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You're Mine (Even In Your Dreams)


Taehyung thinks seeing the same man in his dreams every night is strange until he starts seeing him in his waking life. The thing is, only Taehyung is a human. That's when Taehyung's life takes an unexpectedly creepy yet erotic turn.   OR   A Taekook au where incubus Jungkook has his eyes set on one human, Taehyung and he is ready to let his obsession guide him up to any lengths.

Horror / Thriller
Age Rating:

I see you

As his feet take him further, one step after another, Taehyung makes his way into the darkness. He too doesn’t know why he’s here, but the anticipation of finding something more like finding someone is keeping him going. And that feeling comes to an end, he finds himself at ease when he sees a figure standing at some distance, a ray of unholy light shining upon him, making him appear brighter in the darkroom. Being barefoot, he hisses at the sensation due to the cold floor but his feet continue taking him towards a certain someone.

“I have been waiting for you,” says the other and Taehyung nods, dumbfounded by the beauty he holds, features sharp yet beautiful and calming with his skin shining so bright. Slightly long black hair freefalling over his forehead, covering a portion of his big eyes. His lips look so pink and soft, Taehyung wonders how it would feel like to taste them.

Taehyung then feels a hand approaching his right cheek and resting there, fingers caressing his cheekbones and he leans into the touch. He then shivers as he feels the other hand making its way towards his nape, sliding further down following his curves and resting where the tail of his spine lies.

“I crave for you, touch me more,” Taehyung whines.

“It’s not the time yet.”

“But it’s been long.”

The unknown figure leans in, face dangerously close to the latter’s, noses brushing. The temptation Taehyung feels is insane, it feels like his body is burning with the need for the other’s touch, craving for more and more.

“Just a little more,” breathes out the unknown.

“Wait!” Taehyung blurts out as he wakes up, body sitting up abruptly. Sweat rolling down his forehead and as soon as he realises that the dream ended, he can’t help but grasp his hair in fists and pull them, frustration taking over his senses.

“What’s wrong with me? Why do I dream of the same guy every time begging for his touch? I feel so pathetic,” followed by a loud ugh.

He is pulled out from his thoughts when the alarm goes off, showing 09:01 am, reminding him that he’s going to get late for the lecture if he doesn’t hurry up now. He rushes to the university dressing up with whatever he found first which happened to be a pair of black trousers, a black sweater and a brown overcoat styled along with a beret.

Meet Kim Taehyung, an art major.

A quiet and reserved person, minding his own business, prefers being alone rather than being a part of those noisy parties/groups or nosy people; with an everlasting love for art that makes him happy. He also works part-time to manage his bills. He’s on his own.

“Hey Tae, here!” Taehyung turns in the direction of his friends waving towards him, making his way there.

“Hey Minnie, Hey Bogumie” he greets them with a hug.

Park Jimin and Park Bogum, his only friends.

Taehyung watches Jimin telling him how he made it on time as they make their way towards the classroom. The lecture wasn’t boring but you cannot blame Taehyung for zoning out as he couldn’t help but think about the dream he had an hour or two ago.

“Who is he? He keeps appearing in my dreams,” he murmurs.

Closing his eyes, he thinks about it more, the way he felt like he was melting under the touch of the unknown, the way he didn’t want to separate but beg for more of the other’s touch. The thought of the unknown touching him, the thought of the softness he’d feel with their lips intertwined-

“Kim Taehyung!” And he hears the teacher calling out for him.


“Pay attention.”

“Pay attention stupid, what were you thinking!” Whispering to himself as he smacks himself in the head lightly.

“Are you okay? You seem to zone out often since the past few days,” concerns Bogum as they walk out of the classroom.

“I am completely fine, just a bit tired,” Taehyung replies with a smile.

“If you say so.”

“What about the project? Shall we start today? The deadline is pretty close this time,” says Jimin.

“Yes, that would be better. I don’t understand why they pressure us so much with the workload? This drains my energy,” replies Bogum dramatically.

“I don’t see you complaining when you drink like a monster in those stupid parties and then pass out like a corpse.” Jimin snaps.

“Hey, shorty! Why do you always mock me?! Your obsession with me is getting serious.”


“Okay guys, enough now let’s meet for the project at my apartment in the evening after my part-time job,” Taehyung says through his laugh.

It’s almost late in the evening, the three of them are seated on the carpet on the floor in Taehyung’s apartment. After an hour or so, they are done with their respective projects, straightening their backs, laying down and sighing in unison.

“Finally, that was one tough task.” Says Jimin and the other two hums.

“Hey, as now we are done with the project, shall we play something I got for us?” Bogum suggests as he shifts himself on one of his elbows.

“What is it?” Taehyung asks.

Bogum sits up to get a hold of his backpack enthusiastically which makes the other two follow the movement of the former and watch him out of curiosity. Taking a rectangular box out, wrapped in brown paper, Bogum places it in between them. He then frees the box from the wrapping and it reads —

“The Ouija Board,” Bogum says, hands coming together in a clap.

“Isn’t this the thing that helps you connect with spirits or whatever shit people say?” Jimin says, a weird expression covering his face.

“Yes,” replies Bogum.

“I don’t think we should get involved in this,” Jimin says.

“Oh, come on. Don’t be a spoilsport and ruin the fun. Taehyung, are you down?” he asks.

“Yes, I think we should try.”

After reading the instructions that have been printed on paper, they set the board the same way as written. Bogum laughs at the rules saying “do not play the game alone”, “no one should leave the game midway” and “don’t leave without saying goodbye to the spirits” and calls them a stunt to scare people. A couple more minutes pass before they finally decide to start the game, placing their index fingers on the drop-shaped wooden piece with a glass in it and reading out the lines that are supposed to call the spirits that are mentioned, and the game starts.

“What now?” Taehyung whispers.

“I’ll go first with the questions,” whispers back Bogum. “Are there any spirits here?”

no response.

“Are there any spirits here with us?” and they jolt in unison when the wooden piece moves and takes their fingers to where a YES is visible through the glass.

“What’s your name?”


“I swear to God Bogum, I am going to kill you if you are trying to fuck with us,” Jimin swears at him.

“I didn’t move it, I promise.”

“Okay, guys. Don’t fight, I’ll continue.” Taehyung says. “Who are you here for?”

And the three of them are taken aback by the swift movement of the wooden piece on its own, shifting from letter to letter and making out a word — YOU. As Jimin and Bogum eye him, Taehyung starts to feel anxious.

“Who are you?” he ends up asking.

The piece moves again from letter to letter, a little faster this time. Moving more than prior and by the time it stops, Taehyung starts to sweat, his heart beating faster and his voice quivering as he reads out the formed word — DREAMS.

“Enough, we aren’t playing this dumbfuck game anymore.” Jimin retorts, removing their fingers and shutting the board game.

The silence is weird as the three of them sit scared, their hearts beating so fast. This is not something they expected, and they know that they weren’t alone, they know that none of them was moving the wooden piece, they know that a presence was there answering them. But none of them dares to speak this out loud, this has them shaken and contemplating over what actually happened a moment ago.

The other day, Taehyung was on his way to the classroom. He wasn’t late today. His friends left last night after they decided to never bring that entire thing again but this isn’t what he cares about at the moment. His main worry lies over the fact that he did not dream of the unknown last night, which happened for the first time in the past year. When he reaches, he figures that his friends are already in their respective seats. Both of them looked quiet, one fidgeting with a pen and the other simply sitting and drifting into oblivion. He decides to catch them after the lecture as the Teacher announces his arrival and the beginning of the lecture.

The day goes fine with them getting back to their normal self, attending lectures, enjoying lunch together and talking about random stuff. They bid their goodbyes and move on their respective paths while Taehyung goes to work.

He comes back later at night, tiredly kicking off his shoes and making his way towards the bathroom to get fresh. He stands in front of the mirror, looking at himself tiredly and then removing his coat to wash his face before going to bed.

While looking in the mirror, he turns around to check when sees a shadow forming behind him but finds nothing. Just when he faces the mirror again, his eyes go wide upon seeing the reflection of him in it. A reflection of him which is naked up till where the mirror allows him to see, a trail of red-purple bruises covering up a portion from his neck to his chest, they look so lustful yet beautiful spread across his golden skin. His lips are painted with red lipstick which has a smudged tail around one of the corners of his lips as if someone purposely did it with a thumb. His eyes holding a lustful gaze, his hair a mess. He sees a hand sliding up his torso, perfectly thick fingers brushing up against one of his nipples, feeling which he shivers. The unreal sight unfolds before him and he feels awfully seduced by it. He feels the arousal rush down his spine and then all of a sudden, he sees the hand on his chest starting to change its shape, getting bigger than normal, the tips of the fingers getting morphed into pointed black nails.

This makes Taehyung step back and blink his eyes once, and it’s all gone by then. There is nothing like what he saw just a moment ago but the same reflection of how he looks now and Taehyung tries waving a hand to make sure this is real. He proceeds to call it a hallucination caused by piled up exhaustion and stress.

As he sighs and rubs his face in frustration, a curse leaves his lips when he notices his boner, evident and hard. This is messing up with his brain.

After washing his face, hands and feet and getting changed, he gets into bed. His head buried in the pillow, arms and legs laying lax. He contemplates for a few seconds whether or not he should go for it before he starts moving one of his hands down his naval and palms himself through his briefs. Arousal takes over his senses, a sigh escaping in the process as he makes further efforts to free his cock out of the confines and gives it a couple of experimental strokes. It has been long since he has touched himself, and he knows he is too tired to do it right now but still, he makes efforts for it. He recalls the scene in the mirror while another hand of his makes its way towards one of his nipples, brushes over it and gives it a pinch as he pumps his cock consistently with slow yet fuller strokes.

He too doesn’t know why he thinks of the unknown touching him, thinks of the other having his hands all over him, but this is the last thing he recalls before drifting to sleep, just like that.

He finds himself seated on the couch in his living room, without any lowers and pumping his cock while breathing out moans. He learns that he is not alone, the unknown guy he dreams of is sitting right next to him and watching him as he makes expressions of pure bliss while pleasuring himself. There is a sly smile on the latter face, eyes interested.

“This feels so good with you watching me,” breathed Taehyung.

“Yeah? Go ahead and pleasure yourself then.”

“Touch me, it will feel even better,” Taehyung suggests, too lost in the pleasure to watch out his words, his hand now moving faster up and down his cock with a tight grip resulting in goosebumps all over his body. The temptation in the latter’s eyes is turning him on even more than he already is.

“Not until I claim you.”

“Claim me then.”

“Are you sure you want me? There is no going back once you consent to this.”

“I am consenting to you, claim me the way you want. I am all yours.”

Taehyung doesn’t think twice before saying that, too lost in the pleasure he is giving himself. There’s a pause before he hears the other say “Mine and mine only,” with eyes dark and a possessive look on his face.

There’s something about seeing the other like that, something with the other watching him as he pleasures himself shamelessly, something about that possessive tone which is messing with his brain. Something which is too tempting and intimate and is making him cum, all over himself, the bliss making him moan out loud screaming “only yours” in a high pitch voice. He knows the latter’s gaze lies on him and him only, he can feel it strong on him and just when the feeling subsides, he opens his eyes to see the other smirking, eyes red, speaking out loud the words-


Taehyung’s eyes shot open and he realized that it was a dream. He sighs when he sits up and sees a wet patch on his boxers, later figuring it out to be cum, he most probably has orgasmed with the wet dream itself but the boner is still there. The fact that he masturbated and came in front of a guy he knows nothing about nor he has seen anywhere except his dreams, is frustrating him. Even if it was just a dream, he feels pathetic for begging for his attention and his touch like a slut.

He should refrain from feeling for the unknown.

As the days go by, Taehyung stops seeing the mysterious guy in his dreams but is feeling more tired than usual, the feeling of someone being in his apartment keeps him awake at night. He thinks someone tries breaking into his apartment at night so he filed a complaint regarding the matter in the nearby police station. But in order to catch someone guilty, there has to be someone present in the first place. Taehyung just wants to rest, just wants to sleep without any worries.

So, here he is, in the shower. The warm water running down his body is relaxing, calming his muscles and mind. After getting the hold of the loofah, he rubs the shower gel along his body with it. The soft foam forming a white coat on his golden skin, the wet strands of his hair sleeked backwards with the hand that roamed there a moment ago. He pours a few drops of the face wash which falls thick and cool on his palm, applies it on the skin of his face, rubbing in circles.

As if the moment was awaited, the moment he closed his eyes rubbing the wash on his skin, he felt something, more like someone sticking awfully close from behind to him. The contact is cold and hard on his warm skin and he feels a strong pair of arms curling around his belly. In a hurry to check, he gets rid of the soap from his eyes, snaps them open to see nothing. Hastily turning around, peeking out of the curtains to check the window and the door, only to find them locked. He didn’t hear anyone coming in nor going out and it is practically impossible for any human to do that and vanish away. He almost calls it a hallucination until he looks down over his belly and freezes then and there. There are impressions of a pair of hands and what’s scaring him more is the fact that they are two to three inches bigger than his own, such inhumane looking hands. The air inside the bathroom is suddenly cooler, striking on his naked body and making him shiver.

He hurriedly finished bathing before checking every door, window, and lock, making sure he was alone at his place. Once satisfied, he makes his way back to his room with a towel wrapped around his waist. Rummaging through the pile of clothes in his closet, he puts on a sweatshirt in a hurry and just when he was halfway putting on the underwear, he feels prickles followed by a burning sensation on the upper portion of his right ass cheek. Upon putting it on, he tries soothing the burn with his fingers but it worsens on the contact. That’s when he rushes to the mirror to see what it actually is and he curses when he sees letters forming in black there.

One after another, four letters making one word that is being tattooed on his skin on its own. He is terrified to witness the sight and even more when he learns what the word is —


Written in capitals and black, at such an intimate and personal place, on its own. He is beyond shocked and his heart is beating so fast, terror washing over his senses. He doesn’t know what’s happening nor does he wish for such things to happen. That word reminds him of the last dream he had, reminds him of what the unknown said to him.

He doesn’t want to believe but there’s nothing for him to deny. Things seem to fall in place, all those times of him feeling like he is being watched and followed, all the not so subtle touches in the air, whatever happened while he was showering and now, this tattoo on his skin. Everything reminds him of the mistake he made, be it in his dreams. The mistake of consenting the other, the mistake of consenting the other to claim him as his.

There is no way he is alone, the only thing creeping him out the most is that there is no human being other than him.

“You look pale,” says Jimin, eyeing Taehyung who was staring into oblivion until he was brought back to reality.

“I am fine.”

“Don’t lie.” Jimin leans forward, a little close to Taehyung now, hesitation evident on his face as he continues, “Is this because of that thing?”

“What are you talking about?”

“That board game we played the other day, I clearly remember it talking to you.”

“Stop talking nonsense, there is no such thing as ghosts,” Taehyung retorts. Jimin knows he’s being pretentious and something is definitely wrong with him but he lets him have his way this time.

“Just know that I am here and you can share anything with me,” says Jimin before placing one of his hands on top of Taehyung’s, resting on the table before him.

“I got to go,” Taehyung says before picking up his belongings and leaving the other all by himself.

Ever since the incident the other day, Taehyung is starting to feel more of everything, feels as if someone is staring at him all the time. He finds his clothes scattered all over his room out of his closet no matter the number of times he places them back. His dreams have gotten weird and more vivid. He often dreams of himself laying on a bed, naked and begging. The other times he sees himself asking for others to help him, like Jimin and Bogum and later witnessing their dead bodies. This being one of the major reasons he didn’t open up even when Jimin tried to talk to him prior in the day.

Things are getting weird and what’s depressing is that he cannot leave this apartment. This is the only place he has got after his family abandoned him for pursuing the career field of his choice and not theirs. No matter how much he cried, his parents didn’t even bat an eyelash at him, rather straight away leaving him on the streets. It’s all in the past now and he has to manage on his own.

He decides to call it a day and sleep, getting changed into a pair of shorts and a comfortable t-shirt, he makes his way towards the bed. He crawls under the blanket and upon having his back straight and resting, a sigh leaves his mouth as he closes his eyes.

Moments later, he feels himself drifting to sleep, too tired and sleepy to care about his surroundings. His eyes snap open when he feels both of his thighs being held, a firm grip pinning them in place and when he elevates his head a little to see what the matter is, and he is iced to that position upon seeing a huge tent formed around his knees. As if someone is under the blanket, on their knees while having their hands on his thighs, and what’s scarier is that it’s not the size of a regular human. He starts to cold sweat when he sees the figure moving forward, the grip from one of his thighs loosening and then a hand wandering around his crotch. He then feels his t-shirt being lifted up his belly with something pointed like a nail, leaving a prickling sensation behind. He shifts himself on his elbows, the view now much clearer but what has his breath twitching is the slow and steady motion of the figure towards him. The sensations stop when the figure reaches closer, the last portion of the blanket still keeping the identity forbidden and Taehyung feels a grip, a tight grip on his ribs which makes him hiss in pain. The figure doesn’t stop its motion, reaching closer each passing second and this has Taehyung’s body going numb. The beep in his ears is getting louder as the blanket moves bit by bit.

He decides to reach out for the end of the blanket and expose whoever is playing such tricks on him, facing the scare once and all is better than living with it. So, he clutches at the squishy material and lifts the blanket off him.

A gust of wind and there is no one, nothing of which he can get a hold of as if whatever it was had vanished into the thin air. His chest heaves up and down heavily, his body trembling with terror and the beep sound numbing his ears. There’s no one, just him on his bed with his t-shirt ridden up his chest. He reaches out for it and finds scratches spread all over his skin where he felt those prickles.

And Taehyung doesn’t sleep that night.

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