Key Twelve: Disgrace:

Allen lay on the stage panting.

His body just committed the ultimate betrayal. What made it worse was that he had no control over the events. Right now, he lay on stage alone. Despite that, he could still hear the hollering and cheers ringing in his head.

-Hours Earlier-

Why am I doing this?

Allen walked over to a stripped Ophelia in a daze. Jasdevi held her down on the stage.

“Go on,” they said. “Just do it! Do it!” Aizen became the one to pull the strings. Allen walked over to Ophelia in a zombie-like daze. His legs came on either side of her skinny body. His friend looked at him with big eyes.

“Please don’t do this to me,” she pleaded as tears began welling up. Allen’s stomach turned as he trembled.

No. Don’t make me do this.

Aizen’s urges took over Allen’s body as he took off his pants. The monsters in the crowd watched intently. The angel’s member stood up. Road licked her lips in the audience as she mapped out all of the “games” she wanted to play with him after the show. For now, she had to see how this test run would play out. On stage, Allen’s eyes looked so empty. He sank down to his knees behind Ophelia. Jasdevi forced her head forward. Allen screamed in his head.

I can’t do this to her! Please don’t make me do this!

She felt wet, though he might have imagined it. Aizen got excited in his body. Allen gave in under a trance. Again and again, he rammed into Ophelia from behind. The female angel’s tears ran down her check. Jasdevi laughed at her pain.

“Aw, what’s wrong?” the older twin asked. “You should be used to this! You were a hooker after all!” Devit grabbed her by the hair. Allen grabbed her by the shoulders.

“See!” the twins yelled. “He really likes it!” Sweat formed on the angel’s body. Sounds blended together in his head. Aizen jumped around in his body as he took in the sensations. Allen couldn’t feel him biting into his blood vessels. His nails sank into Ophelia’s shoulders. The overwhelming sensations boxed in his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Road found herself in the space between jealousy and intrigue. It felt good to know that Aizen’s poison was starting to take effect on her pet. However, she wanted only Allen to pleasure. Tyki reminded her about her options with this floor show.

“He will have to pleasure other angels,” the doctor told his niece the day before. “Will you be willing to stomach your jealousy?” Her frown told him all that he needed to know. Road tried to push that exchange out of her head and focus on the show on stage.

Allen closed his eyes.

I… I can’t hold it!

“Please don’t come in me,” Ophelia pleaded in a weak voice. A chill ran through the lower half of Allen’s body. He down into his climax, but wasn’t tired. The female angel lay on the stage motionless with empty eyes. Allen faced the audience with nothing in his eyes. He didn’t feel anything, but Aizen was still hungry for more. Jasdevi whistled and clapped their hands.

“Give it up for our stud!” the twins yelled over the microphone. The audience roared with applause.

“More! More! More! More!” they shouted. Jasdevi perked up at the crowd’s wild chants.

“What’s that?” Devit asked. “More, you say?”

“More! More! More! More!” the monsters chanted louder. The older twin turned to his brother.

“What do you say, Jasdero?” he asked. The younger brother grinned.

“I don’t see why not,” he said. Allen’s eyes widened as the crowd cheered. Road stood in the crowd, swallowing her agitation. The twins turned to the standing female angels.

“Who shall our stud fuck next?” they asked. Most of the girls on stage panicked as the monsters’ eyes scanned the group. Alma hid behind Marion. Devit smirked as he happened to catch them.

“I have spotted a new toy for our stud to play with!” he shouted. He reached forward and grabbed Alma by the wrist.

“No!” she cried. Allen’s heart pounded as Aizen jumped up and down, waving his legs in the air. Jasdevi stripped Alma naked and forced her in front of their stud.


Thirty female angels until midnight. His body wouldn’t give out for each one that he was forced to bang on stage. Aizen had rested for the time being. The host felt so empty. How would those girls trust him to help to escape from this Tower now? This parasite and the monsters forced him to betray their trust. He would have to make it up to them. Right now, Allen was too tired to think.

Road stood over him, smirking.

“You didn’t disappoint me,” she said. “This should make things more interesting now.” The monster grabbed him by the hair and dragged all the way back to her chambers.

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