noise that could be heard from the room he had saved his father from, was the screaming of Scarecrow. Screams of fear. For the first time in four years and six months, the hooded man felt free again.

Finally he could continue what Bruce had told him, but his own way, and under his own name. Robin was years ago for him, and the Arkham Knight, that was a time Jason had grown to resent over the few hours since he had given it up. He needed a new name, one that the criminals would be scared of, but one that had no relation to the Bat. He pulled off the suit's mask, letting his black hair feel the wind as he walked out the Asylum doors. He looked at the mask in his hand as he walked. The red mask that looked like a hood. He let it bubble in his mind for a few moment's as he walked down the road, a few police cars zipping past him, paying him no attention as they saw the bat logo on his chest. He liked the name that swirled in his head. He found his identity. The Red Hood.

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