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BrightWin Story ❤️

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

"You're My lifesaver Win. I will pay you extra and you're Okay to stay till close." Mike said while smiling. His phone mic was cover with his hand. Due to the shortage of staff Win being a server ask by his Boss to handle Cash counter for today. Win nodded and with a smile he said "No worried happy to help Mike!".

Mike cheesily said "You're an angel bunny!". Mike return back his attention on his phone call. Win smiled at his Boss comment and then he reached the front counter where he find out that the POS (point of sale) is again down. Win immediately pulled out a calculator and a notepad he placed both the items on his counter with old credit card scanner and cash register. After joining Win quickly learn doing everything manually. For the next few hours Win wrapped himself in calculation and collecting payment. It took him little extra time but majority of the customer and people were patient and understanding. Win was naturally good at maths and cash handling came as an extension of that.

It was towards the end of the night when a tall dark hair man approach the counter. The man eyes were dark brown with golden specks in them shinning like a shooting star. He was watching Win with his intense gaze for a moment which made Win little uncomfortable in front of him. His nostril filled with the sent of expensive cologne drifted from him also make his heart tingle.

Win heard the man asked him in his baritone voice "Is Mike around? I need to speak with him". Win felt the man voice his words flowed like honey from his mouth. Win nods his head and respond " Yes Sir. He's in the back. I will send someone to get him for you". The handsome man studies him for a moment and nodded he said "I will wait for him over there". The handsome man indicated his finger to the table in their full view. Win gave him small nods and with a professional smile he ask "Can I get your name for him?"

"Bright Chivaaree" the man simply said while pausing as if expecting a certain reaction from the boy. But Win just said with professional smile "Thankyou Sir I'll pass the message". Win swore for the moment Bright looked either surprised or dissapointed after hearing him. Bright gave him one last lingering look and walks away to wait for his friend. Win scanned the cafe and saw Fong being nearest to him and he is done serving the customer. Win wave his hands and motion him to come to him. Fong quickly walks towards him tapping his boots on the floor like a model walking on a ramp.

Fong asked "What's up Winnie!". Win explain in low voice that's "There's a man asking for Mike. He says his name is Bright Chivaaree". Instantly Fong eyes bugged out from his socket. Fong scanned the area and excitedly asked "OMG he's here I can't believe it Winnie. How I am looking ". Win frown with Fong excitement and When Fong saw Wins poker face he explain "Winnie that man is the most eligible bachelor in town with money out of the woozoo. He own Chivaaree Enterprises and has his fingers in all the big construction and real estate deals in country".

Throughout the time Fong spoke Win gave his friend a blank poker expression. When Fong finish he rolled his eyes and said " look I love you but sometimes you're so clueless argh!!". Win shrugged his friend comment and said "I have more important things to worry about than focussing on the local rich man. Now you please go and tell Mike he is here". Fong happily gave a salute to Win and said in a sing song way while hurriedly walking towards back "On my way Sir Winnie".

Win shake his head on his friend antic and he again got busy with arranging the cash and bundling them properly so that it will be easier for Mike to count it later. After few minutes when Win unknowingly gazes up around the Cafe his eyes met with the same handsome man. He realized that he was already watching him intensely but immediately Win return back his eyes and attention to his work. Win again handle some customers then he neatly piling up the credit cards receipts securing with a band. He jot down the amount on small sticky note on each cash bundle. He was so wrapped up in his work that when Mike appear in front of him he nearly jump on his seat.

Win put his hands on his chest rubbing himself softly and said breathlessly "Mike you startled me". Mike chuckled and said "So I see everyone is gone. POS is again not working today and you already done half of my work. Can you bring all receipts and cash on our table and help me with paperwork". Win dumbly asked Mike " That table". He pointed his finger where the handsome Bright Chivaaree is sitting with his coffee Mike answers " Yes. Don't worry Bright is very old friend. He is not going to steal from me. It's safe". Win nodded his head and glanced around realizing that Mike was correct everyone left and he was so caught up in his work that he didn't realize the whole cafe is empty.

Win pulled out all the cash bundles and credit cards receipts from his drawer and made his way over to their table. He placed out on table everything neatly for easy access for Mike to check cash and receipts. He put down his calculator on the table in the last. After placing everything neatly he was about to walk off but Mike stopped him by calling his name. "Win You can count the money. I'll check on the receipts". Win gulped for sitting with the other two he nervously said "Okay".

Soon Win again got absorbed in his task. He was careful and quick and it didn't take him long as he already arranged everything neatly in order. He start making notes in the form his boss used to write up his everyday report. Once he is done with cash he start helping Mike with receipt and began counting them. While Win was working and making the note Mike and Bright start talking in between and Win didn't paid much attention to the other two what they're speaking about he seems totally absorb in his work and calculation. Mike said " Don't worry about Win he will not notice until he finish his work". Bright chuckles watching the boy in front of him working in front of him as if they both didn't exist.

Bright asked Mike while taking the sip from his coffee "Is this the new boy you were bragging about". Mike answer his friend "Yes. I am lucky he came when I needed the most. He got a fair bit of experience and many customer already like him. He developed his own fan base here. The servers keeps the count of how many mens and women proposed him and the number will shock you". Bright laugh hard hearing his friend said "Really?". Mike playfully answers " Yes. I thought of asking them to stop counting but the everyday increasing number really amuse me I wanted to know how many people will get reject before he say Yes to the one. But I must say he is a good boy though. I admire him he stays professional with his work all the time". Bright nodded in agreement he can see by himself how the boy is dedicated himself to his work. Bright observe the bunny boy for few more minutes and ask Mike "how's Type'?

Mike smiled broadly his mood lightening up with the mention of his wife he answer " He is doing great. Working few extra hours but if that's makes him happy then that's all that important". Bright nodded with a small smile and said " You are a Lucky Man. You found the Love of your life ... Not all of us get that".

Mike assured his friend "You'll find one eventually. You just stop dating those spoiled boys and girls. Find someone ordinary . Someone who appreciates what you do to them and someone who doesn't expect to buy you expensive things for them". Bright nodded pursing his lips and asked "Do You have someone ordinary in mind?".

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