Cabin by the Stream


Over the next few weeks we all adapt and get used to each others routines and behaviors. Max usually takes care of the ladies everyday, Mia helps with cooking and checking the traps, and Leo helps with meal plans and inside chores, and I keep the water tank full.

Today is the trip of going to town to get more supplies. Mia and Max stay behind to hold down the fort, so to speak, and take care of everything while Leo and I spend two days in town gathering what we need.

Leo throws his pack in the back of the jeep and hops in the front.

“Ready?” I ask him as the jeep hums to life.

He nods and I start on the gravel road that will take us to the light grey paved road. I flip on some music as we start our two hour journey.

“Excited to go to town?” I ask, trying to make small talk.

He nods again, rejecting the small talk idea. So I drive in silence until we get to town. I go over the places we are hitting up today. It’s September, almost November, and the temperature is already in the fifties and forties. On some days it’s in the high thirties. I take out a large amount of money for the things we need on our list.

Extra flannel sheets for Leo’s room, winter clothes for everyone, extra heating lamps and bulbs for the ladies, and food that will be in recipes, more color contact lenses, cleaning supplies, milk to freeze later, tea, and many other things.

The week before Leo helped me pick out recipes I can make in large quantities that will last us a few weeks. I park the jeep at the post office and check my mail.

“Leo, do you know this address?” I ask him quietly as I stare at the envelope.

I witness the first full fledged smile Leo Elster has ever made as he comprehends who the sender was.

“I can’t wait to get home and show this to Max and Mia.” He says giddily.

I smile a warm smile back at him as we exit the post office and go to the small outlet mall for most of the things. The heating lamps, contacts, food and drinks, and cleaning supplies will be at the grocery store. I saved the grocery store for last because some of the things we will buy can’t wait to sit over night.

In the jeep again, we drive around the small central park and take a left on the road where the outlet mall is. I hand Leo a copy of the list and our hands brush. I clear my throat as we hurry from the cold into the first store which will have the flannel sheets and the winter clothes.

“Two long sleeved shirts, three sweaters, one jacket, five pairs of pants, two pairs of thermal long underwear, a couple packs of long socks, one pair of boots, two pairs of gloves, one hat, and one scarf.” Leo reads off.

Mia and I came up with the clothing list. Basing what I have for winter, this is almost the exact same, but I have another pair of snow boots than what the list says.

We split up in the store as I hunt for Mia’s clothing as well as the flannel sheets for Leo’s bed. Leo meets up with me as I’m looking at the different types and colors of flannel sheets they offer.

“Can I help you guys find anything today?” A saleswoman asks us.

“What would you recommend brand wise for flannel sheets?” I ask her.

She looks at the both of us, shopping carts full of things, and assumes, “New house?”

I grin sheepishly, adapting to her story, “Yeah, moved in a few months ago.”

Leo stares at the different options, not talking to the lady.

“Have you lived out in this part of the states before?” She asks.

I nod, “Just trying to prepare this one.”

She smiles a sly grin, “Even with him in bed, this brand should keep you two snug as bugs in a rug.”

I blush at her assumption and take the package she is holding. Dark grey, queen size flannel sheets with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Plus a really great marked down price.

I give her a tight smile and she walks away. I glance at Leo and see a blush on his cheeks.

“Well she was nosey.” He grumbles as we check out at the front.

“She was just trying to make small talk like a regular person.” I offer as we load the bags into the back of the jeep.

I took out the back seat for more room, plus we didn’t need the extra seating with the two of us. We take a quick lunch break and Leo changes into a new maroon sweater. When I see him, curly hair ruffled like he just rolled out of bed with those serious eyes, the word cozy comes to mind. The next thing is what the woman said and I can imagine cuddling with him on winter mornings clad in only his sweater with his arm around my waist--

I shake my head as he sits down and I gulp my water before paying and leaving to go to the next shop. We drive to the other side of town to pick up extra heating lamps, bulbs, feed, and fencing since hungry predators will do anything to get a meal.

Leo loads up the jeep with the items for the ladies to survive this winter and we check in to the motel. Next stop: dinner at the town’s small diner.


I know this is short, but I promise the romance will get a lot more hotter in the next chapter, I thought this was a good stopping point because I wanted to do two chapters on this particular trip to town.

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