Key Fourteen: Slave:


Meanwhile, Allen lay on the floor of Road’s chamber. She ran her finger along his cheek.

“Did you have fun on stage?” the monster asked. “I know they were thoroughly entertained.” Her finger trailed down his neck and stopped at his chest. His eyes looked hollow, but Aizen ran around under his skin. Road rested her finger on the excitable little creature. All according to her plan.

“Tell me, Allen,” she said. “Are you hungry for more?” Aizen twitched under her finger. The wore “more” seemed to have rendered Allen back into conscious. He couldn’t speak. That didn’t stop him from understanding what she was getting at. Road moved her hand down his pants. Allen flinched as her fingertips touched the sensitive skin. He drew in a deep breath. His mistress licked her lips.

“May, you seem very excited there,” she said. “Let me help you with that.” Road unzipped his pants and dragged them down to his thighs. His cock stood tall and proud. Allen’s face turned bright red.

Get off! Get off of me!

Road’s lips curved into a hungry smile. “I know how to fix this.” She sank down to his involuntary proud cock. Allen winced as trapped him into her mouth. He couldn’t take his mind off of how wet it felt. Aizen bounced around like a hyper child. Road didn’t go slow either. He tasted better than candy. She couldn’t quite explain it herself. The monster had to taste more. Road closed her eyes and sucked harder.

Allen’s body trembled. He found himself in a confusing place. The angel began breathing heavily. Don’t give in. I can’t let her win! I can’t let her win. I can’t… Oh… Allen drew his eyes closed. Voiceless moans escaped from his mouth. A light sweat broke out all over his body. He opened his mouth, panting. Road smiled at the effect she had on him. When she threw her tongue into the mix, Allen and Aizen went wild.

The angel used to be pure. He knew what sex was, but he kept his vows of being pure in the Dark Order Branch of Heaven. The floor show, Aizen, and Road defiled him. Here he lay, wingless and defiled. What made it worse was that he actually started to… enjoy this.

More. More! Give me more! Please… More!

Road heard his thoughts as decided to tease him with her mouth. She knew of one way to make him go wild. The monster moved back up to the head. Road glanced up at her prey. The pupils in his eyes looked dilated. Aizen had moved into position on his heart. One stab in the vein, Allen went back into a sexual zone. The sounds around him blurred as Road started to lick him again. Choked up moans escaped from his mouth as she slowly went down on him.

This sense of power of him thrilled Road with the taste and sensation. Right now, this would be a private “test run”. More kinky ideas filled her head. Allen would be so fun to break to her will. With Aizen in his body, this process would go much smoother in her favor. Where she couldn’t physically torment, she could degrade him with such delightful depravity. Road’s mouth sank down slower on the cock. Allen clenched his fists at his sides. How long was she going to do this? He had no idea. How long had it been? He had no idea. All he knew that this felt hot in spite of himself.

Road let go of him with a smirk on her face. Allen stared at her with a newfound trembling need that shocked him to his stomach. Aizen let go and seemed to go to sleep. The angel began screaming the monster with his eyes. Road playfully patted him on the head.

“That will be a warm-up,” she said. The monster gave him a quick kiss on the lips before moving to his ear. “I’ll go get my kit.” Road nipped him on the ear lobe before walking out of the room. Allen’s spine went stiff as he heard her footsteps against the cold marble.


Kit awoke in Grace’s arms in the sand. He narrowed his eyes as he perked up his ears.

Somebody calling me…

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