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The Challenge


Harry Potter is facing off against his arch enemy, you know who, he who must not be named, Tom marvolo riddle, aka Voldemort

Humor / Fantasy
Jamie G Holmes
Age Rating:

Chapter 1-Back to 1491

And so the story begins….

Voldemort used a custom made curse with a time turner and Harry Potter is sent back to the past to the year 1491 to the Wueens court in London England.

About the time Voldemort realizes Harry went into the past instead of the future his memories unravel as does his body as does the entire gaunt line all the way back to the year 1499.

By the time Harryages from 1491 to 1499 to face off the junior line of Slytherin family by the name of Gaunt, Harry with the Queens commission has sailed to America and has installed trading communities with the native born tribes in the areas from what would in the future be known as Plymouth, New York, Delaware, St. Charles and Saratoga.

The natives trade for beads, cloth, steel tools with their Gold, Silver, Iron Ore, and animal skins.

Within 7 years Harry Potter is a wealthy young man and England even richer.

By 1499 Lord Potter has located the Gaunt family and has hired them for their witchcraft and wizardry to work for the Queen. They are sent to the New England Colony, to keep the Spanish out of their territory.

The Spanish are trying to claim modern day Florida but instead find a city their named Saratoga filled with the English. The Spanish sail into the harbor to trade with the English and if they find the English are wealthy they can always come back and attack them and take the treasures.

Meanwhile the Spanish have established Panama and are reading the central America’s.

Meanwhile the English have established the City of Vera Cruz on the eastern coast of modern day Mexico to trade with the Aztecs for their cocoa beans and chocolate drink.

The Guant family in America has a new attitude and each son has four wives, one in each major city. All of their sons and daughter are magical because they are renewing their blood line with other magical and non magicals.

The Guant family’s business is warding schemes to keep out trespassers by using snakes, lizards and other reptiles as ‘guard dogs’. Their family is one of two families that speak reptile language.

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