Key Thirteen: Women:


I have to take control now.

At this rate, Allen won’t have any of himself left to escape from the city like he wanted. Aizen’s already taking control and he is losing badly. It’s up to me to put his plan back on track. I can’t go to himself myself and I don’t think I can reach him that well. I decided to try and talk to the girls.

My best target would be Marion.

I closed my eyes and centered my focus to connect with her. Her energy is a deep red, really hard to miss. That has suffered in her human life. I felt it spilling into me when I first made contact with her. She doesn’t believe that Allen can pull off his plan. I won’t try to convince her, but I can at least break her down and figure out her past. I could feel where her life energy was. Marion was awake in Paradise. I recoiled at the jasmine perfume in the room. I didn’t need to smell it in person now to identify it. She was one of the few that doesn’t succumb to the toxins in it. I pushed the perfume aside and re-centered my focus.

Marion? Marion? Can you hear me?

I could see her pausing when I called out to her.


I am here.

What do you want?

To talk.


Aren’t you going to try and convince that Allen can get out of this Tower?

I smiled as I leaned forward in my chains. I don’t know much about you. I don’t really remember much about myself when I was human.

You still remember when you were human?

Not quite. I do know that my mother was an Irish farm girl and my father was a German soldier. I used to sing. I frowned. I don’t do it now. My lord would mock me and call me his “singing lark”.

Even though she had her back turned to me, I could tell that Marion was frowning at me. What?

Are you trying to form some sort of bond with me just to get me to trust you?

Call it what you like.

Well it’s not going to work.

I don’t expect it to.

So why are you doing this?

What—talking to you or helping Allen?


I leaned back in my chains and smiled. I just felt like talking to you. As for Allen, nothing is more satisfying than pissing off my lord.

Where are you exactly?

The basement next to the graveyard. Particularly, I am under the doctor’s office.

So, the doc’s your lord?

Yes, unfortunately. I frowned, but pushed that bastard from my mind. But enough about him. Let’s get back to you.

Huh? What about me?

What is your story?

I don’t have all of it.

Tell me what you have.

You know, you’re not fooling me with you trying to get me to open up here.

Does that matter? Now I’m just curious about you.


Doesn’t there have to be a reason? I told you the best that I could remember about myself. Humor me here.

Marion rolled her eyes. Show me what you look like first. And then I will give you something.

I chuckled to myself. You know, Allen asked me to do the same thing when we first met. Alright then. I opened an image of myself in her mind.

What the-?! You still have your wings?


But why?

My lord thought it would be more entertaining this way. Hence why he has me chained up like this day and night. I closed the image in her head.

No, keep it like that. I can finally put a face to your voice.

Very well. I opened the image back up in her head. Better?

Marion lay on her back. I originally came from Brooklyn.

So you’re from New York?

That’s right.

What was Brooklyn like?

Really gritty. I lived a rough life. She moved her arms behind her head. How long do you have to talk to me before your lord comes back?

So that means you’re willing to talk to me now?

Marion shrugged. Might as well. Since I can put a face to a voice now. Plus, I have the feeling that you won’t stop trying to talk to me until I talk back. So, how much time do you have?

I smiled and closed my eyes. I have as much time as we want to take. Gon on, tell me more about Brooklyn.

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