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MONSTARS is an AU between Beastars and My Singing Monsters the story somehow follows the Bestars story but with some changes and differences A fellow student is devoured and the culprit is unknown, Ghazt is a large monster who's pushing through society and the problems he deals with as a carnivore. He spends his time trying to find peace in the world after the devouring but things don't go as he planned.

Fantasy / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Life Trapped In Shackles

the moon shimmers alongside the stars, nothing but the silent ambience that fills the air. Footsteps are soon heard tap along the concreate ground heading back towards the school buildings.
The 2 beasts are a large carnivore followed by a slightly smaller beast who's a herbivore.
"thanks for walking with me Rare, i really appreciate you taking your time to make sure i'm safe wholst we go and collect my work from the other day" as the young beast smiled at Rare

The male nodded followed by a hum of peace whilst holding the young herbivore's paw. The two slowly make their way to the classrooms in silence without being caught.
"hey Tawkerr? you really sure about being here? we could be in trouble for not being in our dorm rooms" Rare mentioned to Tawkerr

Tawkerr stopped and looked at Rare with a giggle of triumph.
"you silly goof! we'll be fine! and besides, i have you right? you're strong a-and we're best friends! we protect each other!"

Rare stood in silence with a little hum before Tawkerr opened the doors to the classroom, Rare watched the young male stumble around the dark classroom and observed the movement of his fellow classmate. Moments pass and Rare is standing by the door waiting for his friend but instead of waiting any longer he heads in.
"need...need any help Tawkerr..." Rare finally spoke.

Tawkerr jumped a bit before seeing who it was and smiled in the dark, he grabs his work before trying to stumble back out the room. As the two make their way back to the dorms, Tawkerr notices something up with his friend.
"hey Rare? i noticed your body seems a bit bigger and your pupils too! they look different, is everything okay?" as Tawkerr waits for a response

Rare gives no response nor a single glance but he just keeps walking before stopping and grips Tawkerrs arm. Tawkerr soon starts to panic as his natural instincts to run kick in.
"l-let me go!! please!" Tawkerr yells at Rare.

Rare shows no response before he turns to look at Tawkerr and starts dragging him back to the classroom, it's nothing but pure fear that looms around the young herbivore as he's being dragged by his what used to be his best friend, he kicks, he screams but nothing happened and the classroom doors were soon shut and locked.
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