Key Seventeen: Birthday:


Silver eyes slowly open in the dimly-lit room.

Allen lay chained down on a bed, naked. He couldn’t see anything so well and his head felt like it was in a blur. The faint smell of red jasmine perfume teased his nose. He felt cold in his surroundings as the curtains looked like they were going to crush him. All he could see were royal purple curtains covering everywhere. The dim lighting made his eyes hurt. At the moment, Aizen stayed still in his body. His chains were so tight, that he could barely feel his wrists and ankles. Despite the haze, Allen had a sinking feeling that he was in for a nasty surprise hiding in the deep purple. He froze when he heard heavy footsteps. The golden eyes glowing in the shadows only confirmed his suspicions.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” Road said. She had a happy tone in her voice as she spoke. Allen’s stomach when he took notice of the leather riding crop in her hands. The monster giggled as she licked her lips. He didn’t dare try to guess what she was planning to do to him… whatever time of day it was. What else could she do to him? His mistress took a step forward with a cat-like smirk.

“Tell me, Allen,” she said. “Do you like games?” The angel opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out. Aizen lifted his head within Allen’s body. Her giggling didn’t help. Road’s boney knees came on either side of his hips. The monster pressed her lips against his neck. She ran her fingers down his bare chest.

“I have so many I want to do to you,” she whispered. The monster nibbled on his collarbone. Aizen perked up in his body, but Allen didn’t react. He had gotten used to the unwanted guest crawling around, biting his veins for blood. However, Allen wasn’t prepared for whatever Road was planning for him.

He tasted so sweet. All of the candy in the world couldn’t compare to him. Still, she wanted so much more from him. The monster ran the tip of her riding crop from his chest to his abdomen. Allen sucked in a mouthful of air as it whipped him in the stomach. His body jumped in his bindings. Road leaned down and bit his collarbone. She ran her tongue along the bite as if to soothe the pain. Allen closed his eyes as her mouth moved downwards. Her teeth pressed against his skin. Road could feel her pet’s erection forming against her stomach. She glanced up at her favorite toy.

“Are you enjoying this?” the monster asked. The angel frantically shook his head. Road focused her hungry eyes on her prey.

“Not very convincing of you,” she said. “In fact, I don’t even think you know what you want.” Road moved down further to his hips.

“Let me help you make up your mind,” she said in a low voice. Her pet closed his eyes as the tip of her tongue touched the hard skin. The shiver running through is body was all that she needed. She smirked and licked him again. His taste led her to take all of him into her wet mouth. Allen’s breath grew heavy. Road didn’t even try to hold back. She reached down and rolled off her undergarments. A little bit of ooze escaped into her mouth. Allen’s breathless scream filled the room as his mistress’ teeth sank into the hard skin. Her tongue ran along the bite marks. Road slowly pulled her mouth away.

Allen thought he had relief, but he knew better.

“Oh,” he said in a whimper as Road lowered herself onto his stiff member. Aizen happily ran around in his body. The stimulation served to feed him as Road grinded her hips against Allen’s. She leaned down and pressed her lips against her slave’s neck. Road decided to do this every time she would play her “games” with him. He was hers to claim, mark, and play with whenever she wanted. He would have no say in their playtime.

Road leaned down to his ear.

“You are mine, Allen Walker,” she said. “You will be mine now and forever!” She bit down into his ear as he reached his climax. Road lay her head on his shoulder afterwards with a dirty smile on her face. Allen on the other hand lay motionless as Aizen went back to sleep in his body.

“Happy birthday, baby,” Road whispered aloud in his ear. She licked him on the earlobe before falling asleep. And this was only night one.

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