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Those who wonder

By JenniferParks

Drama / Mystery


Everybody thinks bette is a trustworthy person and a good role model for the whole group of lesbians that surround her. Carmen has been left at the altar by shane. Bette has always been a serial cheater. Alice is about to go into prison claiming that she has been set up for the murder of Jenny. But another person is about to follow. Jenny is dead. The last season of the L word is about to be re-written.

chapter 1

Bette sat in a police station interrogation room, her hands on her head, head bent forward. They had just brought her in, as the second major suspect in the jenny Schechter case. There were two cops, one a man, another was a woman (but she was not the same woman who had been at the crime scene) sitting in front of her, they looked serious and determined.

“Bette, you are going into custody alongside alice, we have the tape and the message, so i suggest you start telling your story now. The whole truth” explained the woman cop

“But i didn’t do ANYTHING! For christ’s sake, i have a daughter i’ am leaving behind” cried bette

“Okay. Then tell us why it wouldn’t be you then” said the male cop and began the recording device beside them.

Bette held a hand to her forehead, looked left and right like a caged animal and then sighed “Okay. Alright i’ll tell you. I’m just very tired now”

>Flashback, Bette’s college years<

Bette was currently in the bedroom of her boyfriend who was lying in bed, half naked. He was smiling from ear to ear gladly and he had every right to be. He had just bedded the most attractive woman in college. Everybody had the name “Bette” on their lips. Bette who was an olive skinned African American woman with long jet black silky hair up in a tight bun on her head, thinly shaped black eyebrows, a long nose that did not spoil her appearance with lovely red lips was getting dressed, she wore black lacy lingerie and her boyfriend could not stop looking at her.

“So are we going steady then?” asked the guy

Bette (unbeknownst to the guy) rolled her eyes “Yeah sure. Sorry i have to go, see you soon” and putting on a wide pretend grin, she turned back to the guy and kissed him passionately and slowly.

Bette (who was now wearing a long leather black coat) walked across campus, it was slightly dark but the campus had a good number of lampposts, so that the student body could still see where they were going.

Bette was walking at a top speed; she knew that at any moment.....

“BETTE!” cried a male voice. Bette, again, rolled her eyes. She turned around and wasn’t surprised to see not one, but three tall muscled guys behind her.

“What is it now Johnny? I told you, we’re over!” cried bette

“So now you’re hooking up with wanker boy?” asked the guy

“Yes just hooking up. What. Just because i’ am a woman, i can’t do that?” asked bette

“No. It’s just – dark isn’t it babe” stammered the guy

“Goodnight John!” snapped bette and walked away. Her prolonged, serious, bold eye contact made it impossible for the guy, Johnny, to continue to follow her.

She shared her room with another female roommate, as bette snuck in, she saw her asleep in her bed. Bette went to the bathroom to freshen up; she checked the mirror (to see if there were any scars on her body etc) next she had a quick wash in the shower. When she came out of the shower, she jumped when she saw the young woman was awake; she had turned on the bedside lamp, on her side of the bed and was pretending to read a text on her phone.

“So my little bette is finally playing the game” said the girl

“Well, Kelly, you taught me well after all” replied bette pouting slightly

Kelly looked up smiling. She was a very attractive woman, just like bette, with shoulder length bright blonde hair, crystal blue eyes that sparkled with a “I-know-what-you-just-did” expression, clear pale flawless skin and a thin, glass figure body. At the moment her duvet was covering her lower half but Kelly pulled the duvet back showing bette her body “Come over here pet”

Bette smiled at Kelly and got undressed

As they cuddled, Kelly locked her fingers through bette’s “Did you kiss him?”

“Never, that was our agreement after all” said bette vehemently

“Good girl. Soon we will be finished with college. Then we will live together, somewhere in los angeles maybe” whispered Kelly and she leaned in to kiss bette on the forehead

“I saw John again today and i’m scared that this guy will pester me to make things official”

“Just ignore him bette!” snapped Kelly “Live freely, remember my motto. You told him the rules now he just has to live with it”


The girls spent that night together, naked, in each other’s arms.

>end flashback<

>flashback. Graduation day<

Bette and Kelly were sitting together like little girls on their dormitory bed. Bette was elated, she was dressed in graduation clothes and so was Kelly, who looked as beautiful as ever.

“Bette, bette. I have to speak to you about something” whispered Kelly biting her nails slightly

“But aren’t you happy?! We’ve done it. We’ve made it with good grades!” cried bette giddy with elation.

Kelly suddenly held bette’s hand tightly. Bette was immediately startled “What’s wrong Kelly? Are you alright?”

“Bette. You know that i was seeing Ryan right?” asked Kelly

“Yes you were sleeping with him? What’s wrong?” asked bette

“No. He asked me to marry him”

“You did tell him about us right?” asked bette

“No. The truth is bette, me and ryan have been seeing each other for a long time. You’re young and you really had a crush on me so when i met you, i wanted to try-“began Kelly

“You used me. To experiment with” said bette, she was ghostly pale and was shaking “I-i can’t even bare to look at you”

“But, bette. You will always be my betty”

“I’ am not an animal Kelly. I’ am a human being. A human being with feelings!” hissed bette standing up

“Oh bette, please be realistic. Will we even be allowed to get married or have children?” giggled Kelly “Me, a white lesbian American, and you an African American lesbian on top of all that as well?”

Bette was astounded when she looked at Kelly. This was suddenly not the girl she had been sleeping next to, the night before, “You sound like those homophobes and racists Kelly. What are you saying? We kissed, we slept together and don’t you even remember how that felt?”

Kelly looked down at her hands and replied “At first i loved having you, betty, i loved making you squirm and the way you looked at me, but then after that, some of the things we did, made me feel uncomfortable, but with ryan it is different”

“I’m getting out of here. Have a good life” snarled bette. Ignoring kelly’s protests, bette grabbed her suitcase and left the room in tears. The last thing she remembered of Kelly, was just her laughter and her own sobs of distress.

>end flashback<

(Hours before jenny’s body was found)

Back in the present, bette was standing by her own private pool, in front of her was none other than adele, she had a phone in her hand, what was playing was a series of videos. One was bette with a familiar old acquaintance, Carmen, the other video being played was an androgynous woman with short jet black hair with the sides shaved off, African American, thin, naked in a bath, with none other than bette herself, bette stood rooted to the spot, the colour in her face completely drained.

Adele stopped the video, muting the sexual sounds emanating from the phone “I hope you enjoyed the video”

“Who-who gave you this?!” screamed bette, her hair all over the place, her face red in anger

“Oh calm down. The short haired girl is my girlfriend. Carmen came to me though, through jenny” explained adele, she switched the phone off immediately.

“Why, why would jenny do that?” asked bette, tears streaking down her face “First, she tried to keep secrets from shane about Carmen and now she is trying to ruin tina’s career and now, my life”

“Do not look down on Carmen. She was regrettably the innocent party in all of this. Simply because, she only passed on the information to jenny through gossip, thinking jenny would take the secret to the grave”

“Then why, do you two want to destroy me and my friends!” roared bette

“KARMA!” said adele flatly “You have hurt a lot of people by your actions, bette, and i for one, will not tolerate it anymore. You are elitist, arrogant, predatory and a cheater. You control everyone with an iron rod and you don’t even own up to it. You left jenny alienated, you had an affair with my fiancée causing my relationship with her to break down, while STILL pretending to be a perfect home maker, by STILL lying to tina and your friends”

“I broke it off with Clara, i did. I told her the situation right from the start”

“Well i’ll leave your punishment for jenny to complete. I’ve done my part here” said adele calmly and she turned to look at a corner of the garden, on bette’s right. Bette looked to where adele was looking and saw the thin but pale faced jenny walking towards them. Adele walked up to jenny and hugged her, they exchanged a quiet conversation and then adele left them.

Jenny’s green cold eyes met bette’s dark brown and she approached her. Both women squared off.

“I would never have believed this story if Carmen didn’t tell me” said jenny

“Jenny. Please. You want friends but this isn’t the way to go about things” said bette sternly, “Think about shane, think about the position you will put her in”

“No i think everyone will want to hear this story. Including tina” said jenny calmly.

In bette’s house, she raised a glass with her long term friends and family; shane, kit, sasha and tina. Everyone was in a joyful mood until alice came storming in, looking beside herself.

“What’s wrong alice?” asked shane

“It’s-It’s jenny. It’s jenny alright” stammered alice “She’s in the pool. Face down. Someone come quickly and call the ambulance!”

“SHIT!” cried shane and leapt over the sofa following alice outside to the pool. Tina and everyone else followed while bette slowly walked behind them.

Moments later, the drowned corpse of jenny was wheeled out of the house; the team of girls were beside themselves in tears or shocked silence. A female police detective came to tell them that the case was now a murder investigation not a simple suicide.

“This has got to be a joke” said alice aghast immediately “We were all in the house this entire time, this is impossible” she looked at her friends beside her, shane was pale looking as if she was about to be sick, everyone else; her mirror image “Guys this is not right. We ALL were here. Why is this happening?”

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