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This was a book on wattpat but wattpat hates me and I know it . Requests are fully open..luv you

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When you're sick one shot

Yeonjun's pov:
As I came home from practice I screamed "I'm home babe" but didn't get a reply back which was really weird considering y/n is a clingy baby and would already run upto me when I opened the door. "Babe where are you" I yelled again. I ran to the bedroom panicking when I saw y/n laying in bed sleeping with crying staines on her face and tissue paper everywhere. I was just curious so I opened one of them seeing a slimy substance and heard her cough, oh no she's sick I thought. I went back to the kitchen and made some soup for her and searched for some medicines which we didn't have at home so I had run to the pharmacy to get some.

After 10 minutes*
When I came back home I quickly went to our bedroom and felt her body which was burning hot. I shook her to wake up which she did after 5 minutes.
Hey baby I greeted her with a kiss and she quickly pushed me away. Don't kiss me junnie I'm sick she said, I told her that I knew and that I didn't care that she was sick. I told her to sit up so I could feed her the soup which she first declined but she agreed after I gave her the puppy eyes.
Yeonjun: say ahhhhhh
Y/n: ahhhh
Yeonjun: giggling cutely and feeds her*
Yeonjun: makes train noises*
Y/n: just giggling about it*
5 minutes later*
Yeonjun: one more spoon babe then you're done
Y/n: junnie stop treating me like a baby she said laughing
Y/n: I'm done now you can stop now she said giggling.

Y/n pov:
After he was done treating me like a baby ahh he's so cute he gave me medicine and I said thank you. After I drank the medication he came and layed on the bed. I was just about to get out off the bed but yeonjun dragged me back in saying that I needed cuddles and he's gonna give me some, so that's how I spend the next 8 hours cuddling him.

Yeonjun's pov: I noticed she fell asleep so I whispered that I loved her,put the covers over both of us and went to sleep

The End
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