Mel's World

By tia

Action / Adventure


Silence has always been golden and sometimes hard to find in your daily life. Work, friends, school, and catching up or like we have a tendency to do at Graceland go surfing.

Chapter 1: First day of School

The sun peeked from behind the clouds to stream into my twin’s room. Mikey woke up the next morning to get ready for his usual morning run. He went downstairs and out the kitchen door to stretch. Later he is now on the beach. BD is next to him waiting for his pet. Seconds later they enjoyed this time together.

Our house is alive and noisy. I took a quick bath to put on some clothes. Roo brews some coffee for them and mixes my hot chocolate. He pours it into my tumbler to leave it on the island.Seconds later I took out the glasses and mugs.

Mom starts to cook breakfast at the stove with her mug on the counter. The team sets our kitchen table together. I took out our place settings to put them on the island. Our doorbell rings to alert us that someone is at the door. Fiona, Mel, and the guys entered through two different doors.

As for my twin took a water bottle from our fridge then heads upstairs. He went into his shower to get ready for work. Meanwhile in the kitchen we are talking to each other. Everyone is looking at Mel right now. Roger greets everyone else while giving us our kisses in their respected areas.

Breakfast is promptly served at 8:00 am. Everyone dished out their food to eat. The team sat in their assigned seats between the island and our table. Mike and Iare on the couch using our coffee table for the food. We ate together like one big happy family. After eating we put all the dirty dishes in our sinks.

The group grabbed our stuff while exchanging goodbyes to each other. Later we head out the front door to lock it. All for us went to the cars and trucks. Our drivewayandhouse are left vacant. As for the team went in the directions of their mission.

George and I joined Fiona for the drive. We head straight to the school. Minutes after thatall of us walkedMel in.She gave George and I kisses. Both of them went off the library.There’s a long line of people in front of it.

My god daughter joins it with Fiona by her side. The two of us left the parking lot. A handsome teenage boy isstanding behind them. Soon he starts playing with her hair. Mel turns around to see who is touching her. “Can you please stop doing that?” she asked.

The pair of them are soon at the beginning of that line.


Mel: Hey I am Melody Sanchez, She signs to him.

Ryan: “Ryan Adam is my name,” the boy states. Your new here Mel.

Mel: Of Course I am Ry,” my god daughter replied.

End of introductions

Let’s get ourinformation.

I will help you guys get around today. Both of them exchanged schedules. We have each other in two classes.

Ryan:“ okay let’s head to first period now,” he told her.

All of them walked to their classroom.

Once the classes are full with students. Everyone else sits down in a desk. The teacher introduces himself or herself to the class. Minutes after that he / she says we have a new student in our school. “Can you guys come in front of the classroom?” the teacher asked.

They did as he/ she instructed them to do that morning. Within minutes theyhadintroduced themselves. I am Fiona Glenanne and This is MelodySanchez. Nice to meet you and welcome to our school. Mel returns to her desk.As for Fiona sat somewhere in front of the class.

“Fiona is my interpreter,” Mel told her teacher.

“ OkayMel,” the teacher replied.

The day has now began for them. Lessons are handed out and explained. Soon after that they areworking on it.

Announcements are very short. Everything went back to normal around theschool. The bell rings Ryan walks next to her. He escorts them to her second class. Mel always waits for me by that locker. It is mine and you will have one of your own.

The pair of them answered him with “ yes Ryan.” He walked in the other direction to go to his class. Before he leaves holds her hand for a few seconds. They went into the room together. Across the courtyard Ryan arrived to his class. Within minutes after that Fiona teases her
he likes you.”

Soon after that morning classes are finished. Lunch time has three different times for that day. First wave is right now. Mel and Ryanhead to the café to buy it. Both of them head to the lunch patio outside to sit down to eat. The covered patio is very full. I am leaving to get something to eat from the store.

Afternoon classes started for them. Ryan went to his class. As for Mel did the same thing. Once their classes are finished the bell rings. They waited by his locker. All of them went to their next class together. It is science for an hour.

Fiona signs to Mel as the bell rings. The school is dismissed for the day. Mel and Ryan exchanged phone numbers with each other. Shegave Fiona the phone to get his number. “ I am taking you to community service now,” Fiona told her. “Okay let’s go Fiona,” Mel replied.

Moments after that Fiona pulls into the Bureau’s parking lot.They went inside the building. Later they are in Juan’s office. Everyone greeted each other. She heads somewhere else in that area.Mel stays to start on her hours for school.

Both of them talked for a little while. Mel shows him the papers from school. “ I need my dad to sign these before tomorrow,” she told him. “Okay we will send them to him ,” Juan replied. My teacher needs them back in the morning.

I will show you what you’re here to do Mel. There’s filing for you to do. Debbie will show you where the room is and the boxes are full. You can use Mike’s desk when you have homework. “Thank you Juan,”she mentioned. “ You’re welcome Mel,” he replied.

Mel gets started on that once his assistant left the room. Boxes went really fast like thetime. She did three boxes. A lot of them were finished. His assistant visited in a few minutes to see if she needed anything. “ No, Debbie I am good for now,” she replied.

Seconds later Fiona came to pick her up. All of them exchanged goodbyes to each other.Your dad got the paperwork and signed it. Here’s the originals back Mel.Juan kisses them on the cheeks. They did the same thing with him.

Fiona drove them home that afternoon. She pulled into his driveway. My god daughter checks the mail. Both of them went inside the house. Mel puts down her stuff and the mail.

As for my body guard came to greet them. Seconds after that Mel heads upstairs to have a shower and change.She is now back in the kitchen. “ How was your day Mel?” he asked. “It was very long.School was really good,” she replied. Juan says hi.

My dad signed all the papers. Fiona added she already has a friend. His name is Ryan Adams. Oh, that’s nice to hear. Ryan was with us most of the day. I am glad you enjoyed your first day of school Mel.

They started to cook dinner in his kitchen. Mel took out the place settings to set the table. She sat across from them at the island. “ Can I have a taste,” she signed to Fiona. “ Yes, you can Mel,” Her interpreter signed to her. It tastes so good.

Dinner is promptly served at 6:00 pm. Everyone dished out their food to eat. The team sat in their assigned seats. Mike and I are sitting on the couch using our coffee table for the food. We ate together like one big happy family. After eating we put all the dirty dishes in our sinks.

We broke up in our usual boys vs girls groups. The girls cleared the tables. I wiped down all the surfaces. Daddy unpacks our dishwasher. Within minutes mom washes the dishes to refill it with the wet ones. As for the guys they are getting the cooler ready with drinks and ice.

Everything is put back in it’s regular places.All the kitchens lights are turned off. Later we head straight to the beach. We settled down against rocks or logs. Drinks are passed around the circle.

Storytime begins that night. A long break is taken to getrefills for our drinks. Jokes are also told during this time. Our laughs could be heard from both ends of the beach. The stars shone brightly over our heads as the fire crackled in front of us.

I walked back up the shore to our house. Upon my arrival there put my bottle in our sinks. Minutes after that I am in our room changing into my jammies and brush my teeth. I am in our living room. Roger followed my cue. We switched rooms in our house.

Mikey joins me on the chaise. He is ready to read the book to me. Both of us are cuddling together. I took the book to read my few chapters to him. The book is put down on the table. Waves are crashing outside on the shore.

Our family came in dragging the cooler behind them. The older members added their bottles to the sinks. As for the younger one threw away their juice boxes in the bins. I unpacked the cooler.Roger dumped out the ice.

They headed upstairs to get ready for bed.Meanwhile downstairs with we are watching the waves crash. Soon after thatthey came into the room again. All of them sat down on the couch or surrounding area. Mom chose a show from the box to watch. Our time is spent together inevery house.

We stretched our legs after sitting down for a while. Everyone stood up to mentioned their goodnights to each other. Mikey gave me the usual forehead kiss. The team did the same thing just on my checks. I stayed up through four more shows.

Mel heads straight to their room to sleep. “ Her day was very long George,” she told him. “ Yeah, I know myfriend,” he replied. A text message came upon her phone screen.


Ryan: I missed youafter school today?

End of texting

I stayed up a lot longer than normal. The pairof us moved over to thecouch. “Your still up Mi hija,” both my parents told me. “Of course, I am,” I replied to them. T v time was very relaxing.

Mel is the first one to bed. Theyare talking to each other.“ I will stay at the schoolMel for the rest of the week to make sure that she adjusts,” she told him. “ Fiona that’s a good idea and Graceland agrees,” he replied. We will also make her a lunch.

Our t v sets and family room lights are turned off. All of us head to our separate bedrooms. Nat and Iwent into ourroom. The stuffed animals are waited for us.Both of us joined them in bed. Everyone else joins her soon in dreamland that night.

A few minutes after that the team came in dragging the cooler with them. The older members added their bottles to our sinks. As for the younger ones just threw away their juice boxes in the bins. I unpacked the cooler. Mikey threw away the bottles and dumps the ice. The team heads upstairs to get ready for ready for bed.

Our family is in the room again. All of them on the couch or in it’s surrounding areas. The t v sets are turned on. Daddy picks a show for them to watch. We are talking to each other in the living room.

We stretched our legs after a long time sitting down. Everyone stood up in our family rooms to mention goodnights to each other. Mikey gave me the usual forehead kiss. The team did the same thing just with my cheeks. Both of us are listening to the waves crash.

Mel went straight to her room for bed. We moved over to the family room. Roger is now cuddling with his girlfriend. I am sitting on the ground between our couch and the coffee table.

I stayed in the family room for a few minutes to spend more time with the team. Soon after that I grabbed his book for a pit stop in my twin brothers room. I continued onto our room that night. The guitar came out for me to play. Counting sunglasses time begins. Soon after that I fell asleep.

Meanwhile back with the team still chilling out with each other. They are laughing but it’s slowing fading out. Our t v sets and family room lights turned off. The team heads to their own bedrooms. Nat walks into our room to joine her dolphin. Everyone else joins Mel in dreamland that night.

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