Tales from the Walking Dead: Jackson Holmes

By kolba84

Action / Horror


The three men trudge around the thousands of cars and get closer to the mess waiting for them. Jack holds the gun with a steady hand, being a military doctor, it felt natural. An overwhelming sensation of excitement spread across Jack, ready to get back into action. The closer they got to the city, the more it became deserted. In the distance they see a large blockade blocking the interstate. Dan grunts and runs towards the blockade, for a fairly large man, he sure can run. Over the wall you can hear growling from those creatures. Jack runs after him and they hit the blockade searching for a way to look over. The other man who turned out to have the name, Ben, hopped on a car and looked over.

A whole bunch of people including soldiers, seemed to be turned into these creatures. Jack took a step back shocked. We got here late... If we would have came early we would have been, he gulps, dead... "They're gone... They're all gone, we came late". Jack hops off the car and leans back shocked and filled with grief. Frowning Dan comes behind him and pats his back, "Its alright Jack, as long as our family is okay". Jack's eyes widen and he runs back to the group of women and children left behind and yells, "Our family, we need to go".

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