We Only Get One Shot {Dramione FanFiction}


🔞WARNING 🔞 He loved her so much even though he was backstabbing. He made her feel worthless and depressed. He didn't change. He didn't grow. She wasn't going to wait. To bad for him she was swooped away by another man. He swallowed his pride and asked for guidance from a old acquaintance. He wanted another chance but full knowing it would never happen. She was married. Happy. She had a life. Meeting his acquaintance he found out the truth behind the smile she displayed. It was a shame. She wasn't happy. He didn't make her happy. She was sad and suffering. He just wanted to make it go away. His acquaintance gave him a watch. A watch he used with Hermione way back when. He told Draco in perfect clarity, "You Only Get One Shot At It, Don't Mess it up" He took the watch. And when he came back to Harry his eyes filled with tears and his hands covered in blood. Dramione Fanfic All Rights Reserved Copyrights ©️ 2015 Gabriela Arellanes

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18+ Reader Content
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Rated R
Strong Language
Sexual References

❗Hello Readers! I just want you all to know that there is smutt content in this book. There is vulgar language and vular imagery.

DO NOT read this if you aren't mature enough to handle this kind of content.

If you ship dramione like I did when I was watching the Harry Potter series then you might like this book.

I put alot of concepts in this book that may not make ANY SESNE to some readers and that's okay! Everyone is open to thier own opinion.

Please remember I did warn you! :) Thanks for reading! Remember to vote and tell your friends! :p

‼️Please know this story is written in my style. You may not agree with some of the contents in this story. You may not agree how I make some of these characters come off. That's completely okay. We are all entitled to out own opinions. But please realize this is just a story. There is no wrong or right way to write one. :) If you have a serious issue with my writing content please message me privately and we can discuss the matter. Thank you.

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