Boba Sunshine (Izuku Midoriya x Male!Reader)


It was that cup of boba that started this complicated mess. That cup of boba that completely changed me. That cup of boba that brought this amazing boy into my life. That cup of boba. --- Wake up early, train, school, homework, train, sleep. That was the basics of the routine that became his life. Don't get him wrong, he was glad he finally got into UA. But soon enough his days became scheduled, routined. But when Y/n L/n, a transfer student into UA suddenly makes an appearance, he comes and shakes up Izuku's normal life. It was like his name was everywhere, someone was always talking about him. And then he finally talks to Izuku. A cup of boba milk tea, a bright smile, and a kind but carefree heart to shake up his life. What's the worst that could happen? **This is still a reader insert with Y/n L/n but his looks are already decided to kind of match his quirk and Y/n is a boy. I do not own any characters from mha nor the lines and storyline during UA. Anything during class follows the anime, starting at Season 2 Episode 13**

Fantasy / Romance
Boba Milk Tea Boy
Age Rating:

A rainy start

He wasn’t having the best day so far. So the spilled cup of boba definitely didn’t help his mood. But after seeing his bright smile, it was as if all of Izuku’s problems and worries melted away. He hadn’t seen him since that day, but he thought about him often. It was a small encounter, probably didn’t mean much to him, but that smile made Izuku’s day. Anytime he was feeling down, he’d think about that one boy who instantly cured his bad mood.

But it’s not like he’d ever remember him anyway... right?

“Gah, of course I forgot my umbrella the one day it’s pouring rain. Jeez, just my luck,” a boy groaned, water dripping from his blue hair. He patted his head to try and get rid of some of the water, eyes widening when he saw the time.

“Shit, I’m going to be late!” He ran down the halls, trying to find his new class, not having much luck.

“Anyway, there’s some important news before we get started-” The teacher began. The blue-haired boy burst into the class then, leaning over and panting from having run all over the school to find the class.

“Morning- I’m uh the new transfer student,” he said once he finally caught his breath.

“As I was saying, we have a new student transferring here on recommendations today. You may come in.”

He walked in the door, standing at the front of the class. He bowed slightly and pointed his thumb at himself. “I’m Y/n L/n. Sorry it took me so long to get here everyone, it’s nice to finally meet you all.”

And he smiled.

That bright smile of us that Izuku remembered all too well.

That smile that made his day.

Izuku almost stood up at the realization, eyes wide as he realized that the boy he had been thinking of constantly since they met those few months back was here. He looked at the boy, taking in his messy midnight blue hair and his beautiful mismatched eyes- his left a forest green while his right a brilliant teal color.

“Go take a seat now and let me begin class.” So this is why they added another desk to the back row the other day. I wonder why they moved Sero back instead of having him sit in the back though, Izuku wondered.

Y/n took a seat the only empty seat, the one in the middle row between a boy with spiky red hair and a boy with messy green hair. He gave a small smile to each of them as he sat down, looking back up at the teacher.

"Now, we have a big class today on Hero Informatics."

It was as if the entire class's mood dropped.

Infromatics? Please don't tell me it's a pop quiz!

Crap, I bet it's about hero laws. I'm so bad at stuff like that!

The atmosphere of the class dropped at the words, everyone picturing a pop quiz.

"You need codenames. Time to pick your hero identities."

At that, everyone jumped up excitedly as if having the same thought; This is going to be totally awesome!

Aisawa's hair floated above him as if he were hanging upside down, his eyes a glaring red as he used his quirk. "This is related to the prohero draft picks that I mentioned the last time we were in class together," he said as everyone settled down. "Normally students don't have to worry about the draft yet. Not until their second or third year actually, but your class is different. In fact, by extending offers to first-years like you, pros are essentially investing in your potential. Any offers can be rescinded if their interest in you dies down before graduation, though."

Everyone seemed to have mixed feelings about this. A few people in the class seemed fairly excited, a small smile on their faces while others, like a specific short, purple haired boy, was trembling in fear. Y/n just sat their casually, not caring much. He wasn't in the Sports Festival since he transferred late, so he didn't expect much.

"So what you're saying is we'll still have to prove ourselves after we've gotten recruited?" An invisible girl asked.

"Correct. Now, here are the totals for those of you who got offers." He pulled out a small remote like thing and pointed it, pushing a button. Names appeared with a bar and number beside it, showing how many offers they got.

"Class A No. of Offers" was written at the top of the board, followed by the names.

Todoroki - 4123

Bakugou - 3556

Tokoyami - 360

Iida - 301

Kaminari - 272

Yaoyorozo - 108

Kirishima - 68

Urarka - 20

Sero -14

Y/n didn't recognize many of the names, but he remembered a few from watching the Sports Festival on T.V. Personally, he was rooting for Iida to win. He had heard a few things about him and he his quirk seemed pretty cool, so he was happy that Iida got in the top 3 at the Sports Festival.

Y/n turned to his left and saw a green-haired boy reading the board, looking kind of nervous. He remembered him to be Midoriya, was it? He couldn't quite remember, but he had been kind of rooting for him too. He seemed really clever in how he got past the obstical race, and made quite the appearance for someone has plain-looking as him.

"In the past years it's been more spread out, but there's a pretty big gap this time."

A blonde boy with a black lightning bolt in his hair leaned his head back and groaned in frustration. "Gah! That's no fair!" He whinned.

There were a few more comments about the amounts, but Y/n didn't pay much attention. He vaugly heard a few people talking about how the number one place and number two place got the opposite in amount of offers, followed by an angry ash-blonde boy screaming at them.

Y/n remembered the boy to be Katsuki Bakugou, first place in the Sports Festival. He had to be chained up and have a muzzle there, so it was no surprise about his screaming. Y/n had thought his quirk was really cool, and he admired how against the gravity girl he didn't hold back and really tried. He didn't look down on her just because she was a girl and he didn't treat her differently or weaker than others because of it, so he seemed like a pretty unbiased person based on that. But his attitude could definitely use work.

"Midoriya, you got none. I bet everyone was really grossed out by the crazy way you were fighting," the purple haired boy said, shaking the boy next to Y/n.

"I thought he was really cool at the Sports Festival," Y/n commented, a lazy expression on his face as if he didn't care about anything they were talking about. The boy, Midoriy a, turned to look at him.

"Really? You thought so?" Y/n shrugged. "I was personally rooting for that Iida guy, but I was hoping you'd do well too. Your plan in the beginning, the opstical race was really clever, too."

Midoriya looked at him in surprise. But before he could say anything, Aizawa said started to talk again.

"Despite these results, you'll all be interning with pros. Got it? Even those of you who didn't get any offers."

"So we're all interning?" The Midoriya boy asked. Y/n had felt kind of bad that he didn't get any offers even though he seemed to do really well and work really hard.

"Yes. You already got to experience combat with real villains during the attack on the USJ facility. But it'll still be helpful to see pros work; up close and personal, in the field, firsthand."

This is a very interesting first day.

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