Key Eighteen: Ophelia:

Leda decided to reach out to Ophelia next. So far, she seemed to have gained Marion’s trust. They talked almost on a daily basis. The slave angel would tell her little bits about herself. Marion just made some mistakes in her life when she was human. Maybe Leda could reach out to the other two angels that Allen wants to free with him. Ophelia would be more of a challenge than Marion was. That poor woman. Maybe Leda could give her something new to believe in.

She closed her eyes and let her voice flow out to her connection. Ophelia. Ophelia. Can you hear me? Ophelia. Ophelia!

A soft crackle filled the air. Leda trained in her ears for a closer listen. The other voice came in quite muzzled.

Can you hear me, Ophelia?

Who’s there?

It’s only me.

I can’t place you. Who are you again?

It’s me, Leda. A friend of Allen’s.


You don’t sound so happy to see me.

It’s not you, it’s him.

Whatever he did to you wasn’t his fault. Leda heard Ophelia snort in her head. I’m not making it up. They did something to him a while back. I cannot explain it without him to tell you himself.

What happened to him?

I can’t explain it without him.

So… What do you want with me?

To talk.

About what?

Just about you. I have seen a little bit of your past while you were in your hell. I about jumped when I heard a choked up scream in my head. Are you okay?

Why would you look at something like that?

My powers just me the ability to look into other angels’ minds in the Tower. I am not strong enough to cover the city, though.

Why would you do something like that?

Because I have nothing else to hold onto. My lord has me chained up like this.

That’s still a violation. Have you no shame?

I have nothing else for me. Why don’t you trust Allen anymore? I tried to focus my energy to see her as I spoke to her. At first, she came into my mind rather blurry. I could make out the thin lines of her body. She rolled over onto her side.

Did he ask you to ask?

No. He doesn’t know that I am talking to you.

I find that hard to believe.

You are sounding just like Marion.


Just another angel I contacted. Who betrayed you? Who made you this broken? I didn’t need to see her face so clearly to know that her smile was broken.

Everyone. They all let me down and abandoned me. Allen already has.

No, he hasn’t. He’s trying to make it up to you.

Ophelia broke into a tired laughter. Why do you even care about trash like me?

You are not trash.

You don’t know anything about me.

Then help me understand.

Why do you even care? What do you get out of this?

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. Not much, the thought of pissing my master off. I feel that Allen can actually pull off escaping from this Hell Hole. I frowned as I remembered another point that I needed to bring up. But, he’s being pulled off track with his goals. I will need all of you ladies to help me get him back on track.

What do you mean?

Do you remember the floor show last week?

Ophelia’s lips bent into a frown. I don’t want to.

But you have to just to prove my point. Now, do you remember the floor show last week?

She puffed up her cheeks. Yes.

Couldn’t you sense something wrong with Allen when he raped you? I could see what she was thinking as she dug through her violent memories. Allen’s empty eyes flashed in my mind as Ophelia gasped.

He seemed so empty inside.

Is that how he would usually be?

No… What’s wrong with him?

I can’t tell you that without him, but we have to get him back to normal as soon as possible. I can’t do it alone. I will need Marion, Alma, and your help to get him back to normal. I saw Ophelia frowning as she turned away from where I would be looking. She didn’t appear cold to my offer. I have to keep trying with her. It’s too early to give up on her. Something tells me that I don’t have much time to stall if Allen wants to escape and go back to heaven.

I cut my connection when I hear footsteps walking into the room. Oh great, he’s back. I snorted as I saw the lit end of that cigarette. My vile lord leaned forward with a cat-like smile on his face. What the hell is he so happy for?

“You wouldn’t be trying to reach out to the other angels in the Tower, would you, my ugly little lark?” he asked. I stuck out my tongue, but drew it back in as fast as I could. Like hell I was going to give him the chance to snub out that cigarette on my tongue again. Instead, he shrugged and sat down in front of my cage.

What are you up to now, you sick fuck?

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