Writing Shotgun [poetry]

death = sacrifice = love ∴ love = death

Humans will die for love
Humans love to hear about people dying for love

Cas sometimes wonders if Dean loves to die for love
Or dies his love outweigh his unlove for dying
He hates to die but loves to die for love

But, even more, he hates when others die for love
Especially of him
He believes he is not worthy of the love to die for love

Cas wonders if he himself could die for love
If Dean would hate him for it
(If Dean would love him anyway)

But if Dean loved him, he would die for him
Because that is what Dean does
He dies for those he loves

Cas wonders if it’s a burden for him
Loving to die for love
Or is it instinct
Or is it learned behaviour

Can one be trained to love dying for love
If it was learned, does that mean Dean can stop?
Can he stop loving to die for love
And instead just love?

But if love is death is love again
Even if Dean will hate him for it
Perhaps Cas can express his love in a way he’ll understand

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