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Clash of the mafias🔞[MxM/ Gay] {unedited}


{Must first read the mafia’s bodyguard, forbidden lovers and swords and arrows.} Rudy has won the heart of the young mafia lord, Esteban and it is true that love makes you do stupid things. With everything they have to deal with, business and matters of the heart, will it break them or make their relationship stronger? Massimo couldn’t ask for anything else. A beautiful yet devious husband and a new family. The yakouzas. Will the peace and quiet they’ve been enjoying so far be threatened by a new player in town? Carlos has it all. The support of a handsome, smart, optimistic fiancée and his brotherhood. Everything has been quiet up until recently when the streets suddenly are filled with a new name. All he ever wants is to make Mateo happy and finally marry the handsome young man. Will these powerful names be shaken and their lives changed by the recents events?

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Mateo gulps down his glass of bourbon and slumps back into his seat.

“I don’t get why you have to delay your wedding.” Nick observes a little confused.

“I am not delaying it. We just have so much to do and Carlos is so impatient!” Mateo explains with frustration.

“I understand you and I understand the boss as well. I mean you’ve been engaged for like a year now! The man has waited long enough.” Nick chuckles, “it’s not like you are strangers. You share the same bed and room. If it’s up to me I will just declare you both married already.” Nick laughs.

Mateo smiles and closes his eyes with a sigh.

“Excuse me, sir.”

Mateo opens his eyes to Nick’s voice as he watches him bowing slightly at Carlos that is standing by the door. Nick quickly rushes out leaving the two lovebirds staring at each other.

“I don’t want to fight, Carlos.” Mateo whispers looking away from the mafia boss.

“I am not here for a fight, Matty.” Carlos steps further into the large study room with both hands in his pockets, “I just miss you...” he whispers the last sentence watching him.

Mateo looks at him for a moment and offers him a weak smile, “come here.” He whispers back at him.

Carlos moves gently around the desk and with a smirk, he straddles him, wrapping both arms around Mateo’s shoulders.

“Do you mean it or you are just tired of sleeping in the guest room?” Mateo cocks his head to the side with a teasing smile.

Carlos shakes his head with a laugh, “I have to be honest. That’s part of it.” He laughs causing Mateo to punch him slightly in the rib.

“Come on, baby... you know I can’t sleep without you. It has been so hard to fall asleep these past couple of nights without you.” Carlos breathes resting his head on Mateo’s forehead.

Mateo sighs wrapping his arms around Carlo’s back, “it was a torture for me as well. My nightmares came back and I couldn’t find you next to me.” Mateo whispers.

“I am sorry I have been so pushy.” Carlos apologizes.

“No babe. It’s my fault. I don’t know why I'm so scared. We could have been married by now. I guess I always had this fear at the back of my head that you might wake up one day and change your mind about us.” Mateo confesses.

Carlos sighs pulling him closer to hug him, “idiota...” he scolds causing Mateo to chuckle, “I can’t even go to sleep without you by my side and you think I can just leave you? I thought you trusted me.” Carlos groans.

“With all my heart.” Mateo quickly replies kissing his cheek, “I am sorry baby.”

“It’s okay. You have no idea how relieved I am that we talked about this. If only we did that before we could have avoided all the unnecessary fights.” Carlos runs his hand on Mateo’s back gently.

“I know. But I promise you, once we are done with this case, I am all yours. Just pick the time and the place and I will marry your sweet ass.” Mateo chuckles as he grabs Carlo’s tight bum.

Carlos laughs lightly pulling away from the hug.

“I can’t wait.” Carlos seals the promise with a passionate kiss with his fiancée.

“Let’s head home. I am suddenly feeling sleepy.” Carlos announces getting off of Mateo’s lap and offers him his hand to pull him up to his feet.

“Do you think what we are hearing is just mere rumors? You know...the drugs in the streets.” Mateo asks once they were back in their home and in bed in each other’s arms.

Carlos sighs with eyes closed as he plays with Mateo’s hair, “our informants are never wrong. I don’t care if they want to make a point but our territory is off limit.”

Mateo scouts closer and kisses him, “we have to be smart about it. You promised you wouldn’t do anything crazy. I don’t want us to keep loosing our brothers in wars that can be be avoided.”

Carlos nods gently, “you are always right... I know it was my fault when we waged war against the ninjas.”

“Which we won but at what cost...” Mateo sighs.

“I promise we will do it your way like we always had since then. It’s just frustrating watching them trying to take over our territories.” Carlos caresses his man’s face lovingly.

“Let’s sleep on it.” Mateo leans forward capturing his lips in a slow tender kiss. Carlos relaxes immediately and he grabs him by the neck to deepen their lip battle.

“Fuck I missed you..” Carlos husks against Mateo’s lips as he slides his hand into his robe to grab his ass.

“I thought you were feeling sleepy.” Mateo teases while he moves Carlos gently on top of him.

“Not anymore. But you can help me with that... I am feeling restless.” Carlos wiggles his brows mischievously causing both of them to laugh.

“Come here you pervert.” Mateo pulls him closer to kiss him hard while Carlos slides his hand into Mateo’s robe to grope him causing the latter to moan with desire.

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