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Arnav was not ready to get into the relationship. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect LOVE. He does…he respects TRUE LOVE. He wanted to get married only when he meets a girl who touches his heart… for any reason. Shyam was Arnav’s sister, Anjali’s husband. Shyam wants Arnav to marry his sister Lavanya. But Lavanya was in a relationship with Arnav’s friend… They were unable to declare their love to Shyam because Lavanya’s boyfriend was an orphan. They want Arnav to help with their relationship… What are they going to do?

Romance / Fantasy
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Helping Arnav

Part 1 Helping Arnav...

Raizadas were having dinner. Lavanya also was there with her brother Shyam as she stays in RM.

*Chotte…I want to tell you something…* Anjali said, running her eyes on Raizadas.

Arnav raised his head and looked at Anjali, getting wonder. Usually, Anjali talks with Arnav only in person… no matter what.
“Chotte, Shyamji wants you to marry Lavanya...”

Arnav stopped eating and glared at Lavanya. She pleaded with him through her eyes like *please don’t say anything* Arnav rolled his eyes high in irritation.

Arnav stood from the chair, leaving the food unfinished.

“I’m not interested Di...”

That’s all... He left the dining. People who were at the dining got stuck at his reply. Anjali looked at Shyam who looked dissatisfaction whereas Lavanya huffed in relief. Anjali already talked to Arnav about it many times. But Arnav was denying it again and again. Shyam thought Arnav won’t deny if Anjali asks in front of him and the family. And the plan flopped.

Arnav was in his room, working on his laptop. He saw Lavanya entering his room slowly, like a cat. Arnav folded his hands.


“Why don’t you want me to tell them the truth?” He asked her frustrated.

“Bhai will kill me, ASR...” she said fearfully.

“If you don’t have the guts to tell your Bhai then why the hell you guys are in a relationship?” he sneered.

“Please ASR, try to understand... My Bhai won’t accept my love unless the refusal is from your side...”

” I will talk to Jeejaji... ”

“No... ASR... You have no idea how much Bhai wants this marriage to happen...” she pleaded.

“What do you guys want me to do? Why are you torturing me damn it?” he scoffed.

“Why not you love someone?” she asked stumbling.

*Yeah… I too am waiting for someone to arrive in my life… but no one is loving me… what to do? * he said sarcastically.

“Until you come up with a love story, they won’t leave us... Bhabi will definitely ask you a reason... Please tell her you are in love with someone... Please” she pleaded.

Arnav looked at her like ARE YOU NUTS?

“She will start annoying me to bring my girlfriend... what will I do then?” Arnav asked shockingly.

“Tell her, your girlfriend is in the US...”

Arnav ran his fingers in his hair maddening.

*As of now, tell her that. we will think about remaining later... Please…ASR*

“We will get trapped if we build a story up...” he warned her.

“I’m really sorry, ASR. We have no one other than you to help us... only you can save us…”

“That is the only reason I’m bearing you guys…* he said frustrated.

Lavanya made a sad face.

“Now, leave my room... Or else they will think you are pleading me to get married to you...” He said terrifying

Lavanya nodded yes affirmatively and left his room.

He has to do something. Or else, his sister will surely torture him to get married to Lavanya.

After a while, Anjali came to his room. Arnav expected it.


“Di, please...I don’t want to talk about my marriage as of now...”

“But why?”

“Di, try to understand... I’m not a kid... I have my personal space... Marriage is purely my personal... I just can’t see Lavanya as my life partner... She is my friend, Di...”

“I and Shyamji were also friends before we fall for each other...”

“Di, please... Your and my perception about friendship are different... ”

“Shyamji is upset Chotte...”

“This is not done, Di. Why can’t you understand I too have opinions and beliefs? Lavanya is not up to my taste… my expectation is something, Di…*

“Chotte, I just want you to settle down in life...”

“I will... Very soon... Ok?”

Anjali nodded yes and left his room. Arnav gritted his teeth in frustration.

The next day

Arnav was on the way to AR thinking about the problem which was recently getting his nerves. Shyam should know the love affair of Lavanya. That will be the only solution to this matter. Or else it may turn into the biggest headache for him.

It takes one hour for him to reach AR. He prefers to start to form RM a little earlier. When he took a turn on a lonely road, he saw a girl pushing a car. The girl was very thin and fair. She was facing her back to Arnav. She was wearing three fourth skirt and sleeveless top… She had been tied her long silky hair with a scarf. A goggle was on her head. She was trying hard to push the car but it was not at all moving a bit. It seems the car has starting trouble. Arnav was not so good at helping anyone… especially this kind of help… but now, he felt to help the girl. After all, he is a MAN. How can he be sitting in the car when a girl is working hard in front of his eyes?

He got down from the car and went to the girl. The person in the driver’s seat on a woman. When he kept his hands on the car to push it, the girl turned her face towards him and smiled. Arnav blinked his eyes slowly, seeing the girl.

*Please push…* she said with the same smile.

Arnav nodded yes and pushed the car. No need to say the car started. The girl rushed to the woman sitting in the driver’s seat.

*Thank you so much…* the woman said.

The girl waved her hand and the woman in the car left the place driving off.

*Don’t you go? * Arnav asked the girl with surprise.

*Me? I just helped her…* she shrugged her shoulders.

Arnav ran his eyes on her thin figure getting amazed. She has overconfident it seems. He chuckled softly.

*By the way, thank you for your help* She smiled.

Arnav nodded yes. They saw an auto crossing them. She stopped the auto... Arnav thought to give a lift for the girl… before he said that to her, she sat in the auto and left the place waving her hand at him smilingly.

Arnav started the car and moved from there. His car followed the auto for a while and after some time, the auto took a left turn. Arnav turned his head and looked at the auto while crossing the road. What would be her name? he should have asked her… but she left the place hurriedly. He geared the car up towards AR. Lavanya’s stance echoed in his mind, *WHY NOT YOU LOVE SOMEONE? * he doesn’t know why…


Arnav was checking a bill. That’s when Aman entered his cabin. Arnav leaned on the seat, looking at him, rotating a pen.

“I’m sorry ASR...” he said regretting.

“Shut your damn mouth... You bloody coward...”

“Don’t address me like that, ASR...”

“Show your anger in action, damn it...”

“What can I do if La is not ready to leave her brother?”

“You should have made her do that... Then what the bloody love yours is?”

“ASR... Try to understand... How will Shyam accept a man who has no one for himself?”

“So? What will you do if he never accepts you?”

“He will accept me only after the confirmation...”

“What confirmation?”

“That... You slipped from his clutch completely...*

“I’m not in his clutch * Arnav gritted his teeth.

“He thinks so… He thinks he can make you say YES to the marriage through Anjali...*

Arnav sighed.

“Why not you consider La’s idea? *

Arnav glared at him. This time Aman sighed.

“I’m an idiot... I’m asking you to love someone...*

“I’m ready to talk to Jeejaji...*

“ASR, he is already upset because of your objection... Don’t pour oil in his angry fire...”

*Just get out of my cabin…*

*Think about loving someone, for once, ASR… or else you should live your life with La…*

Taking the paperweight from the table, Arnav raised it towards Aman. Aman ran out of his cabin to save himself from the paperweight.

To be continued…

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