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Star Wars: The lone padawan


Set 1000 years before the movies. In the Star Wars universe, follow the adventures of padawan Zaare Morrow as he travels through an era full of pirates, Sith, Holy emperors, bounty hunters and etc​... I am the balancing force that keeps things in total order .The universe is in total balance. The light and the dark side, they cannot live without the other. Tell me young padawan, What use is there of a candle if there is no darkness.

Scifi / Action
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The Chosen

Prologue: A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

A time when peace was millions of parsecs away, the reign of the Sith has continued to desecrate the worlds and strike fear to the universe. The only hope for the universe is the Jedi knights, but their battles have reached a stalemate. Jedi Master Mok Kito suggest looking for the legendary living embodiment of the balance in the force. To help with their situation. Meanwhile, other forces believe in the same...

In the heart of Coruscant, a Master, and his padawan finish their training.

" I give up I can’t take it anymore, he is the most insufferable student I have taken on, ” said the great Jedi master Tenni koon, a guarri. He was a minuscule male with a long tail beard, a huge forehead and deep dark eyes.

“Find yourself a new master” angrily shouted the imp as he left storming away the training arena. Beyond the shadows, Master Mok Kito watched as the Padawan was on his knees breaking into tears.

" GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Ah hah” tears of joy filled the young padawan, a young male in his teens, blonde flowing hair with Caucasian skin. Bearing the blue markings on his cheeks, a common trait of his species known as the Barkhaneenans from the planet Barkhan.

" Zaare.... what is going on?” whispered Mok behind him. The padawan panics and jumps from the ground.

" ZAARE WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?!!!” The master yells to the top of his voice and the padawan crawls the ground in panic.

“That was your seventh master this rotation, what is wrong with these Jedi I present you,” asked the frustrated Mok

" There not my master,” said Zaare with his head to the ground. he starts to tighten his grip.

" There is only one person I call my master... AND THAT’S MY MASTER KOL!” Zaare raised his head with tears in his eyes, the emotions of his master fills his head.

" This isn't the proper way of a Jedi Zaare; I feel the anger and regret that you have for your fallen master. He used to speak so highly of you, even refer to you as his little brother.” Said Mok, remorseful knowing the young child had lost his master my years ago.

“But without the proper master Zaare, you’ll never achieve knighthood.”

“so what... I’ll rather be a padawan forever.”

" Don’t be a fool.”

" hehe, sorry but being a fool is part of the Zaare package. So send as many masters as you want but unless Kol comes back from the dead, then I guess this padawan will stay a padawan.” Zaare stares intensely at Mok.

" Fine if you gonna be like that, I have a mission for you and Tenni, but since you chased him off, then I guess you are doing it alone.”

" I’m going on a mission by myself? ALRIGHT!” said gleefully, the padawan jumped up and down as the mood of the room changed dramatically.

" listen carefully okay,” the place went silently as Mok cleared his voice.

" You need to...”

" Yeah yeah,” said Zaare with sparkles in his eye.

" You need...”

" Yeah???”

" you need to get me these scraps from the planet Zoh” said Mor. Immediately Zaare fell to the ground, and his excitement turned to boredom.

" What that sounds like chores.”

" Chores or fighting, it’s still a mission,” sarcastically said Mor as Zaare went over the list.

" It’s gonna take forever for me to get these even with the force” Zaare announced as he gasped in shock how long the list truly was.”

“Well you better hurry young one,” Mok said with a smile. Zaare raced to his cruiser, his chosen droid A1- E5 accompany him on his journey. As the duo leaves on their journey, Mok waves his hand goodbye to Zaare while Zaare returns the wave with a mean look out of frustration.

“Sir, an emergency meeting in the main hall request your presence immediately,” A guard dressed in gold Coruscant armour arrived in a hurry.

" Yes of course” Mok replies as he follows the guard to the meeting hall. Meanwhile Traveling through space, Zaare starts to complain to his droid about the problems he faces in the temple.

" They have no faith in me A1, I mean I’m already stronger than most of the padawans and their stupid masters,” Zaare angrily explains to his droid through the com.

" Beep Beep” replied AI

" I know right, and another thing is those stupid rules of theirs, I mean I brought a plant once to put in my room, and Master Gonga whipped out his lightsaber and slashed it half.”

“Beep Boop”

" I tell you A1, the rules have yet to save my life once,” said Zaare as he sets coordinates for Zoh. HE punches the coordinates but they start to spin out of control, and the stir starts pointing them to the opposite way.

" A1 are you doing this?!” screamed Zaare in confusion.

" Boop boop beeeeeeeeeeppppp?!!!” replied A1 in confusion as well. the two engage hyper speed and are transported directly towards a black hole, and the steer pushes them straight towards it.

" No no, no A1 turn us around NOW!!!” A1 and Zaare scream in terror as they go straight into the black hole. Back in the temple, a meeting took place.

" I ask how we can fight the rising number Sith Lords?” The whole Jedi council and present Jedi watched as the Master temple guardian brought up the schematics of the Sith controlled star systems.

“Not only are they conjuring a full-scale army from droids but there is also word of their leaders the High Sith Emperors surveying the battlefront. I ask the council how we shall confront this matter?” the master guard asks the room full of Jedi.

" We are in quite the predicament,” stated a Jedi master to another quietly. Mok overhears this and starts to worry over this discerning topic.

" Ugh... where am I???” Zaare feeling very woozy and confused awakes to find him not dead but instead him, A1 and his ship entirely intact on a dark and quiet forest

" Where are we A1?” Zaare questioned the little droid who was unharmed but rather sitting on Zaare’s lap.

" Beep bop.”

“What do you mean not in the database. The Jedi have every planet listed in the uni....AAAAAGGHHH???!!!” Zaare instantly stopped and screamed. Two wolves appeared before Zaare and AI. One very ferocious, disappear into dust and reappears in different places. This one was pure black with one long red scar on its eye, it conjures lighting around its fur and sparks up its teeth. The other was pure white and shine incredibly blinding light around it, and it also makes tiny stone float around it.

“Stay back!” Zaare pulls out his bright blue lightsaber swinging it around to stop the beasts from attacking him. As he starts swinging, the crystals start reacting to his blade and changes from blue to red.

" is it him” whispered a faint voice,

" No, it can’t be.”

“It is not him sister

“Yes, brother feel his aura.”

“Yes, he is different.” The voices are continuing to surround Zaare and A1 but now he hears their voices in his mind.

" Who’s out there?” Zaare screams as he can’t see in the pitch black of night. The wolves start glaring more intensely at Zaare. They focus only on him.

" It’s you guys, you’re the voices in my head. Wow, I can’t believe I’m talking to a two wolves, okay let’s pretend this isn’t completely stupid, what do you want?” Zaare holds A1 tightly and points his lightsaber at both of the wolves.

“Don’t worry child of the force.”

“Yes don’t worry.”

“He is here.”

“Yes, everything is okay now.”

“Who???” Zaare looks in confusion before he could speak the crystals stop changing and one side turns red next to the dark wolf and Otherside turns blue next to the light wolf. The ground starts shaking, and the trees ahead start falling. Zaare gasps in amazement at the greatness of the scenery. A Huge beast, 12 feet long, large fangs and two large antlers. It was pure grey with green vines and moss on the top of its back, and it has an enormous black beard with features of that of a bull. In fear, A1 jumps out of Zaare’s arms and runs behind the cruiser, leaving Zaare stunned. The beast looks intently at Zaare while the two wolves bow down to it.

" wha...what are you?!” Zaare stutters in shock as he stares in full detail of the beast’s appearance. It rose its head and spoke

" I am the Ooolong, I am the one would balance the force. I keep the darkness in total equilibrium.

" The Ooolong” repeated Zaare as he was still in shock.


He was shocked. Crawling in the greatness of the majesticOoolong,Zaare was completely terrified but yet proud that he was being addressed by the embodiment of the force itself.

" What do you mean by chosen one,” softly askedZaare in confusion.

" You are the child of the force, the chosen one,” The mightyOoolong raised his head and approachedZaare.Zaare immediately crawled back and fell to his core.

" Me, I’m nobody,”Zaare said while cowering in the greatness of theOoolong.

" There is no mistake child of the force, you were drawn to this place; it called out to you.”

" Where are we anyway?” askedZaare as he turned around and surveyed the area. The world was unlike anything he had ever seen; the world was literally upside down. The land is formed into gigantic earth spheres, and the sky was half purple and red. The was intoxicating; even little A1 couldn’t function well under the enormous pressure.

" This world is the origin of the universe when the universe has created the energy of that great power was split into two and spread across the universe. Surrounding everything it came across, this power became the Force, and the two opposing forces became the light and the darkness. This planet, like me, is what is left from that massive explosion. The PlanetMithrel, and I theOoolong are the middle and balancing point of the force.”

" What? But what does this got to do with me?”

" Your are the child of the force, created by the force itself.”

“That not possible, I have a mother.”

“Yes, but who is your father, young one?” Asked the mightyOoolong,Zaare bowed his head down with uncertainty.

" My Mom never told me about my dad, she said he died when I was young.”

" That is alie child.”

“No, it’s not, she would never lie to me.”

" Search your feelings child, you know it to be true.”

" Then what am I???” TheOoolong stood tall and step firmly towardsZaare, the two wolves growled and moved in.

" You are the chosen one. Created for one purpose....


The greatOoolong let out a mighty roar that shook the planet itself, and the wolves pounced.Zaare reignited his lightsaber in fear and jumped off the floor, the wolves started circling the young padawan carefully studying his moves. Waiting for a time to strike

" What are they doing?!” shoutedZaare in fear, he carefully turning back to forth with his lightsaber to see if one would attack him.

" This is your test, I have kept these two in check for millennium. The wolves are Raza and Rayner. The brother of infinite darkness and the sister of divine light, they are the embodiment of the dark and light sides of the force. Only the chosen one can keep these two at bay. This is your test child of the force.” Said theOoolong as it retreated to observe the fight.

" Oh, that just great... just great!”Zaare sarcastically said as he kept his blade up in defense. Raza electrified his fur and lets a demonic growl out.Zaare immediately put his guard up and follows Raza’s movements as he disappears and reappears in different locations. Rayner ignites her light and blindsZaare for a tempory moment which allows Raza to scratch and disarm Zaare of his lightsaber.

" Aaagh!... stay back I’m warning you two... I mean,” saysZaare in agony. His arms are gravely injured by the beasts, three huge gushing cuts on his arm. The pain was unbearable for him, include the extra kick of the electricity, causingZaare to get numb all over. The wolves start to move closer towardsZaare, with nothing to defend himself he runs back to his ship, but Rayner blocks his path.

" Stop... stop,”Zaare begs in agony as the two siblings close in for the kill.

" This whole planet is the living force if you can’t see that then you aren’t the chosen one,” yelled theOoolong in anger.Zaare notices that the two always remain on opposites on his side and release the meaning.

" LISTEN YOU MUTTS I SAID STOP!!!!”Zaare voice turned into a sinister deep tone, he raised his hands and the ground started to shake. The clouds created a vortex and sky turned pitch black, he raised his left hand and lifted Rayner then Lifted Raza with his right. His eyes had turned black and his pupil became a bright yellow. TheOoolong watched in amazement as the padawan controlled and restricted both beasts.

“NOW SIT!!!”Zaare commanded them, both sobbed like helpless pups and gavein to his power.

" See you controlled bothentity, you are the chosen one.” Spoke theOoolong in great confidence,Zaare took a breath and everything returned to normal.

“What does this mean, ami suppose to stay here and look after your pets? I don’t want that.”

Zaare stared directly at theOoolong, showing he was no longer afraid of the beast.

" Your troubles do not start here child, you must balance the force once again by defeating the sith.” saidOoolong as he points towards Rayner.

" Rayner power is weakening thanks to the rise in sithactivity, if one were to get stronger than the other would cause an imbalance. This would result in the stronger sibling killing the other.“” Wait but wouldn’t it be good if the light won and therewas no moresiths?” Asked the confusedZaare.

" Does a candle need to be lit without darkness?” SaidOoolong as he pointed at both wolves.

" What does that mean?”Zaare scratched his head pondering over the question. The two wolves both returned back to their respective Caves and theOoolong started to retreat back to theforrest.

" Wait...were are you going.”

" In time, all the answers will come.”

" WAIT!”Zaare shouted and ran out but theOoolong disappeared in the forest.Zaare stood and paused trying to understand what had happened tohim, before he could react his body became numb. The lids of his eyes became heavy and all other senses became useless, his last glimpse was that of the clouds dispersing evenly throughout the half-end sky, both red and purple.

“Were am I?”Zaare awoke in his cruiser, the ship was in mid space on the exact route he intended. The ship was completely intact, even A1 was on and oblivious.

" Hey A1 do you remember anything?”

"Beeep-bop” repeated the Droid, he was calm and did not seem fazed. The droid had no recollection of the events that had occurred, it could have been a dream or a vision but for some reason it was all too real to Zaare. He returned to Courascant, only to be greeted by Mok Kito

" Mok your not gonna believe what just happened to me!” SaidZaare in pure excitement over the experience.

"Okay i just have to say one thing.”

" Yeah?”

" Did you...”

" Yeah yeah,”Zaare was bursting with excitement.

" Did you bring back any of the supplies I told you to get.” Asked Mok with his eye brow raised.

" Eh???”Zaare realised that he had completely forgotten about the supplies and returned with nothing. He gripped his fists and bit his lip and yelled to the top of his lungs.


Note: Tune in for the next chapter of Star wars: The Lone Padawan

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