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How i got kidnapped by the love of my life


Lee Seo ah and three of her best friends went to a Stray Kids concert. Stray kids is her ult kpop group. After the concert, she met them in person. She was leaving until she got kidnapped by one of the members.

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Chapter 1


Hello, my name is Lee Seo ah, and what you are about to read...is how my life started. Before all of that, I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. As you already know, my name is Lee Seo ah, I'm Korean-Am. I have three best friends, Kim Eun Young, Im Seo Hwa, and Song Ji Kyung. We are basically like The Three Musketeers, but with 4 people lol. Eun Young ah and Seo hwa and I knew each other since we were little kids, and we met Ji Kyung ah in middle school, and we been friends since. these days that you're about to read, was one of the worst/best months of my life. I say best because that man is now my husband. Well that's all. Enjoy my journey....good luck!

Chapter 1

I texted Eun young ah to see if she was gonna come over, she said she had plans. Eun young ah, Ji kyung ah, and Seo hwa promised me that they were gonna celebrate my birthday with me a few days ago. Did they forget it was my birthday?....

I almost had everything ready, even the cake. I even got all dressed up, and did my make-up.

It's been 2 hours since i asked the girls if they were gonna come over. It's now 4:00pm. I was laying down on my bed, on Instagram and Tiktok. My fyp is just full of kpop stuff. Anyways, i started hearing noises in my living room. After a few seconds, i got up to go see what i was hearing. As soon as i opened my door....


My best friends are in my house. (Eun young ah has a key to my house lol.)

"Guys what are you doing here? You said you were busy and had plans," i asked very confused.

"Gurl! It's your birthday. Our plans is you. Did you really think we forgot your birthday?" Seo hwa asked with her hands on her hips.

"I mean kinda, you clearly said you had plans, and it sounded important."

"Well you can clearly see we was pranking you cause we're all here," Ji kyung ah said.

"Okay anyways, we got you something," Eun young ah said while grabbing a small bag.

I opened it slowly, and when i saw it, i screamed like a maniac.

"Jeez gurl, you loud," JI kyung ah said while rubbing her ears.

"OMG NO YOU DIDN'T!!" I screamed

hello everyone, here's the first chapter. i hope you like it. comment down below if you do :)thank you!

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