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Love is Blind


Two Couple’s who had left their hometown in Washington DC, to travel miles away, just to start a new life. In Louisiana, New Orleans. The happy couple was nothing but all LOVE. riding untill the wheels fell off. Travel to almost 7 different State’s. Driving a Hyundai Santa Fe with a 1/2 gallon of gas in the tank, Small amount pocket change a dream & 3 boxes of Pizza to roll with. This story can go only one or two ways. Read more too find out.

Drama / Fantasy
Stacy Ann
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Pull Over

It was his look the smile on his face it was just the way he looks. Boy, he was Smoove, the way he walks the sound of his voice had me going. I gravitated to all that in a matter of seconds. Hit some major moves before the highway crash up Papa John's in the DC area. Drove down in the down south of Virginia, just jamming and listening to nothing but Gucci Mane & Lil Boosie. We had 7 Lil Boosie CDs even all mixtapes & 3/4 Gucci Mane CDs albums. Man, we feel like Bonnie and Clyde, like nothing, could stop us neither of us had a Driving license, and I'm driving with a paper copy identification (use it everywhere) both using fake names music loud taking off 90mph down a 70mph speed limit reckless.
Butte Butte, look through the rearview mirror damn it was Virginia State Trooper pulling us the fuck over. Don't worry about the fact we are in a Commonwealth-State where they have their laws they can do what they want. Pulling over while Lil Boosie playing “You down to ride nigga
Man I was raised around thugs nigga
Man it's Lil Boosie the 2005 juvie
In the hemi with the tooley
I got them yellow eyes like my daddy's eyes
With a look upon my face that say homicide
Come take a ride in Baton Rouge where I'm runnin' loose
With a gun in hand every day like 2Pac I'm juiced
Got my lil nigga in the back seat with a black hood with a doja of that backwoods
Rubber bands on his fingers you know my nigga stack wood. Instantly I pull to the side turn the music down Wop looks at me I look at me the sheriff officer, walk up announced “License and registrations, do you realize how fast you were driving ms. While looking for my drivers license knowing I don't have an identification card on me the officer speaks to the passenger inquire him for his name and ID. Wop indicated his name was Mohamed & that he was a minor. I never show him a form of the id I hand the officer my registration he takes it then steps away. The officer walks back to the car window, “Still have no id he says to me, No, (while shaking my head-was my response. Do you have any forms of weapons or anything that can stick me in your vehicle the officer ask the both of us we both took a look at each other and answer no. What, what were we supposed to do in a matter of minutes. Wop knew what I knew y'all didn't know & neither did the damn sheriff officers. It was two-hand guns under the backseat of the driver's side. Of course, I was driving. sheriff asks if we can both step out car meaningfully while he calls another car to do the search with. Another cop car pulls up to the exhibition puts Wop in the back seat of the officer vehicles, meanwhile they got me sitting on the back of my truck were in front of me was the official vehicle with Mohamed Sincer “ WOP “ right in the back seat in it. I see him he see me shaking his chair, while I'm on the side of the road getting interrogated the same time the car get search. Thinking to myself “ I'll be the talk of the town if I snitch on the nigga, then thinking like Hell Naw I can't go to jail.
They let Wop out of the car sitting beside me unloaded the two firearms give us ill citation and let us go. This boy was so damn excited we got away as we jump back in the truck he took the Lil Boosie CD out and said I got a song for you right now. Drop the Gucci Man CD in the CD PLAYER while I'm pulling away from the side of the road then I hear
🎶 Baby, whip that dope like I told you
Never let a nigga fuck you over
Stay down, I'mma put you in a Rover
You better never tell nobody what I showed you
You a soldier, you a soldier
Beauty in the eye of the beholder
She a wild alley cat, Villanova
I pray to God, da folks, don't pull her over
It ain't 'bout the sack, it's all about the soldier
I won't care less bout the money but my soldier
I lost a bomb, I lost the pack, I lost my soldier
She a down bitch, a motherfucking soldier🎶
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