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even satan prowls, but he's a lion on leash. the spawn dragnetted his queen and to reach all costs, he prowled to rule only by her side.

Fantasy / Romance
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01. The Trip PT 1

01 :: THE TRIP ( PT 1 )

“Lora!” As I made the effort to turn around, a body collided with mine and I went stumbling back. Amber hugged my frame, mercilessly. This girl really had some strength. “We finally are going on a trip!” She exclaimed clinging on to my arm while I chuckled at her cheekiness.

Amber Rose, my best friend and the only person I trusted other than Jungkook. We three were a dynamic trio, our friendship coming from elementary days. Amber could be defined as the girl who adored her friends, her close ones but was distant to any stranger. Explains why she was giving Jennifer the sour eye as she conversed with Jungkook.

“Who’s she?” She asked, rather bitterly. “Jennifer, my new neighbor. Try to be nice.” I instructed to which Amber rolled her eyes, “If she’s getting along with Johncock, she must be as annoying as him.” Amber said, mockingly before walking off. Jungkook made an effort to greet her but she dramatically flipped him off, without even glancing at him. He narrowed his eyes looking at me; I couldn’t help but snicker at their usual interaction.

However, I did notice Jennifer eyeing Amber until she was out of sight.

As Ms. Gibbs asked everyone to assemble in front of the bus, my gaze landed on Jungkook who was still by Jennifer’s side, she was holding onto his side as all the students hurried forward, crowding the area. Jungkook visibly looked like he was struggling to carry both of them forward due to the flood of the students.

I quickly walked over and helped them to the side just as Ms. Gibbs started narrating the instructions for the trip. “You good?” I asked as Jungkook nodded faintly, his gaze set in the distance while Jennifer was panting, quite overwhelmed by the crowd.

“Hey Jennifer, How about you stick with me and my friends for the trip? Since this is all very new to you.” I offered her a comforting smile; I couldn’t imagine being in her position, new girl, new town, no friends and total loneliness. I didn’t want her to feel excluded or that she wasn’t part of the fun trip.

“Thank you, Elora. You’re so sweet.” She smiled and I reciprocated her actions. That’s when Amber and Jimin joined us all. Jimin was on the football team with Jungkook and that’s how we began to hang as well, he was a fun guy, totally nonchalant and a professional flirt.

“Wow, aren’t you a beautiful sight for my sore eyes.” Jimin winked at Jennifer who chuckled.

“Damn, what happened to you?” I asked as I took in his purplish bruised eye.

“He got beat up by this girl’s older brother.” Amber rolled her eyes as Jimin only laughed at the memory. “Oh! let me guess the reason hmm―” Jungkook animatedly rubbed his chin before narrowing his eyes, “―you must have tried to flirt your way with her.”

Jimin glared at the younger but was cut of by Amber, “Ding ding, one point for Juanpito.“It was Jungkook’s turn to glare at my best friend who batted her eyelashes at him innocently. Gosh, I loved when they bickered.

“I almost forgot. Amber, Jimin. This is Jennifer―” I introduced offering our new friend a warm smile as she grinned back at the duo, Jimin gave her a small wave, a genuine smile coursing his plush lips, while Amber just nodded in recognition. “―she’ll be spending time with us on this trip.” I stated further as Jimin nodded in realization while Amber’s eyes slightly widened.

“It’s a pleasure to be in your presence.”

Jimin’s voice turned sultry before he smirked. Jennifer looked down, her cheeks turning a hue of pink, she looked adorable being shy. “Jimin! Stop bothering her.” I chuckled as he rubbed the back of his neck, glancing at Amber.

Who apparently rolled her eyes before walking off, entering the bus.

I exchanged confused glances with Jungkook who looked equally stunned by her rough attitude.

We arrived at the destination in an hour, the barren fields disappeared behind us as we were engulfed in the heaviness of the large trees and the canopy which didn’t allow much sunlight to enter. I sat next to Jennifer, who told me more about herself. Apparently she was an only child, living with her guardians.

I tried asking her more about her parents but realized from her tense posture that it must be a sensitive subject for her, so I let it pass. We conversed, time flew by and I didn’t even realize we had covered the two hour ride already.

As the bus came to a halt, I looked back to locate the rest of the squad seated further in the back. Jungkook and Jimin sat together, sending occasional glances in Amber’s direction who was purposely ignoring both of them. My eyebrows furrowed as I started feeling nauseous.

“I think I’m going to be sick.” I murmured but Jennifer obviously heard me as her forehead crinkled in worry, “You should get off first.” She suggested helping me stand up, “I’ll grab your bag, go ahead.” She nodded at me and I muttered a small ‘Thank you’ before climbing off, excusing my way from the horde of the students, struggling to get their camp-bags.

As I inhaled the fresh air, the aroma of nature mixed with river water filled my nose as I closed my eyes, the nauseous feeling fading away little by little.

And that’s when it hit me. My body unable to move, my eyes still shut but my mind playing a scene in my head, a vision i didn’t recognize from anywhere.

“I chose her.” The deep, gravel voice spoke.

“She is chosen to defend me. She is chosen to be my queen.” He continued speaking, his face a blur but the throne he sat on, clearly visible. There was a familiar but smaller throne next to his, must be for his Queen.

“You can’t do this! No girl should be punished this way.” Another voice interrupted, they sounded angry, very furious.

“Are you saying that being my queen is a punishment?” The cocky tone of the king didn’t go unnoticed.

“Too bad, she doesn’t have a choice.”

My neck jolted as I opened my eyes, breathing heavily. My right palm pressed tightly against the side of my abdomen. What the hell was that?

I have never experience night terrors let alone in the bright day light. But why did it seem so real, as if it was happening at the current moment just not in front of me.

Beads of sweat traveled down my face as the voice kept ringing in my head.

“She’s chosen.”

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